Characters - Alphabetical
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RobertAlexanderAn estate owner in Scotland.
NapoleonBellandThe newspaper boy.
ColonelBingamanViley and Ten Broeck's friend.
SandersBruceA union army colonel.
RobertBurbridgeHarry's former employee.
NannyButlerOne of Jarret's horses.
AliceCarnealOne of Dr. Warfield's horses.
MarcChagallA famous painter.
CassiusClayMary's father. A real estate mogul.
HenryClayThe greatest breeder in Kentucky. Cash's brother.
Mary BarrClayDr. Warfield's granddaughter.
WelshCobsOne of Martha's horses.
TomCustlerThe marine mammal biologist.
Jacques-LouisDavidThe great classicist. De Pujol's professor.
GarretDavisOne of the racehorses.
AnelDe PujolAn art school owner. Julien's master.
FrederickDouglasAn essayist.
EthelburtDudleyA surgeon. Scott's regiment commander.
GreyEagleOne of the great horses.
FashionEclipseMartha's house. Royal Eclipse's half-sister.
RoyalEclipseA famous English racehorse. Cyrena's horse partner.
MillardFilmoreThe President.
LittleFleaOne of the horses Viley leased.
JacquesGarmondTen Broeck's chief of staff.
OldGemGem's father. A widower.
SamuelGossinThe farm manager.
GeneralGrantCincinnati's owner.
ClemGreenbergOne of Pollock's first champions.
PeggyGuggenheimAn art collector.
ParsonGunnA school owner.
AbeHawkinsArrow's jockey.
JohnHunt-MorganThe leader of Morgan Raiders.
MarthaJacksonAn American art dealer and gallery owner.
WilliamJohnsonA barbershop owner.
HowardKeloggCyrena's husband.
DuncanKennerA baron. Arrow's owner.
LeeKrasnerJackson's wife.
BethLewisThe Warfield's housekeeper. Harry's 2nd wife.
HarryLewisJarret's father. A racehorse trainer.
JarretLewisThe racehorse trainer's son.
Mr.LincolnThe current President.
HenriMeichonLexington's jockey.
MaryMellonPaul's 1st wife.
PaulMellonA library owner.
MadameMentelleMary's teacher.
CatherineMorganA researcher. Jess's visitor.
JamesMullenAn army photographer.
TheoNorthamA writer/journalist. A PhD candidate in art history.
JacksonPollockAn American painter and major figure in abstract expressionist.
JohnPortersHarry's favorite jockey.
Mr.PryorA horse trainer.
WilliamQuantrillThe guerilla captain.
JeremyRainesThe conservator.
MillReefOne of Paul's racehorses.
John SingerSargentA portrait painter.
ThomasScottThe man who studied horse anatomy. Dr. Warfield's painter.
RichardSingletonMarse's horse.
LouisSmithDr. Warfield's colleague.
WilliamStuartTen Broeck's friend.
DanSwigertMr. Alexander's farm manager.
RichardTen BroeckA race course owner.
JustineTreadwellA writer from Washington Post.
EdwardTroyeThe Swiss painter.
WillaVileyHarry's former employee.
HoraceWallisThe guy from Affiliates.
AnneWarfieldMary Jane's sister.
ElishaWarfieldHarry's boss. A horse lover and breeder.
Mary JaneWarfieldDr. Warfield's daughter. Cash Clay's wife.
SallieWatersLouis Smith's racehorse.
GilbertWatsonHighlander's jockey. Lexington's new jockey.
Thomas JeffersonWellsLecompte's owner.
Abe One of Pryor's assistants.
Abiona Theo's mother.
Annie Dr. Warfield's maid.
Annie Martha's housekeeper.
Arrow One of Boston's sons. Ten Broeck's horse.
Arts One of Paul's racehorses.
Barry Theo's father.
Ben Pryor's driver.
Boston The racehorsing champ.
Bunny Mary's friends.
Cato Gem's colleague.
Charles Colonel Johnson's horse trainer.
Charlie Annie's brother.
Cincinnati The great mount.
Clancy Theo's dog.
Cyrena A 3-time champion in the national hunt team. Martha's mother.
Daniel Theo's best friend.
Darley Dr. Warfield's prize horse.
Eohippus The dawn horse.
Eric Hank's owner.
Ester The Warfield's cook.
Eveline Jack's wife.
Finetta Sayers's wife.
Gem Jarret's new companion.
Glacier One of Dr. Warfield's horses.
Glencoe The great stallion.
Hakeem Theo's friend.
Hank Eric's dog.
Hark Well's horse trainer.
Henry (2) Pryor's headman.
Hess The osteiology prep lab manager at a museum in Maryland.
Highlander A 4-year-old champion. One of Lexington's opponents.
Hofmann A painter. Martha's friend.
Ira Gem's colleague.
Jack Gem's uncle.
John Lecompte's jockey.
Julien A painter. Thomas Scott's new companion.
Lecompte One of Boston's sons. Lexington's race opponent.
Letters One of Paul's racehorses.
Lior Theo's editor.
Lolu Cash's mistress.
Maisy Jess's assistant.
Makela A curator.
Marquis Cash's cavalry-trained horse.
May Mr. Alexander's laundress and seamstress.
Mike Theo's friend.
Milo Jess's dead dog.
Nebula One of Lexington's daughters.
Novice One of Lexington's daughters.
Onyx One of Dr. Warfield's horses.
Rex One of Dr. Warfield's horses.
Ryolite Cash's chief mount.
Sayers Viley's friend. A judge.
Timon One of the old roans.
Zack One of Pryor's assistants.