Characters - Alphabetical
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AuntBettyJ.D.'s great aunt. Stayed in Ohio.
BevBlantonJ.D.'s mother.
GaryBlantonMamaw's child. Moved to Indiana.
GoldieBlantonPapaw's mother.
HattieBlantonMamaw Blanton's mother.
JimmyBlantonJ.D.'s uncle. Went to California.
LoriBlantonJ.D.'s aunt.
MamawBlantonJ.D.'s great grandmother.
PaulBlantonMamaw's child. Moved to Indiana.
DonBowmanJ.D.'s father. His mother's second husband.
AmyChuaYale law professor.
UncleDavidJ.D.'s uncle in Kentucky.
UncleGaryJ.D.'s uncle in Kentucky. Moved to Indiana.
BobHamelJ.D.'s stepfather and legal father.
ShawnHaneyJ.D.'s Marine boss.
DonaldIsonProtestant preacher in Jackson, Kentucky.
JenniferMcGuffeyHigh School teacher.
UnclePetJ.D.'s uncle in Kentucky. aka: Pet Blanton.
BigRedTruck driver.
JaneRexWorks at Appalachian State University.
AuntRoseJ.D.'s great aunt. Stayed in Ohio.
BobSchulerOhio State Senator. J.D. worked for him.
RonSelbyHigh School math teacher.
BonnieSouthMamaw's friend in Kentucky.
PapTaulbeeJ.D.'s  relative.
UncleTeaberryJ.D.'s uncle in Kentucky. Moved to Ohio.
J.D.VanceThe author.
JimVanceJ.D.'s  grandfather. aka: James Lee Vance.
LindsayVanceJ.D.'s half sister. Married name: Lindsay Lewis.
RyanWhiteBoy with HIV at J.D.'s  school.
Amber J.D.'s cousin.
Bob J.D.'s mother's male friend.
Brian J.D.'s acquaintance.
Cary J.D.'s sibling.
Chelsea J.D.'s sibling.
Chip Police officer. An alcoholic.
Chip J.D.'s mother's male friend.
Gail J.D.'s cousin.
Jamil J.D.'s classmate at Yale Law School.
Kameron Lindsay's son.
Ken Mamaw's friend.
Ken One of J.D.'s mother's husbands.
Mamaw J.D.'s grandmother.
Matt J.D.'s mother's male friend.
Meghan Lindsay's child.
Mike J.D.'s cousin.
Rachael J.D.'s female cousin. A Marine Corps veteran.
Rick J.D.'s second cousin.
Steve Mamaw's male friend.
Steve J.D.'s mother's male friend.
Tammy J.D.'s mother's gay friend.
Usha J.D.'s girlfriend at Yale. Future wife.