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Remy Hale
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1DrewWitthuhnDavid's younger brother.
 David Manuela's husband.
 Manuela Only child of a German immigrant.
 Ruth Manuela's mother.
 RonSharpeRuth's friend.
 MaxWhitthuhnDrew's father.
 RonVeachA lead detective.
 Paul JessupAn investigator.
 HorstRohrbeckManuela's father.
 Possum A military trained dog.
 JimWhiteA criminalist of Orange County Sheriff's department.
2RogerHarringtonKeith's father.
 Patty A registered nurse. Keith's wife.
 Keith A medical student.
 Merideth Patty's friend.
 Jay Patty's friend.
 Sue Patty's sister.
 DaryllCoderAn investigator.
3PattonOswaltMichelle McNamara's husband.
 PeteKingA long-time reporter for LA Times.
 Alice Michelle's daughter.
4TerryKeatingA drum teacher.
 Cameron Michelle's friend.
 Leo Michelle's father. Aka: Brother Leo.
 MalachyDooleyA reverend. Brother Leo's friend.
 Margo Michelle's older sister.
 Mary Rita Michelle's sister.
 Kathleen Michelle's sister. aka: Beanie.
 Anton Kathleen's crush.
 Lisa VanMichelle's friend.
 Kris Lisa's sister.
 Maureen Michelle's sister.
 Marilyn A theology professor. Michelle's aunt.
 Bob Michelle's brother.
  RayMichelle's first-grade teacher.
 DannyOlisMichelle's first-grade classmate.
 KathleenLombardoA rape and murder victim in Oak Park.
 RonTammenA wrestler and bassist.
 TomOlisDanny Olis's younger brother.
 Mike Danny's grade-school friend.
 Darren Mike's friend.
 TomMcBrideA guy who lived a few doors down from the murder scene.
5Sheila A rape victim.
 RoyHazelwoodA former FBI profiler.
 RichardShelbyA detective of Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.
 JaneCarsonA rape victim.
 Jack Jane's husband.
 CarolDaleyA detective of Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.
 DouglasMooreWas shot dead by man who had been prowling in backyard.
 Priscilla Douglas's sister.
 MavisMooreDouglas's mother.
 Dale Douglas's father.
 FionaWilliamsA rape victim.
 Justin Fiona's son.
 Phillip Fiona's husband.
 RayRootA lieutenant. Shelby's boss.
6Claude SnellingA journalism professor.
 BillMcGowenA Visalla police detective.
 JohnVaughanA detective of Visalla Police Department.
 RichardSandstromA director of Los Angeles PD's hypnosis unit.
  HanleyDonna's mother.
 Donna A girl who had encountered a ski-mask intruder in backyard.
 Glenda A girl who was shut while pulling her window curtain.
 Carl Glenda's boyfriend.
 FranClearyOne who had a strange encounter with the man in backyard.
 Shari Fran's daughter.
 KenClarkA detective.
 Paul HolesA criminalist of Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office.
7Luton A boy who brought a dead cat to his home.
 Alec Jeffrey A geneticist.
 GeraldParkerA prison inmate.
 Mary HongA criminalist of Orange County Crime Laboratory.
 SongSiA Chinese coroner and detective.
 JanelleCruzA rape victim.
8LindaSheenA realtor.
 NormPratoLinda Sheen's boss.
 ArthurHogueNorm Prato's colleague.
 CarolNoslerLinda Sheen's colleague.
 BarryAninagIrvine's PD officer.
 LarryMontgomeryA lead investigator.
 Randy HillJanelle's ex-boyfriend.
 MartinGomezJanelle's ex-boyfriend.
 PhilipMichaelA lifeguard.
 DavidDeckerA YMCA counselor.
 DavidThompsonJanelle's co-worker.
 BruceWendtJanelle's boyfriend.
 TomHickelMike Martinez's friend.
 MikeMartinezArrested for attempted marijuana possession.
 Jennifer Mike Martinez's girlfriend. Aka: Jenny
9LarryPoolA senior investigator at Riverside County District Attorney.
 LymanSmithA murder victim.
 CharleneSmithLyman's former secretary turned as second wife.
 GarySmithLyman's son from his first marriage.
 JoeAlsipLyman's former business partner.
 RichardHanawaltAlsip's defense attorney.
 GaryAdkinsonOne of the lead investigator of Smith's case.
 RussHarperA detective.
 ColleenCasonA columnist.
10Kemo A protective dog.
 RobertOffermanA surgeon.
 Peter Dr. Offerman's friend.
 MarlynBradyPeter's wife.
 Debra AlexandriaManningDr. Offerman's girlfriend.
11DebbiDomingoCheri's daughter who run away from home.
 Cheryl GraceSmithMurdered by an intruder in Goleta. Aka: Cheri.
 Ellen Cheri's bestfriend.
 Hank Ellen's husband.
 Roger DeanDomingoAn electronic technician.
 DavidDomingoCheri's son.
 Barbara Cheri's aunt.
 GregorySanchezA computer programmer. Aka: Greg.
 TabithaSilverGreg's new girlfriend.
 Cynthia Tabitha's close friend.
 TammyStraubSpotted a suspicious young male gazing towards a garage.
 Carla Tammy's daughter.
 CamiBardoA realtor.
 BrettGlasbyWell-known for his nastiness and violent temper.
 BrianGlasbyBrett's brother.
 Linda Debbi's grandmother.
12StanLosAn FBI agent.
 David CanterA British crime psychologist.
 O.B.ThomasA detective.
13JohnMuddockRetired chief Contra Costa County Sheriff's Crime Lab.
 LarryCromptonDetective at Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office.
 JimBevinsAn investigator of Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.
 DaveStockwellHoles's colleague.
14JeffKlapakisA detective of Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.
15George SellonAn architect.
 Kay A marine biologist.
17Tony Michelle's neighbor.
18ArthurMijaresTrying to change the name of Mount Diablo to Mount Reagan.
 SidVisciousA bassist.
 Nancy Sid's girlfriend.
 Kathy A rape victim.
 EstherMcDonaldA rape victim.
 Pita A bloodhound.
 Betsy A bloodhound.
 Eli A bloodhound.
 JudyRobbPita's handler.
 JohnPattyA criminalist.
 JosephEichlerA businessman.
 MichaelCorbettA developer.
 JudyCorbettMichael corbett's wife.
19FredRayA detective of Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office.
20JimWaltherA homeless man.
 CarlFabbriA deputy at Contra Costa Sheriff.
24Paul HaynesA lead researcher. Aka: Kid.
 BillyJensenMichelle's friend.
 AndrewMarquetteA witness.
 LarryOswaltPatton's father.
 KimRossmoThe Father of Modern Geographic profiling.
 ErikaHutchcraftAn investigator of Orange County District Attorney's Office.
 RussOaseA retired secret service agent.
 ColleenFitzpatrickA forensic genealogist.