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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProJoleneLarsenProtagonist. A soldier-pilot. Aka: Jolene Zardakes.
 RalphLarsenJolene's father.
 KarenLarsenJolene's mother.
   Part 1
1MichaelZarkadesJolene's husband.
 Elizabeth AndreaZarkadesMichael and Jolene's daughter. Aka: Lil Bit, Betsy.
 Lucy LouidaZarkadesMichael and Jolene's youngest daughter. Aka: Lulu.
 SierraPhillipsBetsy's friend.
 ZoeWimerannBetsy's friend.
 TamraFlynnJolene's co-pilot and best friend. Aka: Tami.
 CarlFlynnTami's husband.
 TheoZarkadesA defense attorney. Michael's father.
 Ann Michael's secretary.
 BillAnthamTheo's best friend. Theo's law firm partner.
 JudgeRunyonThe judge who tapped Bill.
 NancyAnthamBill's wife.
2SethFlynnCarl and Tami's son.
 BenjaminLomandJolene's friend and colleague. The captain.
 OwenSmithJolene's friend and colleague. Aka: Smitty.
 JamieHixOne of Jolene's friends and colleagues.
4EdwardKellerKeith's father.
 KeithKellerThe man who killed his wife. Michael's client.
 MilaZarkadesMichael's mother.
7JeffReynoldsJolene's captain.
8BradHilderbrandThe prosecuting attorney.
 TerryWeinerKeith's cellmate.
 Inga The waitress.
9EmilyKellerKeith's wife.
 SarahWhellerMila's friend.
11ChristianCornflowerThe psychologist.
 StephaniePhillipsSierra's mother.
12JerryLundbergThe quarterback at Michael's school.
 Helen Mila's assistant.
 BillDiehlerOne of Jolene's colleagues.
 WallyToddaThe crew chief.
 Jamie One of Jolene's colleagues.
13Craig One of the captains.
14SandraPattersonA female warrant officer.
 WillRosenJolene's captain.
15MaxineSollThe woman from Red Cross who called Michael.
 DianaViganThe reporter from Komo TV.
16CaptainSandsOne of the captains. Jolene's doctor.
 Hix One of Jolene's sergeants.
18LeahSykesThe woman from a support group that Jolene met.
   Part 2
19Conny Jolene's physical therapist.
21Elijah Conny's son. Deceased.
22Gloria Jolene's nurse.
 Mavis SueCochranThe girl who writes to Jolene.
 SarahMerrinThe girl who writes to Jolene.
24Warner Betsy's school principal.
27TheresaKellerKeith and Emily's daughter.
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