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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 WadeMitchellAnn Mitchell's wife.
 JennyMitchellWade Mitchell's first wife.
 AnnMitchellWade Mitchell's new wife / A Choir Teacher in Idaho.
 MayMitchellJenny and Wade Mitchell's daughter.
 JuneMitchellJenny and Wade Mitchell's daughter / Eliot's friend. aka: Lily.
 EliotMitchellStudent in Ann Mitchell's Choir Class / June Mitchell's friend.
 Claire Librarian in Sage Hill Women's Correctional Center.
 Miller A Grocery Store Owner.
 Gina A woman that Ann Mitchell met in the trailer.
 Elizabeth Jenny Mitchell's cellmate.
 Mr.AbramElizabeth's teacher.
 Mr.DamianiElizabeth's teacher.
 Sylvia Elizabeth's old cellmate and bestfriend.
 AdamMitchellWade Mitchell's father who has dementia.
 June BaileyRoeWoman receives money - Wade Mitchell's demented father.
 Rocket May Mitchell's orange tabby cat.
 AlanaOnbrookA woman who ran away from her home.
 JimLeeA Seattle resident who recognized Alana Onbrook.
 TomClarkAlana Onbrook's cousin. An artist who helps find June Mitchell.
   NCMEC - National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
 DianaSegalTom Clark's Art Teacher and Mentor.
 TracyOnbrookAlana Onbrook's mother.
 GrantWarnerWade Mitchell's boss. Owner of farm where Mitchell worked.
 Rose Wade Mitchell's dog.
 SarahMitchellWade Mitchell's mother.
 Jacob A farmer who works with Wade Mitchell.
 William A man Wade Mitchell sought help from.
 Beth William's Wife.
 Jo Ann Mitchell's piano student .
 Bell Elizabeth's former co-worker.
 Sonny The school janitor.
 Justin Eliot's friend.
 Alyssa Eliot's friend.
 Julia Eliot's new girlfriend.
 Allie A Social Worker.
 Gary Eliot's brother.
 Roo Wade Mitchell's dog.
 Bailey June Bailey Roe's daughter.
 Ida A little girl in the House of Chamber of Nation's Capitol.