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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 LibbySeetonA suspected witch who drowned in the pool in 1679.
 JuliaAbbottDanielle Abbott's sister / Lena Abbott's aunt. aka: Jules.
 DanielleAbbottJulia Abbott's sister / Deceased. aka: Nel.
 JoshWhittakerAlec and Louise Whittaker's son.
 KatieWhittakerAlec and Louise Whittaker's daughter.
 Alec WhittakerJosh Whittaker's father.
 EdwardViaductThe Prince.
 NickieSageA tarot card reader.
 SeanTownsendA Detective Inspector / Patrick Townsend's son.
 SusieMorganAn actress.
 LenaAbbottDanielle Abbot's daughter.
 ErinMorganDetective Sergeant on Danielle's death incident .
 MarkHendersonLena Abbott's teacher.
 CallieBuchanA Detective who interrogates Mark Henderson.
 Mrs. LouiseWhittakerJosh Whittaker's mother.
 Hugo Josh Whittaker's friend.
 Sarah JaneAbbottDanielle and Julia Abbott's mother.
 Tanya Lena Abbott's classmate.
 Ellie Lena Abbott's classmate.
 RobbieCannonA boy that Danielle Abbott's in love with.
 MarilynMonroeA famous actress.
 RobertWardA man who died in the drowning pool.
 Jenny A local girl from Edinburgh.
 PatrickTownsendDetective Inspector Sean Townsend's father.
 HelenTownsendSean Townsend's wife / Patrick Townsend's daughter-in-law.
 JeanSageNickie Sage's sister. aka: Jeannie.
 Lauren S.TownsendPatrick Townsend's wife. Girl found dead at pool in 1983.
   Part 2
 LiamMarkhamA boy who sells ecstacy.
 Hairy Science guy who found receipt of Danielle Abbott's diet pill.
 Mr.FriarA biology teacher.
 Mr.MackintoshA Swimming Coach.
 Ms.MitchellA P.E. teacher.
   Part 3
 TraceyMcBrideMark Henderson's fiancee.
   Part 4
 Frankland Erin Morgan's colleague.