Characters - Alphabetical
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RogerAschamThe Lady Elizabeth schoolmaster.
KatAshleyLady Elizabeth's governess.
AnneAskewEnglish writer and poet.
Dr. JohnAylmerLady Jane Grey's new tutor.
JohnBaleEnglish churchman, historian, and controversialist.
AnneBoleyn The second wife of King Henry VIII. Aka: Nan Bullen.
JaneBoleyn Viscountess Rochford, George Boleyn's wife.
CharlesBrandonDuke of Suffolk.
FrancesBrandonKing Henry VIII's niece.
JohnBridgesThe Lieutenant of the Tower.
FrancisBryanEnglish courtier and diplomat during the reign of Henry VIII.
Margaret BryanThe lady governess to the children of King Henry VIII.
Heinrich BullingerSwiss theologian.
GirolamoCardanoA renowned doctor and astrologer.
Peter CarewA Protestant troublemaker.
WilliamCaxtonEnglish merchant, diplomat, and writer.
WilliamCecilSecretary to the council.
JohnChekeEnglish humanist and supporter of the Protestant Reformation.
Marcus TulliusCiceroRoman statesman, lawyer and philosopher.
SusanClarencieuxFavourite lady-in-waiting and long-time friend of Queen Mary I.
LordClintonThe chief fortress in the kingdom.
RobertCoplandEnglish printer and author.
EdwardCourtenay1st Earl of Devon.
MasterCoverdaleBishop of Exeter.
Richard L.CoxCardiologist in Birmingham.
Archbishop CranmerConducted the nuptials of King Henry VIII and Catherine Parr.
ThomasCranmerArchbishop of Canterbury.
JamesCroftsAn officer of the British Army.
ThomasCromwellAppointed as chief minister to King Henry VIII from 1532 to 1540.
ThomasCulpeperA courtier and close friend of Henry VIII.
Maryde GuiseQueen Regent of Scotland.
 de ScheyfveThe imperial ambassador.
Wynkynde WordePrinter and publisher in London.
AnthonyDennyA confidant of King Henry VIII of England.
LadyDennyAn Irish philanthropist.
FrancisDerehamFormer lover of Queen Catherine Howard.
MargaretDouglasDaughter of the Scottish queen dowager Margaret Tudor.
JohnDudley1st Duke of Northumberland. An English general.
Lady MaryDudleyOne of Queen Katherine's ladies.
MaryDudleyJohn Dudley's daughter. Aka: Lady Sidney.
QueenEleanorEnglish queen consort, the first wife of King Edward I.
LadyElizabethOne of King Henry VIII's daughters.
RichardFeckenhamAbbot of Westminster.
HenryFitzalan12th Earl of Arundel.
BarnabyFitzpatrick2nd Baron Upper Ossory.
BarnabyFitzpatrick2nd Baron Upper Ossory. Educated at the court of Henry VIII.
JohnFowler1st Baronet. An English civil engineer.
StephenGardinerEnglish bishop and politician.
HenryGrey1st Duke of Suffolk. Frances Brandon Grey's husband.
Lady JaneGreyFrances' daughter.
MaryGreyFrances' third child.
ThomasGrey2nd Marques of Dorset. Henry Grey's father.
WilliamGrindalEnglish scholar. Lady Elizabeth's tutor.
EdwardGuilfordJane Guilford's grandfather.
JaneGuilfordJohn Dudley's wife.
Dr.HardingLady Jane's tutor.
LadyHerbertQueen Katherine's sister.
WilliamHerbertQueen Katherine's brother-in-law.
Lady HertfordEdward Hertford's wife.
 HooperA Protestant bishop.
CatherineHowardQueen consort of England, the fifth wife of Henry VIII.
QueenIsabellaQueen of Castile from 1474; Queen consort of Aragon from 1479.
King EdwardIVKing of England from 4 March 1461 to 3 October 1470.
JamesKnollyThe victor of the joust.
LadyLaneOne of Queen Katherine's ladies.
JohnLassellsEnglish sixteenth-century courtier.
WilliamLatimerEnglish noble, soldier, and diplomat. Aka: Lord Latimer.
MartinLutherGerman professor of theology, a priest.
Mrs.MalloryThe wet nurse.
ThomasMaloryEnglish writer.
EmmaMannersDuchess of Rutland. A British noblewoman from Cardiff.
EmpressMatildeOne of the claimants to the English throne.
LordMorganChief Justice.
MaryOdellThe midwife.
Dr.OwenThe young King's physician.
Catherine ParrOne of the six wives of King Henry VIII. Aka: Lady Latimer; Kate.
MasterPartridgeThe Gentleman Gaoler of the Tower.
Mrs.PartridgeMaster Partridge's wife.
WilliamPauletMarques of Winchester.
RobertPeelFormer Prime Minister of United Kingdom.
SimonRenardAn advisor to Emperor Charles V and his son Philip II.
TegwynRhys John Dudley's acquaintance.
RobertRochesterThe comptroller of Lady Mary's household.
EdwardSeymour1st Earl of Hertford. Eldest brother of Queen Jane Seymour.
JaneSeymourQueen of England, the third wife of King Henry VIII.
LadySeymourTom Seymour's mother.
MarySeymourQueen Katherine's daughter.
ThomasSeymour1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley. Brother of the late Queen Jane.
HenrySidneyEdward's closest friend.
Anne StanhopeDuchess of Somerset. Second wife of Edward Seymour.
AdrianStokesFrances' young master of horse.
LadySuffolkOne of Queen Katherine's ladies.
LadyThrockmortonOne of Queen Elizabeth's favorite ladies.
NicholasThrockmortonOne of Lady Mary's most loyal friends at court.
Mrs.TilneyMrs. Ellen's family friend.
MaryTudorDaughter to Henry VII and younger sister of King Henry VIII.
ElizabethTyrwhittThe Queen's lady-in-waiting.
Mr.UnderhillA yeomen warder of the tower.
Mrs.UnderhillThe wife of one of the yeomen warders of the Tower.
AnneVauxOne of Queen Katherine's ladies.
Dr.WendyKing Henry VIII's physician.
Lady AnneWhartonOne of Lady Mary's ladies.
KatherineWilloughbyDuchess of Suffolk.
LadyWilloughbyLord Willoughby's wife.
LordWilloughbyGreat landowners in the part of Essex.
ThomasWriothesley1st Earl of Southampton. English Politician.
ThomasWyattA Protestant gentleman of Kent.
ElizabethWydevilleHenry Grey's great-grandmother.
WilliamYatesThe master cook.
WilliamYaxleyJohn Dudley's friend.
Mrs.ZoucheOne of Lady Dorset's women.
Ambrose One of John Dudley's sons.
Anna Coachman's wife.
Arthur King Henry VIII's brother.
Bessie Mrs. Ellen's sister.
Boudica Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe.
Catherine The first wife of King Henry VIII. Catherine of Aragon.
Charles V Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria.
Edward King Henry VIII's son.
Edward VI The King of England. He was crowned at the age of nine.
Guilford One of John Dudley's sons.
Harington One of Thomas Seymour's men.
Harry One of John Dudley's sons.
Henry VII King of England and the father of King Henry VIII.
Henry VIII King of England from 1509 until his death in 1547.
James V King of Scotland.
John One of John Dudley's sons.
Katherine Lady Jane's sister. Aka: Kat.
King Arthur Legendary British leader.
King Edward I King of England from 1272 to 1307.
Lady Anne The fourth wife of King Henry VIII. Anne of Cleves.
Lady Mary King Henry VIII's daughter.
Mary James V's daughter.
Meg The cook's daughter.
Mrs. Ellen A nurse.
Philip II King of Spain.
Phoebe A pony.
Polly Katherine's doll.
Richard III King of England and Lord of Ireland.
Robert One of John Dudley's sons.
Will The executioner's assistant.
William I The first Norman King of England. Aka: William the Conqueror.