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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1JamieChapmanKerry's friend. Suspected murderer.
 KerryDowlingJamie's friend and neighbor. Deceased.
2MargeChapmanJamie's mother.
3SteveDowlingKerry's father.
 FranDowlingKerry's mother.
 AlineDowlingSteve and Fran's daughter. Saddle River's guidance counselor.
 NancyCarterTony's mother.
 SineadGilmartinThe man who helped Kerry change her flat tire.
4JackChapmanMarge's husband.
6MichaelWilsonHomicide Detective. Handles the Dowling Case.
 JeromeWeldPolice officer that is first to respond in the Dowling incident.
 SharonReynoldsMedical examiner.
7Fr. Frank Pastor of St. Gabriel Local Parish. aka: Monsignor del Prete.
 AlanCrowleyKerry's possessive boyfriend. Suspected murderer.
8ChrisKobelA man trying to get Kerry at the party.
 BobbyWhalenAlan's friend and baseball teammate.
 RichJohnsonAlan's friend and baseball teammate.
 StanPierceAlan's friend and baseball teammate.
10TonyCarterJamie's workmate.
11DougCrowleyAlan's father.
 JuneCrowleyAlan's mother.
12Grace Marge's neighbor.
13DetectiveHarshMichael's co-detective.
 Kate Kerry's best friend.
 TedGoldbergMr. and Mrs. Dowling's friend. A doctor.
14PatTarletonAline's boss. Principal.
16ScottKimballKerry's former Lacrosse coach.
17ValerieLongKerry's friend and teammate.
18BrendaNiemierCrowley's housekeeper. Marge's close friend.
 CurtNiemierBrenda's husband. A retired plumber.
19Rick Aline's fiance.
21BetsyFinleyKerry's friend.
23DonBrownFormer Coach of the Lacrosse Team.
25LesterParkerAlan's well-known defense lawyer.
30GladyMooreAlan's waitress.
 ArtieSchulmanChief of the Homicide Unit. Assistant prosecutor.
37PaulMartinezKerry Dowling Murder Case Judge.
40DavidWillisPrinceton's Director of Admission.
 LawrenceKnollsPrinceton's Chief Counsel.
42BarbaraBagliA new teacher. Has an interest on Scott.
44Alexis Kerry's friend.
 Annie Kerry's friend.
 SamHinesA young investigator. Mike's assistant.
46Wayne Valerie's stepfather.
51MarinaLongValerie's mother.
52GregBarberJamie's attorney.
54CarlCarterTony's father.
55AndyNerlinoWilson's co-detective.
67EdwardDietzA tow truck driver arrested for using cocaine. Suspected murderer.
 FerrandaBrothersOwner of the truck Edward drives. Auto Salvage company.
 SandyFitchetPatrolwoman from Lodi Police Force.
 HerbPhillipsSandy's uncle.
70GusSchreiberJamie's Acme Manager.