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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Antonia MarcelineAdamsA daughter of an aspiring actress and a businessman.
 FabienneBasquetAntonia's mother.
 BrandonAdamsA businessman. Fabienne's husband.
 Marceline Fabienne's mother.
 JimmySmithA young American soldier.
2AndyWarholFabienne's acquaintance.
3Judith Antonia's baby sitter.
 Mrs.SchmidtAntonia's new baby sitter.
4Lara Brandon's second wife.
5BettyMcCabeAntonia's room mate.
 JakeBurtonAntonia's dorm mate.
6Eloisa Jake's sister.
 Jamie One of Jake's half-brothers.
 Seth One of Jake's half-brothers.
 Ian A novelist. Jake's stepfather.
 Bob Jake's father.
 Genevieve Jake's stepmother.
 Zane One of Bob's sons.
 Zyrus One of Bob's sons.
 John Eloisa's boyfriend.
 Lea Jake's mother.
7JeffBlakeA drama student at Northwestern.
8HamishQuistA British producer and director.
9Margaret One of Hamish's staffs.
 Brigid One of Hamish's staffs.
 Angie A local talent.
10BrianKellyA major Hollywood producer.
 AudreyHepburnA British-Dutch actress and humanitarian.
11JenniferStrattonA drama coach.
 EdgarDegasA French painter, sculptor, and printmaker.
 JeanRenoirA French film director and screenwriter.
12FredWarnerHamish's trusted friend.
13MonaLisaOil painting by Leonardo di Vinci.
14Dashiell Antonia and Hamish's son. aka: Dash.
 DashiellHammettAmerican writer of hard-boiled detective novels and short stories.
 Tom A second assistant director.
15Olympia Lara Antonia's daughter.
 GeorgeWashingtonFounding Father who served as the first president of the U.S.
16Alva A housekeeper.
17BodenLockeA new assistant director.