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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Patrick   Moore   A six-year old boy who was missing for 10 years.
    Rhys   Baldwin   Missing along with Patrick for 10 years.
    Terence       One of Fat Gandhi's men.
    Myron   Bolitar   Win's best friend.
2   Windsor H.   Lockwood III   Myron's best friend. aka: Win.
    Terese       Anchorwoman.  Myron's fiancĂ©e.
    Mickey       Myron's teenage nephew.
    Mee       Flight attendant.
    Vada   linna   An 18 year old girl au pair from Finland.
    Nancy   Moore   Patrick's mother.
    Brook L.   Baldwin   Rhys's mother. Win's cousin.
    Hunter   Moore   A physician. Patrick's father.
    Chick   Baldwin   Rhys's father.
    Esperanza   Diaz   Myron's friend and former business partner.
    Big   Cyndi   Receptionist at Myron's sports agency.
    Brad       Myron's brother. Mickey's father.
5   Dex       The struck in the throat by Myron.
    Matt (1)       A man who was killed by Win.
    Peter       Another man killed by Win.
6   Chris Alan   Weeks   Involved in child abuse related cases. aka: Fat.
    Big Burt   Wesson   Myron's basketball rival.
    Garth       One of Fat Gandhi's men.
7   Denise   Nussbaum   Employee of NatWest Bank.
8   Derek       In charge of the surveillance camera.
    Jimmy       Derek's partner.
    Lester   Connor   Fat Gandhi's tech guy.
9   Scott   Taylor   Stabbed in the throat by Lester.
    Mark   Wells   A young lawyer.
    Nigel       The barman.
10   Lamy       Hospital security guard.
12   Grady       Basketball coach.
    Stan       Driver.
    Ellen   Bolitar   Myron's mother.
    Alan   Bolitar   Myron's father.
    Connie       Wrestler. aka: Commie Connie.
    Irene       Commie Connie's tag team partner.
13   Hector       Esperanza's son.
    Tom       Esperanza's ex-husband.
    Jessica       Myron's ex-girlfriend.
    Kitty   Hammer   Mickey's mother.
14   Chloe       Clark's dog.
    Clark       Rhys's older brother.
    Mr.   Dixon   Clark's teacher.
15   Francesca       Patrick's older sister.
    Lionel   Stanton   A psychiatrist. Patrick's doctor.
16   Vincenzo       The concierge.
    Giuseppe       Soccer referee.
    Carlo       Computer game nerd.
    Renato       Carlo's buddy.
17   Peter   Chin   Chinese immigrant.
    Nicol       Waitress at the Chinese restaurant.
    Neil   Huber   State Senator.
    Geri       One of Tom's girls.
19   Anderson   Cooper   Interviewer.
21   Ema       Mickey's girlfriend.
22   Alyse   Mervosh   Forensic doctor.
23   Shlomo   Avrahaim   A man who dresses as a woman. aka: Zorra.
24   Spoon       Guy who monitors Patrick's movements.
26   Matt (2)       Clark's roommate.
    Eddie   Taylor   Myron's former high school teammate.
    Angelica   Wyatt   Ema's mother.
28   Jesse       Hedge fund guy. Tamryn's father.
    Mindy   Rogers   Career diplomat. Tamryn's mother.
    Tamryn   Rogers   Patrick's girlfriend in school.
    Joe   Corless   DNA test analyst.
30   Sofia   Lampo   Vada Linna's new name.
31   Agent       Tattoo artist.
    Navajo       Mickey's friend.
34   Paul   Simpson   Patrick's new name.
35   Daniel   Yiannikos   Town Sheriff.
    Jake   Courter   A sheriff. Myron's old friend.
36   Hester   Crimstein   Nancy's attorney.