Characters - Alphabetical
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CliffordAddisonJane's father.
JaneAddisonAssistant to the executive assistant on the literary side.
JuliaBenningHailey West's executive assistant.
BobBensonOwned a literary and international agency.
ManoloBlahnikCzech-Spanish fashion designer.
DavidBristolMerriwether's acquaintance.
EricClayA very talented young actor.
DanFletcherOne of the two heads of the agency.
ElizabethFoxAmerican actress and social media star.
SteveFranklinMartha Wick's associate.
HannahFryePhillip White's editor.
MerriwetherJonesThe CFO at the agency.
AlabamaMooreThe head of the dramatic department.
QuentinParkA huge Hollywood producer.
RudiPostThe male detective.
FrancineRiversThe head of the literary department of the agency.
TimRiversFrancine's ex-husband.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish poet, playwright, and actor.
AlanSingerAmerican author, journalist, motivational speaker.
JamesStewartThe head of the sales department.
BenjieStrongJane's boyfriend.
RodTalbottArrested for raping a minor.
MarianneThorntonAn author. Francine's client.
HaileyWestOne of the best literary agent in the literary department.
PhillipWhiteA successful novelist.
MarthaWickA lawyer. Bob Benson's wife.
RachelYeeA female detective.
Amalia A part-time nanny.
Annabelle Merriwether's daughter.
Arianna Hailey's daughter.
Barbara One of Francine's client.
Bentley One of Hailey's sons.
Felicity A baby sitter.
Jeff Merriwether's husband.
Jim Hailey's husband.
Margaret Jane's older sister.
Pamela Xena's dog.
Rita Dan Fletcher's wife.
Sandy Phillip White's ex-wife.
Thalia Francine's daughter.
Tommy Francine's son.
Wesley Bob and Martha's son
Will One of Hailey's sons.
Xena Yoga teacher.