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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1KoopaTroopaA turtle-like character from SuperMario.
 Lilly SinghNarrator and Author.
3DaenerysTargayenThe paternal aunt of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones.
 KhalDrogoChieftain of Dokhtari Khalasar. Fictional character in Game of Thrones.
4RobertAllenA best-selling author.
 NickiMinajA rapper.
 HarryPotterThe protagonist in J.K. Rowling's series.
5DorothyGaleThe main protagonist in the Wizard of Oz.
 Kyle Lilly's manager.
 Drake An American rapper who was in love with Rihanna.
 Rihanna An American singer.
8SherlockHolmesA fictional private detective.
12PharellWilliamsAn American rapper that Lilly met in person.
 Zack EfronAn American actor.
 DwayneJohnsonLilly's childhood idol. Aka: The Rock.
   Part 2
13SethRogenLilly's former workmate. An actor.
 JamesFrankoLilly's former workmate. An actor.
 Rick Lilly's videographer.
14  FOMO - Fear of Missing Out.
15EmiliaClarkeAn English actress.
16ChanningTatumAn American actor.
17Humble Lilly's friend and co-producer.
 MichelleObamaThe current U.S. first lady.
18KateWinsletAn American actress.
19TrentSheltonA motivational speaker.
21HarleyMorensteinA YouTuber who owns Epic Meal Time channel.
24KennyMcCormickThe main character of the television series South Park.
25Kelly Lilly's social studies classmate.
 MindyKalingAn American actress who likes Lilly's work.
 WhitneyCummingsAn American comedian who likes Lilly's work.
28StephanieMacMahonOne of Lilly's guests in 12 Collaborations of Christmas.
 AdamDevineOne of Lilly's guests in 12 Collaborations of Christmas.
 RussellPetersOne of Lilly's guests in 12 Collaborations of Christmas.
 GinaRodriguezOne of Lilly's guests in 12 Collaborations of Christmas.
   Part 3
30AmySchumerAn American stand-up comedian and actress.
32SnoopDoggAn American rapper.
 KunalNayyarA British-Indian actor that Lilly befriended. Aka: Raj.
33LindseySterlingA musician and YouTuber. Lilly's friend.
34MalalaYousafzaiA Nobel Peace Prize winner.
35  MCN - Multi Channel Network.
 Michael The head of Studio71. Lilly's boss.
 BridgitMendlerLilly's friend.
39SelenaGomezAn American actress. Lilly's idol.
40GraceHelbigLilly's friend and co-YouTuber.
 MachelMontanoThe king of Soca music.
 JimmyFallonThe host of the Tonight Show.
   Part 4
43ThomasEdisonThe inventor of light bulb.
46TomHanksAn American actor.
47ScooterBraunJustin Bieber's manager.
49David Lilly's friend.