Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   The Last March
 John RobertLewisAmerican politician, statesman, and civil rights activist.
 James M.LawsonJohn Lewis' teacher.
 Martin LutherKing, Jr.African American Baptist minister and activist.
 Ralph D.AbernathyAmerican civil rights activist and Baptist minister.
 DianeNashLewis fellow students and activist.
 Tertullian Christian theologian.
 ThomasJefferson3rd President of the United States.
 JamesMadison5th President of the United States.
 SamuelAdamsLeader of the Massachusetts' radicals.
 JuanitaAbernathyRalph Abernathy's wife.
 Juandalynn Ralph and Juanita's daughter.
 HoseaWilliamsLewis' friend.
 Lyndon B.Johnson36th president of the United States.
 AbrahamLincoln16th president of the United States.
 GouverneurMorrisAmerican statesman, and Founding Father of the United States.
 ReinholdNiebuhrA Protestant theologian.
 TheodoreParkerAn abolitionist.
 DorothyDayAmerican journalist, social activist, and Catholic convert.
 MahatmaGandhiPre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during the British Raj.
 Martin E.MartyAmerican historian of religion, educator, author, and theologian.
 JosephLoweryThe president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
 JulianBondAn old and intimate friend of Lewis.
 Homer The presumed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
 Alexisde TocquevilleFrench political thinker and historian.
 Malcolm X African American Muslim minister and human rights activist.
 GeorgeWashington1st president of the United States.
 PatrickHenryAmerican attorney, planter, politician, and orator.
 Symmachus A Roman writer.
 Augustine of Hippo Early Christian theologian, philosopher and Church Father.
 MarkAntonyRoman politician and general.
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
 JuliusCaesarRoman general, statesman and dictator.
 BernardLaFayette,Jr.A Civil Rights Movement activist, minister, educator and lecturer.
1  A Hard Life, A serious Life
 FrankCarterLewis' great-grandfather.
 Dink Frank Carter's son.
 EdmundPettusAmerican lawyer and politician.
 J. S.CopelandA major figure in Troy. Aka: Big Josh.
 Willie Mae Dink's daughter.
 EdwardLewisWillie Mae's husband. aka: Eddie.
 Edna Edward's twin sister.
 Lula Edward's mother.
 Henry Lula's ex-husband.
 Ora One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Edward Jr. One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Sammy One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Grant One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Freddie One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Adolph One of John Lewis' siblings.
 William One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Ethel One of John Lewis' siblings.
 Rosa One of John Lewis' siblings. aka: Mae.
 Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd President of the United States.
 Jesse QuinnThorntonAmerican politician.
 Charles A.J.McPhersonThe secretary of the Birmingham's branch of MAACP.
 AdolfHitlerLeader of the Nazi Party.
 RecyTaylorAmerican civil rights activist and kidnap victim.
 RosaParksAmerican activist in the civil rights movement.
 RichardWrightAmerican author of novels, short stories, poems, and non-fiction.
 J. S.Copeland Jr.Eddie's employer. aka: Little Josh.
 A. M.HickmanA white grocer from Troy.
 Riley Lewis' family's dog.
 Booker T.WashingtonAmerican educator, author, orator.
 George W.CarverAmerican agricultural scientist and inventor.
 JoeLouisAmerican boxer who reigned as heavyweight champion for 11yrs.
 Mary McLeodBethuneAmerican educator and civil rights leader.
 W. E. B.Du BoisAmerican sociologist, historian, activist and writer.
 KennethClarkAfrican American who obtain a doctorate degrees in psychology.
 MamieClarkA psychologist, known for her research on race, and child development.
 EarlWarrenFormer Chief Justice of the United States.
 DellaMaeLewis' cousin.
 OtisCarterLewis' uncle.
 CoreenHarveyA woman who manage the library at Pike County Training School.
 LenaHorneAmerican singer, actress, civil rights activist.
 MargaretTrumanAmerican actress, journalist, radio and TV personality and writer.
 Robert B.MeynerGovernor of New Jersey.
 ThurgoodMarshallThe first African American member of the U.S. Supreme Court.
 WalterRauschenbuschAmerican theologian and Baptist pastor.
 George H. W.Bush41st President of the United States.
 Edward R.MurrowAmerican broadcast journalist and war correspondent.
 William L.ShirerAmerican journalist and war correspondent.
 EmmettTillAfrican-American murder victim.
 Carolyn B.DonhamThe woman who is infamous for the murder of Emmett Till.
 Timothy B.TysonAmerican writer and historian from North Carolina.
 MosesWrightTill's great-uncle.
 AutherineLucyThe first African-American student to attend the Univ. of Alabama.
 ThomasBrewer African-American physician.
 WillieEdwards Jr.African American who was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan.
 DietrichBonhoefferLutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident.
2  The Spirit of History
 JamesBevelA minister and leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.
 Rev. C. L.FranklinAfrican-American Baptist preacher and civil rights activist.
 Caesar A. W.ClarkA revered pastor and an African-American community leader.
 L. S.SedberryThe ABT's executive secretary.
 HoraceMannAmerican educational reformer and Whig politician.
 John LewisPowellA faithful Methodist and one of officers of the local church.
 George W. F.HegelGerman philosopher.
 OrvalFaubus36th governor of Arkansas.
 Dwight D.Eisenhower34th president of the United States.
 Maynard P.Turner Jr.The president of Little Rock School.
 FredGrayThe secretary of the new Montgomery Improvement Association.
 William J.BryanUnited States Secretary of State.
 HelenJohnsonLewis' first girlfriend.
 Coretta ScottKingMartin Luther King Jr.'s wife.
 Yolanda King's eldest child.
 Kelly MillerSmithThe pastor of the First Baptist Church in Nashville.
 James MorrisLawsonThe field secretary for the Fellowship Reconciliation.
 JaneAddamsOne of the members of the Fellowship Reconciliation.
 NormanThomasOne of the members of the Fellowship Reconciliation.
 Mordecai W.JohnsonPresident of Howard University.
 HowardThurmanAmerican author, philosopher, theologian, and civil rights leader.
 RobertKennedyServed as the 64th U.S. Attorney General and as a U.S. Senator.
 Henry DavidThoreauAmerican poet, essayist, naturalist, and abolitionist.
 MoTiA Chinese philosopher.
 LaoTzuAn ancient Chinese philosopher and poet.
 NicolausCopernicusA Renaissance-era mathematician and astronomer.
 EllaBakerAfrican-American civil rights and human rights activist.
 FrederickDouglassAmerican social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman.
 DredScottEnslaved African-American man.
 JosiahRoyceAmerican philosopher and the founder of American idealism.
 MylesHortonAmerican educator, and co-founder of the Highlander Folk School.
 AndrewYoungAmerican politician, diplomat, activist and pastor from Georgia.
 PeteSeegerAmerican singer and advocate for civil rights, peace, and equality.
 EleanorRooseveltFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Septima P.ClarkAfrican American educator and civil rights activist.
 MarionBarryAmerican politician and former mayor of the District of Columbia.
 Douglas E.MooreA Methodist minister.
 Will DavisCampbellA Baptist minister, lecturer, and activist.
 DavidHalberstamAmerican writer, journalist, historian.
 DouglasFrazierA senior pastor of Baptist church.
 Stephen J.WrightAcademic administrator. Served as the 7th Pres. of Fisk Univ.
 Z. AlexanderLoobyA lawyer in Nashville, who was active in the Civil Rights Movement.
 RichardRussell Jr.United States Senator from Georgia.
 R. BenjaminWestAn attorney, politician, mayor of Nashville and state senator.
 HarrisonSalisburyAmerican journalist and the first regular correspondent in Moscow.
 C. T.VivianAmerican writer and activist.
 JamesBaldwinAmerican novelist, playwright, essayist, poet, and activist.
 Harold M.FlemingAmerican financial writer and political economist.
 John F.Kennedy31th president of the United States.
  RichardNixon37th President of the United States
 ElmyraGrayOne of Lewis' fellow students.
 MaryannMorganOne of Lewis' fellow students.
3  Soul Force
 Gordon R.CareyA field director of the Congress of Racial Equality in New York.
 RaymondArsenaultAmerican historian and academic in Florida.
 StokelyCarmichaelA civil rights activist and the leader of Black nationalism in the US.
 JamesFarmerAmerican civil rights activist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement.
 ThomasMertonAmerican writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist.
 AlbertBigelowA pacifist and former United States Navy Commander.
 Grady H.WilliamsA barber.
 JoePerkinsA reporter and anchor as well as a radio host at CTV Vancouver.
 Nathan B.ForrestConfederate Army General and first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
 Ulysses S.Grant18th President of the United States.
 ElwinWilsonA former supporter of the Ku Klux Klan.
 AndrewDysA longtime reporter and columnist at The Herald.
 GenevieveHughesAmerican civil rights activist.
 Howard K.SmithAmerican journalist, radio reporter, and television anchorman.
 HarrisWoffordAmerican attorney, civil rights activist, and politician.
 SargentShriverAmerican diplomat, politician and activist.
 Arthur M.Schlesinger Jr.A social historian at Ohio State University and Harvard University.
 William H.Taft27th President of the United States.
 MaureenCorrMrs. Roosevelt's secretary.
 JohnPatterson44th Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama.
 JohnSeigenthalerAmerican journalist, writer, and political figure.
 BullConnorBirmingham commissioner during the Civil Rights Movement.
 HugoBlackU.S. Supreme Court justice.
 StromThurmondGovernor of South Carolina, United States Senator.
 Harry S.Truman33rd President of the United States.
 Catherine B.BrooksAmerican civil rights movement activist and teacher.
 FredShuttlesworthBaptist minister and one of the South's Civil Rights leaders.
 JoeCavernoA white driver.
 L. B.SullivanFormer Alabama public safety director and prison commissioner.
 Stuart H.LooryAmerican journalist and educator.
 SusanWilburA Freedom Rider.
 WilliamDoarThe chief lawyer in the Department of Justice Civil Rights division.
 MacDonaldGallion38th Attorney General of Alabama.
 CalvinTrillinAmerican journalist, humorist, food writer, poet, and novelist.
 Rev. B. D.LambertA preacher.
 ByronWhiteAssociate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
 MurrayKemptonAmerican journalist and social and political commentator.
 Julia WardHoweAmerican abolitionist, social activist, and poet.
 RichardHarrisAfrican American pharmacist.
 Frank M.Johnson Jr.The Montgomery- based federal judge.
 Theodore H.WhiteAmerican political journalist and historian.
 WilliamFaulknerAmerican writer and Nobel Prize laureate.
 FredJonesParchman's superintendent.
4  In The Image Of God And Democracy
 LenHoltA civil rights lawyer.
 JackGouldThe New York Times' TV critic.
 AngelineButlerA young Fisk student from South Carolina.
 ChetHuntleyAmerican television newscaster.
 GeorgeWallace45th Governor of Alabama.
 MarshallFradyAmerican Emmy Award-winning journalist and author.
 JeffersonDavisPresident of the Confederate States.
 TheodoreSorensenAmerican lawyer, writer, and presidential adviser.
 MedgarEversThe Mississippi's field secretary for the NAACP.
 Myrlie Ever's wife.
 MarvinGayeAmerican singer-songwriter and musician.
 CurtisMayfieldAmerican singer, songwriter, and record producer.
 ArethaFranklinAmerican singer-songwriter.
 ShirleyMacClaineAmerican actress, singer, author, activist.
 ThaddeusStevensMember of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.
 Alexander H.StephensVice president of the Confederate States.
 Edward A.PollardAmerican journalist, historian and political writer.
 Robert E.LeeThe leading Confederate general during the U.S. Civil War.
 AndrewJohnson17th President of the United States.
 EricFonerAmerican historian.
 John MarshallHarlanU. S. Union Army officer and Supreme Court Associate Justice.
 W. J.CashAmerican writer.
 HarperLeeAmerican author.
 CarletonPutnamAmerican businessman and writer.
 RossBarnettGovernor of Mississippi.
 JohnBunyanEnglish writer and Puritan preacher.
 A. PhilipRandolphBlack American civil rights activist, labor unionist, politician.
 FiorelloLa GuardiaServed three terms as mayor of New York City.
 JohnDouglasRobert Kennedy's assistant.
 JohnReillyA Justice Department official and Kennedy's friend.
 MahaliaJacksonA singer.
 NancySternSNCC staffer.
 JulianBandSNCC's communications director.
 BayardRustinAmerican civil rights activist and gay rights activist.
 RoyWilkinsAn activist in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
 JamesEastlandAmerican politician from the state of Mississippi.
 JacobJavitsA liberal Republican senator from New York.
 BarryGoldwaterA five-term Senator from Arizona.
 HarryBelafonteJamaican-American singer, songwriter, activist, and actor.
 RichardReevesKennedy's biographer.
 JamesFermanAmerican television director. Lewis's SNCC's colleague.
 RogerWilliamsEnglish Protestant theologian.
 SamAdams4th Governor of Massachusetts.
 William LloydGarrisonAmerican journalist and abolitionist.
 Eugene V.DebsAmerican socialist, political activist, trade unionist.
5  We Are Going To Make You Wish You Was Dead
 Ella C.DemandA Sunday school teacher.
 Addie MaeCollinsOne of the young girls who were killed by a Klansman's bomb.
 CynthiaWesleyOne of the young girls who were killed by a Klansman's bomb.
 CaroleRobinsonOne of the young girls who were killed by a Klansman's bomb.
 Carol DeniseMcNairOne of the young girls who were killed by a Klansman's bomb.
 John H.CrossA church pastor.
 J. MacGregorBurnsAmerican historian and political scientist.
 AlbertGore Sr.Served as a U.S. Rep. and a U.S. Senator from Tennessee.
 EstesKefauverServed as a U.S. Rep. and a U.S. Senator from Tennessee.
 TedSorensenKennedy's counsel and speechwriter.
 Lady Bird President Lyndon B. Johnson's wife.
 WhitneyYoungAmerican civil rights leader.
 Paul B.Johnson Jr.American attorney serving as Mississippi governor.
 BobMosesAmerican educator and civil rights activist.
 WalkerPercyOne of the most prominent American writers of the 20th century.
 EdmundBurkeAnglo-Irish statesman and political theorist.
 MichaelSchwernerAmerican civil rights activist.
 AndrewGoodmanAmerican civil rights activist
 JamesChaneyAmerican activist.
 David J.DennisA civil rights activist active in the movement since the 1960s.
 BruceWatsonAmerican writer who specializes in American culture and history.
 Robert F.WiliamsAmerican civil rights leader and author.
 AlexHaleyAmerican biographer, screenwriter, and novelist.
 ElijahMuhammadLeader of the black separatist religious movement.
 MarcusGarveyJamaican activist, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator.
 HowardZinnAmerican historian, playwright, and socialist thinker.
 Allen C.ThompsonServed in the Mississippi House of Rep. and as mayor of Jackson.
 Theodore H.WhiteAmerican political journalist and historian.
 R. SchwernerBenderCivil rights activist and lawyer.
 J. EdgarHooverThe director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 48 years.
 JosephMcCarthyAmerican lawyer served as U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.
 FrankChurchAmerican lawyer served as a United States Senator from Idaho.
 StanleyLevisonJewish attorney who became King's adviser.
 Wiliam C.SullivanServed as FBI assistant director.
 James E.Jackson Jr.The leader of the Communist Party USA for many years.
 HubertHumphrey38th Vice President of the United States.
 George E.ReedyWhite House Press Secretary.
 WalterJenkinsAmerican political aide to U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.
 CarthaDeLoachDeputy associate director of the FBI of the United States.
 RichardRussell Jr.66th Governor of Georgia before serving in the U. S. Senate.
 DavidLawrence37th Governor of Pennsylvania.
 Fannie LouHamerAmerican civil rights activist.
 JamesEastlandAmerican politician who served as U.S. senator from Mississippi.
 John C.StennisAmerican politician who served as U.S. Senator from Mississippi.
 Rev. JeffSunnyA pastor.
 JohnConnally39th Governor of Texas.
 BufordEllingtonAmerican politician who served as Governor of Tennessee.
 Joseph L.Rauh Jr.One of the U.S.' foremost civil rights and civil liberties lawyers.
 WalterReutherAmerican leader of organized labor and civil rights activist.
 NelsonRockefeller41st Vice Pres. of U.S. and four-term governor of New York.
 JackieRobinsonFirst Black baseball player to play in the American major league.
6  I'm Going To Die Here
 RobertColesAmerican author, child psychiatrist, professor at Harvard Univ.
 Ahmed SékouTouréThe first President of Guinea.
 Amelia B.RobinsonThe leader of the American Civil Rights Movement in Selma,
 JimClarkA sheriff
 C. T.VivianAmerican writer and activist.
 George L.RockwellAmerican politician, founder of the American Nazi Party.
 Jimmy GeorgeRobinsonKlansmen from the Dallas suburb of Garland.
 ChrisHeinzA former mayor of Selma.
 Jimmie LeeJacksonAfrican American veteran and civil rights activist.
 RichardValerianiAn NBC reporter.
 AlbertTurnerAmerican civil rights activist and advisor to Martin Luther King Jr.
 JackMinnisThe founder and director of opposition research for the SNCC.
 TaylorBranchAmerican author and historian.
 RichardHofstadterAmerican historian and public intellectual of the mid-20th century.
 WendellPhillipsAmerican abolitionist, advocate for Native Americans, orator.
 HenryKnoxContinental Army and US Army general, US Secretary of War.
 AlRosenAssistant FBI director.
 JohnCloudProfessor in the NSA Dept. of the U.S. Naval War College.
 WilliamJamesAmerican philosopher, psychologist, and pragmatist.
 CharlesMauldinOne of the civil rights marchers.
 Joseph M.ConleyFBI Special Agent.
 Willie C.RobertsonAn SNCC activist.
 JeanetteHowardA 16th year-old girl had been kicked in the head by a horse.
 Margaret ClayBrooksA woman who was injured during Alabama attacked.
 Dr. IsabelDumontLewis' physician.
 George B.LeonardAmerican writer, editor, and educator.
 DanielDoyleOne of FBI special agents.
 John H.LuptonOne of FBI special agents.
 JamesReebAmerican activist and minister.
 RichardGoodwinAmerican writer and presidential advisor.
 SullivanJacksonA Selma dentist.
 PhyllisCunninghamA nurse who was with SNCC.
 ViolaLiuzzoAmerican civil rights activist.
 PaulDietrichA Freedom Rider.
7  The Country Don't Run On Love
 JackValentiAmerican political advisor and lobbyist.
 VincentHardingAfrican-American historian and theologian.
 FrantzFanonFrench West Indian psychiatrist and political philosopher.
 Jean-PaulSartreFrench philosopher, novelist, screenwriter, political activist.
 JamesFormanAmerican civil rights leader;
 Peniel E.JosephA historian.
 Charles V.HamiltonA political scientist, civil rights leader.
 Clarissa S.WilliamsLeader in the LDS church.
 BernardWeinraubAmerican journalist, playwright.
 Fay BellamyPowellAfrican-American civil rights activist.
 ClayborneCarsonAmerican historian.
 JamesMeredithAmerican civil rights movement figure, writer, political adviser.
 WillieRicksCivil rights activist and community organizer.
 FrankMcGeeAmerican television journalist.
 PaulGoodA writer.
 DelaMaeLewis' cousin.
 XernonaClaytonAmerican civil rights leader and broadcasting executive.
 LillianMilesLewis' wife.
 John-MilesLewisLillian and Lewis' adopted son.
 WalterSheridanUS federal investigator.
 R. W.Apple Jr.An associate editor at The New York Times.
 EvanThomasAmerican journalist, historian, and author.
 EthelKennedyRobert Kennedy's wife.
Epi  Against The Rulers Of The Darkness
 JimmyCarter39th U.S. President.
 RonaldReagan40th President of the United States.
 BillClinton42nd President of the United States.
 George W.Bush43rd President of the United States.
 BarackObama44th President of the United States.
 DonaldTrump45th President of the United States.
 LauraBushFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Ibram X.KendiAmerican author and historian.
 ColsonWhiteheadAmerican novelist.
 GeorgeFloydAfrican American man killed during an arrest.
 MurielBowserServed as the eighth mayor of the District of Columbia.
 SeanWilentzAmerican historian, academic, educator, and writer.
 HillaryClintonAmerican politician.
 Marian WrightEdelmanAmerican children's rights activist.
 OtisMoss Jr.American pastor, theologian, speaker, author, and activist.
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