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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Teddy       Mia's little brother.
    Adam       Mia's boyfriend. Member of band, Shooting Star.
    Brooke   Vega   Punk rock diva and lead singer of Bikini.
    Professor   Christie   Retired music teacher at the university.
    Henry       Old music friend of Mia's parents. Does web stuff.
    Willow       Old music friend of Mia's parents. Works at hospital.
    Kim   Schein   Mia's best friend.
4   Mia       Protagonist.
5   Gran       Mia's grandmother.
    Gramps       Mia's grandfather.
    Gloria       Gran's recently-deceased sister.
7   Greg       Mia's uncle.
    Diane       Mia's aunt.
    Heather       Mia's cousin.
    John       Mia's cousin.
    David       Mia's cousin.
    Mrs.   Schein   Kim's mother.
    Mr.   Schein   Kim's father.
    Nelson   Baker   Mia's classmate.
    Jenna   McLaughlin   Mia's classmate.
10   Sarah       Liz's girlfriend.
    Liz       Shooting Star's drummer.
    Gordon       Guy who plays drums for a different band.
    Nurse   Ramirez   On hospital staff.
    Melanie   Farrow   Dropped out to have a baby.
11   Mr.   Dunlap   The other driver.
    Peter   Hellman   Trombone player from Ontario. Died of limphoma.
    Simon       Cello player for Leicester. Mia met at camp.
    Tracy       Another cello player from camp.
    Elizabeth       17 year-old viola player from camp.
12   Mike       Shooting Star's rhythm guitarist.
    Fitzy       Shooting Star's bass player.
    Richard   Caruthers   Director of Community Affairs.
13   Dr.   Sorensen   Mia's surgeon.
    Kerry   Gifford   Mia's parents musician friend. Deceased.
14   Matthew       Mia's cousin.
    Patricia       Mia's aunt.
16   Casey   Carson   Teddy's best friend.