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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProNikki Eldest of the three sisters.
 Samantha Nikki's sister. An elementary teacher. aka: Sami.
 Tori Nikki's youngest sister.
   Part One Mother Shelly
1Michelle LynWatsonNikki, Sami and Tori's mother. aka: Shelly.
 LesWatsonShelly's father.
 LaraStallingsLes' second wife.
 TippiHedrenActress and animal welfare activist.
 Sharon ToddWatsonLes' first wife.
 Shelly One of Les and Sharon's children.
 Chuck One of Les and Sharon's children.
 PaulWatsonOne of Les and Sharon's children.
2AnnaWatsonShelly's paternal grandmother.
3GeorgeWatsonAnna's husband.
 Mary One of Anna's workers.
 Pearlie One of Anna's workers.
4PaulTurnerWatson's family doctor.
5Katie Les Watson's sister.
 Frank Katie's husband.
6RandyRivardoShelly's first husband.
 OliviaHusseyEnglish actress.
   Part Two Sisters Nikki and Sami
7DannyLongShelly's second husband.
 DaveKnotekShelly's third husband.
8RobertWellsA lyricist.
 MelTormeAmerican recording artist, singer, songwriter, music arranger.
 TomRobinsAn author.
 Al Dave Knotek's father.
 Shirley Dave Knotek's mother.
 KathyLorenoShelly's best friend.
11MarthaStewartAmerican writer and television personality.
 ShaneWatsonShelly's nephew.
 HeatherLocklearAmerican actress.
12JohnSaulAmerican author of suspense and horror novels.
 DeanKoontzAmerican author.
 Freckles A dog.
 StephenKingAmerican author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime.
13BonJoviRock band from the United States.
   Part Three Best Friend Kathy
17KayeThomasKathy Loreno's mother.
 Kelly Kaye's younger daughter.
 DollyPartonAmerican singer-songwriter and actress.
 NeilDiamondAmerican recording artist; singer-songwriter.
24Rocky Kathy's boyfriend according to Shelly.
25Buttercup A rabbit.
26Erin A daughter of a school bus driver.
   Part Four Husband Dave
29Carol Lara's daughter.
41Trish Dave's sister.
42KaleyHansonSami's high school boyfriend.
43Lauren One of Sami's friends.
 Leah One of Sami's friends.
 BarbHansonKaley's mother.
   Part Five Scapegoat Ron
49RonWoodworthShelly's new friend.
 GaryNeilsonRon's partner.
 CatherineWoodworthRon's mother.
 William Ron's father.
 SandraBroderickOne of Ron's friends.
53JeffWoodworthRon's younger brother.
54JimBergstromPacific County sheriff's deputy.
55Chad Nikki's boyfriend.
60LizzieBordenAmerican murder suspect.
   Part Six Opportunity Mac
62JamesMcLintockA family friend of Kathy Loreno's mother. aka: Mac.
 Sissy Mac's dog.
 DaleSchobertLocal chief of police.
65Bunny Shelly's pet name.
76HeinrichHimmlerLeading member of the Nazi Party of Germany.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
   Part Seven Truth Shane
83Edgar AllanPoeAmerican author.