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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Eric A boy who is known to his parents as Little Houdini.
 Brad Little Houdini's father.
 ZacharyBloomfieldLittle Houdini's friend.
 Mallory Zachary's mother.
2  Seven Years Later
 RachelMarinAn executive assistant.
 Iris A baby sitter.
 ReginaldBartekA man who tried to assault Rachel. aka: Reggie
 JodiPicoultAn American author.
 SteveRuggieroRachel's boss.
 Megan Rachel's daughter.
3JohnSerranoA detective.
 DarylGeorgeA lieutenant.
 LeslieTallyA detective. Serrano's partner.
 Claire Serrano's wife.
 IsaacMontroseA forensic investigator.
 HectorMorenoChief medical examiner of Ashby County.
 BryanBeeneOne of the forensic techs.
 Reno Beene's acquaintance.
 ConstanceWrightThe mayor of Ashby.
4SadieScoutA character name of Megan's story.
 Roxy A pet tiger.
 SimoneWatsonMegan's best friend.
 Blingle Megan's favorite toy.
 CharlesWillemoreA reporter.
5Camila Hector Moreno's wife.
 Rembrandt A Dutch painter and printmaker.
 NicholasDrummondConstance Wright's ex-husband.
 WandaBremmerSerrano's acquaintance.
6Adam Rachel's acquaintance.
 Lizette Adam's ex-wife.
7LieslSchillingA baby sitter.
8  Three Years Ago
 James R.FranklinRachel's lawyer. aka: Jim.
9  Today
 EugeneWrightConstance's grandfather.
 CameronWrightConstance's father.
 LouisMagurskyOwner of Magursky Construction.
 RandallMcGovernA sitting Ashby mayor.
 Candice Constance Wright's mother.
 Samuel J.WickershamA volunteer canvasser. aka: Sam.
 IsabelleRoblesNicholas Drummond's new wife.
10MissWoosterMegan's homeroom teacher.
 AlecTitusMegan's classmate.
 DoogieHowserAn American medical sitcom that ran for four seasons on ABC.
 PhilipBaumanAshby's 56th mayor.
 AlanCaldwellA deputy mayor.
 JuliusCaesarA Roman general, statesman and final Dictator.
 BradPittAn American actor and filmmaker.
 JennistonAnistonA television and film actress.
 J. D.SalingerAn American author.
 AndersonCooperAn American broadcast journalist and political commentator.
 NancyWilesA reporter.
 BobPhillipsAn American television journalist.
 GraceMeyersonA TNN reporter.
 Lee HarveyOswaldAn American former marine who assassinated John F. Kennedy.
11ChristopherRoblesIsabelle's brother. aka: Chris.
 D. B.CooperUnidentified man who hijacked an airplane in 1971.
 John F.KennedyThe 35th president of the United States.
 ClaireWallaceTally's wife.
 Bobby Claire Wallace's younger son.
 Penny One of Claire Wallace's children.
 Elyse One of Claire Wallace's children.
13HarwoodGreenA home security installation technician.
14  Five Years Ago
 MuhammadAliAn American boxer, philanthropist, and activist.
 Myra A self-defense instructor.
 Pedro One of Myra's students.
 Audrey One of Myra's students.
 Starla One of Myra's students.
 Earl One of Myra's students.
 Esmeralda A nanny. aka: Easie.
 TaylorSwiftAn American singer-songwriter.
15  Today
 DerekLoweA police officer.
 OfficerChenOfficer Lowe's partner.
16Arturo Christopher Robles' father.
 Yvette Christopher Robles' mother.
 DaleSauronChristopher's lawyer.
 AnnetteZhangOwns a Fancy Nail salon.
17Steven One of a medical examiners.
 Krish One of a medical examiners.
18SueGraftonAn American author of detective novels.
19AdelineBowersWickersham's acquaintance.
 Titus Wickersham's dog.
20NelsonAguillarOne of Christopher Robles' friends.
 StefanieSteinmanOne of Christopher Robles' friends.
 Samuel L.JacksonAn American actor and producer.
21VictorMalorianoA botanist.
 PatConnellyA watch commander.
 WalterMacKeyA retired octogenarian.
 Beattie Walter's wife.
 DorothyGivensThe CFO of J&J Accounting.
 AnneWeemsAn employee of J&J Accounting.
 SaulSteinmanStefanie's father.
 LexiSteinmanStefanie's mother.
 EstherWarrenVice-president of J&J Accounting.
 AlphonseRussotiJ&J managing director.
 CarolineDrummondNicholas Drummond's sister.
23  Four Years Ago
 Abe One of Myra's students.
 Tabitha One of Myra's students.
 Ben Myra's son.
 Javier Myra's guy.
 Evie Myra's real name.
24  Today
 WallyShawA computer forensics examiner.
25BobbyCallahanOne of the players from Ashby High.
 RicardoDomiguezOne of the players from Ashby High.
 EvanSerranoDetective Serrano's son.
 Deirdre Detective Serrano's ex-wife.
 BillyWootensA player who accidentally hit Evan Serrano.
26  Three and a Half years Ago
 ReverendEliasRachel acquaintance.
 ArielNesbitWorked at Darien Law Department.
 OliviaPowellReal name of Rachel Marin.
 StanfordRoyceA man suspected of several rapes and numerous armed robberies.
27  Today
 TyroneWheatleyA professional photographer.
 StephenCurryAn American professional basketball player.
28Edith Wickersham's secretary.
 MerylStreepAn American actress.
30MichaelConnellyAn American novelist.
 InezFortunadoA twenty-year vet. Detective Serrano's acquaintance.
 RicardoJimenezA man who had a consensual sexual relationship with Caroline.
 DianeLoderbaumA psychic/tarot reader.
 VincentBiancamanoA proprietor of a restaurant.
 JudgeWatsonA judge who approved the warrant request against Wickersham.
 AleksyBacikA senior realtor with Irongate Properties.
31Sean Real name of Eric.
 Chloe Real name of Megan.
32  Three Years Ago
 Claudette Rachel's neighbor.
33ChesterBarnesRobles family's longtime lawyer.
34AndyBurkeDetective Serrano's acquaintance.
 WillemDafoeAn American actor.
 TabithaGeorgeLieutenant George's wife.
 Mia Lieutenant George and Tabitha's daughter.
 Katz The District Attorney.
 John WayneGacyAn American serial killer and torturer.
35PeterDinklageAn American film, television and stage actor.
37DennisLewistonA British cinematographer.
39CharlesMansonAn American criminal and cult leader.
41BradleyPowellFull name of Rachel Marin/Olivia Powell's husband.
 JimmyPlotkinA Darien PD deputy.
42  One Month Later
 JodieFosterAn American actress and filmmaker.
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