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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
 SheilaWrightWill's new wife.
 WillWrightFrancine's ex-husband.
 AutumnCooper-WrightFrancine's long-lost daughter. Aka: Melody.
 ChineseWomanFrancine's mystery neighbor.
2Henry The man who asked Francine out on a date. An accountant.
 Lena The mystery girl who knows where Autumn is. Aka: Cherry.
 Lesley Lena's kidnapper. Deceased. Aka: Les.
3Tammy Lena and Autumn's friend.
 VikkiClementsA paranormal expert.
 Felix Vikki's spirit guide.
7Sienfield An American comedian.
 GlennSchillingThe famous TV host of Splendor.
 Bobby Glenn's security.
 Shirley One of Glenn's assistants.
 MilliCheesemanThe female comedy sensation.
 DeeDee Glenn's makeup artist.
 Brutus Glenn's dog.
 CindySchillingGlenn's wife.
11ClintEastwoodAn American actor.
   Part Two
13Mia One of the sex slaves. The pregnant girl.
 JosephEamesThe human trafficker. Daddy's head of security.
 Abraham The new keeper. Aka: Abe.
 Gloria One of the sex slaves.
 Alma One of the sex slaves.
 Wendy One of the long-time sex slaves. Autumn's friend.
 Mr.WydebirdThe child kidnapper. Joseph's boss. Aka: Daddy.
 Horace Daddy's right-hand man.
14Daniel The talent manager.
 George Glenn's long-time security.
17Kelly-Jo Cindy's sister.
 Loretta Cindy's sister.
18Janet One of the sex slaves. Autumn's friend.
 Clarissa The former sex slave.
 Davey One of Abe's officers.
 Tulip One of the sex slaves.
 India One of the sex slaves.
 Lilli The night duty lady.
 Charley One of Joseph's guards.
 BensonHendricksOne of the guards who gets killed. Deceased.
   Part Three
22Rosa One of Glenn's cleaners.
 Juanita One of Glenn's cooks.
 Steve Glenn's computer tech.
 Hector One of Joseph's officers.
 Danny Hector's colleague.
 Dane One of Abraham's officers.
30Fred The van driver.
31MarshaGrainsThe journalist.
 Sharon Marsha's receptionist.
EpiSummerWrightWill and Sheila's baby.