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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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Pro   Beth   Prudhomme   Protagonist. High school music teacher.
    Sam   Carney   Protagonist. Mechanic and service department head.
    Nichole   Nyquist   Beth's friend. Substitute English teacher.
    Sunshine       Beth's Aunt and her mother's sister. aka: Louise.
1   Bailey   Madison   Teenage girl.  One of Beth's students.
    Noah   Folgate   Teenage boy and Beth's student. Bailey's ex-boyfriend.
    Phillip   Prudhomme   Beth's father.  A Geophysicist.
    Ellie   Prudhomme   Beth's mother.
    Kaylene   Nyquist   Nichole's stepdaughter. Student at high school.
    Rocco   Nyquist   Nichole's husband and Sam's best friend. Potter Towing owner.
    Owen       Nichole's son from first marriage. 6-years old.
    Matthew   Nyquist   Nichole and Rocco's son.
3   Maddy       Kaylene's friend.
    Cherise       Dated Sam. Frequent customer of The Dog House.
4   Leanne       Nichole's former mother-in-law.
    Susan   McNeil   Works at the Providence Hospital.
7   Kier       Wealthy. Dated Beth.
8   Trish       Sam's ex-girlfriend.
    Al       Bartender at The Dog House.
9   Jazmine       One of nurse's aides. Beth's favorite.
10   Peter   Hamlin   Sunshine's ex-boyfriend. Met at Chicago art school.
11   Alex       Sam's friend.
    Charley       Sam's friend and high school friend of Rocco's.
    Bob   Unger   Sam's co-worker.
13   Jake       Nichole's ex-husband.
    Nicolai       Leanne's husband.
    Shawntelle       Rocco's bookeeper and good friend of Nichole.
14   Cassandra       Beth's physical therapist.
    Lucinda   Marie   Sam's daughter with Trish. 13-years old.
15   Ron       Trish's husband.
19   Anna       Peter's mother.
20   Mr.   Englehardt   Music teacher.
22   Sondra   Reacher   Receptionist at Hamlin, Wilkens and Bower law firm.
24   Tyler       Chaperone at the school's Halloween Dance.
    Doug   Freeman   Choir member where Nichole plays the piano.
    Ricky       One of Nichole's piano students.
25   Cassie       Nichole's sister.
28   Carolyn   Bower   Peter's ex-wife.
32   Mary Alice   Carney   Sam's mother.
    Joe   Carney   Sam's father.
35   Kameron       Beth's piano student. 12-years old.