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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Andrew   Bloom   Lily's father. Former Mayor of Plethora, Maine.
    Jenny   Bloom   Lily's mother.
    Lily   Bloom   Protagonist. Owner of Lily Bloom's floral shop. Ryle's wife. Emmy's mother.
    Ryle   Kincaid   Neurosurgeon. Lily's husband. Emmy's father.
2   Lucy       Lily's roommate. Alex's girlfriend.
    Alex       Lucy's boyfriend.
    Atlas   Corrigan   Lily's childhood friend/boyfriend and first Love. Formerly homeless. Owner of Bib's Restaurant.
    Mrs.   Burleson   Lily's childhood neighbor who owned nearby house. Deceased.
3   Allysa       Lily's best friend and co-worker. Ryle's sister. Rylee's mother. aka: Issa.
    Marshall       Allysa's husband. Ryle's best friend. Works at home but makes seven figures a year. Rylee's father.
7   Devin       Lily's (former) co-worker at marketing firm she resigned from.
11   Katie       Bratty bus girl from Lily and Atlas' school.
13   Emerson   Kincaid   Ryle and Allysa's oldest brother. Deceased.
18   Mr.   Kincaid   Ryle's father.
    Mrs.   Kincaid   Ryle's mother.
21   Serena       An employee of Lily Bloom's.
22   Rylee       Marshall and Allysa's daughter.
28   Darin       Atlas' friend. Sous chef at Bib's.
    Brad       Atlas' friend. Dishwasher at Bib's.
    Jimmy       Atlas' friend. Valet at Bib's.
35   Emmy   Kincaid   Ryle and Lily's daughter.