Characters - Alphabetical
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HelenBarnesSandy Parrant's secretary.
RuthBeckerSandy Parrant's housekeeper.
DanielBergenThe former coroner.
ArneBjorksonThe scoutmaster.
RussellBlackwaterVernon Blackwater's son.
VernonBlackwaterThe chairman of the tribal council.
CyBorkmannOne of Schanno's deputies.
JimBowdryCork's deputy.
Mrs.CavanaughtJenny's teacher.
WarrenEvansThe county's attorney.
LizzieFabreWanda's aunt.
Dr.FermanCork's doctor.
AnneFrankGerman-Dutch diarist of Jewish origin.
RobertFrostAmerican poet.
JimGalworthyA senator.
StuGranthumHead of the County board of commissioners.
TomGriffinA priest. Aka: St. Kawasaki.
EllieGruberA housekeeper.
DocGunnarJudge Parrant's doctor.
HelmuthHanoverOwner and editor of the weekly Aurora Sentinel. Aka: Hell.
MarkHawrasThe consultant of Indian Affairs.
DorotheaHayesJudge Parrant's acquaintance.
SueJacobsonChancellor of Aurora Community College.
JoeJohnPaul's father.
John F. Kennedy35th U.S. President.
ChuckKobiakJenny's date.
AlLamarckOne of the members of the Minnesota Civilian Brigade.
EdLarsonA captain of the dept. and in-charge of the most serious crimes.
DarlaLeBeauPaul's mother.
PaulLeBeauAn Eagle Scout.
HarlanLyttonJudge Parrant's close friend.
WandaManydeedsA Midewiwin.
WarrenManydeedsWanda's husband.
HenriMatisseFrench artist.
ErnieMelouxHenry Meloux's nephew.
HenryMelouxA member of the Grand Medicine Society.
FrankMonroeWorked at the Department of Natural Resources.
HannahMuellerSandy Parrant's house cleaner.
GraceNelsonSigurd Nelson's wife. Aka: Gracie.
SigurdNelsonThe coroner.
Richard Nixon37th U.S. President.
AlbertNordbergJoyce's boyfriend.
MollyNurmiA waitress.
CorcoranO'ConnorFormer Sheriff. Aka: Cork.
Nancy JoO'ConnorA lawyer. Cork's ex-wife. Aka: Jo
JohnPapasconstantinouThe owner of the Johnny's Pinewood Broiler. Aka: Johnny Pap.
RobertParrantA judge.
SandyParrantJudge Parrant's son.
BoPetersonOne of the members of the Minnesota Civilian Brigade.
Sylvia PlathAmerican poet, novelist, and short-story writer.
LylePorterA pianist.
EdReillyThe judge.
Pierre-Auguste RenoirFrench artist.
JoyceSandovalA receptionist.
ArlettaSchannoWally's wife.
WallySchannoA sheriff.
ArnoldStanleyAn accountant.
JimThorpeAmerican athlete and Olympic gold medalist.
WilliamWestskyA Shinnob out of Canada.
LouiseWilletteA casino worker.
AndyWilliamsAmerican singer.
Sam Winter MoonCork's close friend.
ArtWinterbauerA plumber.
JackWozniakSchanno's deputy.
Amik Wanda's son.
Anne One of Jo's daughters.
Chester A man who hires for Great North.
Clarissa One of Arletta Schanno's daughters.
Dilsey Cork's grandmother.
Fran Jo's secretary.
Jack Lytton's dog. Aka: The Ripper.
Janie One of Arletta Schanno's daughters.
Jenny One of Jo's daughters.
Juliet Romeo's mate.
Luther One of Helmuth Hanover's men.
Makwa Wanda's 4-month old child.
Maria Johnny Pap's wife.
Naanabozho The trickster.
Peter Stevie's stuffed doll.
Romeo A Canadian geese.
Rose Jo's sister.
Roy One of Helmuth Hanover's men.
Stevie Jo's son.
Stuart Jo's co-worker.
Susan Wanda's acquaintance.
Wallaye Henry Meloux's dog.
Windigo A giant, an ogre with a heart of ice.