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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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    Part One
1   Ronni
 Audrey Marie LedbetterA patient.
 Donna  The director of nursing.
 Veronica JohnsonA nurse. Aka: Ronni.
   AronsonA doctor.
 Kait  Ronni's ship partner.
 Violet Louise ThompsonA novelist.
 Halle BerryA Persian cat.
 Melvin SobelViolet's attorney. Aka: Mel.
 Jennifer MeyerMelvin's niece.
 Mrs. HeroldAn English teacher.
 Flannery O'ConnorAn American novelist.
 Mr. HardyViolet's acquaintance.
 Kelly OsbourneBritish singer-songwriter and fashion designer.
 Johnny PerkinsViolet's first love.
 Samuel DavidsonJohnny's best friend. Aka: Red; Sam
 James  One of Violet's friends.
 Clifton  One of Violet's friends.
 Harvey HughesOne of Violet's friends.
 Mr. RaintreeViolet's acquaintance.
 Herb AndrewsViolet's nephew.
 Simon Phillip CowellAn English television personality.
 Emory  Violet's driver.
 Dr. PerkinsJohnny Perkins' father.
 Kathryn WorthAn actress.
 Katie RuthOne of Violet's friends.
 Johnette  One of Violet's friends.
 Mary Nell  One of Violet's friends.
 Violet GlennReal name of Violet Louise Thompson.
 Jake HodgesGym's personal trainer.
 Mrs. NealyA patient at Fairfield Springs.
 Kyle  Kait's friend.
 Mrs. DelaneyOne of the patients.
 Mrs. WillisOne of the patients.
2   Violet
 Darlene CoffeyViolet's acquaintance.
 Betty WilsonViolet's acquaintance.
 Chester WilsonBetty's son. Aka: Chet
 Mary Cecelia WilsonChet's sister. Aka: CeeCee
 Mabel TilleyTelephone operator.
 Edna PerkinsJohnny's mother.
 Kimmie  Johnny's older sister.
 Jennie HolcombJohnny's acquaintance.
 Mr. WilsonBetty Wilson's husband.
 Dewey  Betty's cousin.
 Wally WilsonChet's uncle. Aka: Uncle Chunk.
 Mrs. DothardA math teacher.
 Nat King ColeAn American vocalist.
 Tex WilliamsAmerican musician
 Blondie  A dog.
 Corinna  A housemaid.
 Dough GlennViolet's father.
 Alice GlennViolet's mother.
3   Ronni
 Jocelyn EdwardsRonni's biological mother. Aka: Joss.
 Mrs. NoodlesRonni's doll.
 Mose  Jocelyn's live-in-partner.
 Heather  One of Randall's children.
 Danielle  One of Randall's children.
 Mrs. RandallRonni's foster mother.
 Mr. RandallRonni's foster father.
 Mrs. LevantA troop leader.
 Rachel TomkinsOne of the attendees of Camp Juliet.
 Mrs. WhitneyA sixth grade teacher.
 Miss SassoThe school librarian.
 Jimmy BrooksRonni's foster father.
 Mrs. BrooksJimmy Brooks' wife.
 Fred JohnsonRonni's adoptive father.
 Lena JohnsonRonni's adoptive mother.
 Ruby  Ronni's car.
 Robert John Downey Jr.An American actor, producer, and singer.
 Nick NolteAmerican actor.
 Kenny Chesney"American singer-songwriter."
 Pete TurnerRonni's acquaintance.
 Daisy  A barmaid.
 Kenny  Ronni's boyfriend.
 Todd  Ronni's date.
 Ashlee  Todd's girlfriend.
 Jimmy Choo"Fashion designer.
 Laura  Mel Sobel's secretary.
 Summer  A hairstylist.
4   Violet
 Deborah  Sam's girlfriend. Aka: Debbie.
 Dr. DeasonJohnny's physician.
5   Ronni
 Kristin  A bank consultant. Aka: Kris.
 Chase  Kristin's son.
 Riley  A dog.
 Bob  Kristin's husband.
 Richard O'SheaA cop. Aka: Rick.
 Craig SimmonsA sheriff.
 Kitty O'SheaRick's bulldog.
 Jeffrey  The boy who hit Ronni's car.
6   Violet
 Patsy  One of Violet's friends.
 Evie Lou  One of Violet's friends.
 Mr. BoshellViolet's homeroom teacher.
 Miss GerrityViolet's biology teacher.
   MeadorA nurse.
 Junie  Chet Wilson's aunt.
7   Ronni
 Victoria  Richard O'Shea's ex- wife.
 Mrs. MeyersOne of the patients.
 Mrs. HarriganOne of the patients.
 Mr. RidleyOne of the patients.
 William RatliffA lawyer.
8   Violet
 Hugh ParkerViolet's acquaintance.
 Jerry PayneHugh's classmate.
9   Ronni
 Jay Z  American rapper.
 Cora  A waitress.
 Darby  A dog.
 Joshua  One of Rick's son.
 Jeremy  One of Rick's son.
 Veronica Jean EdwardsRonni's real name.
10   Violet
 Peggy LeeAmerican jazz music singer, songwriter, and actress.
 Mr. TaylorSam's acquaintance.
 Regina  A restaurant owner.
 Eddy Arnold American music performer.
 Katie  Violet's acquaintance.
 Katie O'ConnorMel's wife.
 Melvin  One of Katie and Mel's sons.
 Samuel Patrick  One of Katie and Mel's sons.
 Duke EllingtonAn American composer.
 Gypsy Rose LeeAn American entertainer.
 William Clark GableAn American film actor.
 Judah P. BenjaminA lawyer.
 Miss ForrestalA history teacher.
 Esther DavidsonSam's mother.
 Philip DavidsonSam's father.
 Mrs. TurleyA housekeeper.
 Eve  Mrs. Davidson's friend.
 Dave  Eve's husband.
 Vaughan MonroeAn American baritone singer.
11   Ronni
 Mrs. AndrewsOne of the patients.
 Leona HartnessOne of the patients.
 Mrs. HendersonOne of the patients.
 Miss SheltonOne of the patients.
 Mr. NeelyOne of the patients.
 Baylee  A nurse.
13   Ronni
 James PattersonAn American author.
 Nelson DeMilleAn American author.
14   Violet
 Jean  Violet's aunt.
 Dr. SoutherlandViolet's doctor.
15   Ronni
 Tolliver B. ThompsonA surgeon. Aka: Tolly.
    Part Two
16   Violet
 Beatrice  A maid.
 Dr. LacefieldOne of the doctors and Tolly's friend.
 Dr. HealyOne of the doctors and Tolly's friend.
 Jack DanielsTolly's companion.
 Stewart MattisonOne of Dr. Thompson's patient.
 Marie MattisonStewart Mattison's wife.
 Genevieve CarrollViolet's good friend. Aka: Genny.
 Edward  Genevieve's husband.
 Pete HughesA cardiologist.
 Alicia  The name given to Violet's new born baby.
 Bitsy CunninghamOne of Violet's friends.
 Theresa WileyOne of Violet's friends.
 Melanie  One of Violet's friends.
18   Violet
 Herman  A gardener.
19   Ronni
 Mr. LelandOne of the patients.
 Mr. DaughertyOne of the patients.
 Lisa  A nurse.
 Mr. GravelyOne of the patients.
21   Ronni
 Mr. QuattlebaumOne of the patients.
 Mrs. HughesOne of the patients.
 Tina  A nurse.
 Deanna HendersonViolet's daughter.
22   Violet
 Roger  Katie Ruth's husband.
 Caroline  Johnny Perkin's daughter.
 Rose  Johnny Perkin's wife.
 Mr. AderholdtDough Glenn's old friend.
 Elvis PresleyAmerican singer.
 Mr. HarrisChet Wilson's mentor.
 Loretta  Chet's wife.
 Eric  Chet's son.
23   Ronni
 Anne  Deanna's aunt.
 Kevin  One of Deanna's grandchildren.
 Charlotte  One of Deanna's grandchildren.
 Sarah  Deanna's daughter.
 Lacey  Sarah's baby.
24   Violet
 Cleopatra  The last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.
 Vivien LeighA British stage and film actress.
 Elizabeth Taylor"American-British actress."
 Mrs. SweeneyViolet's neighbor.
25   Ronni
 Alan Jackson"American singer-songwriter."
 Marietta  A waitress.
 Lecherous GasbagVictoria's live-in-partner.
26   Violet
 Juliet HorneViolet's friend.
27   Ronni
 Becca  Rick's first wife.
 Carrie DouglasRick's acquaintance.
30   Violet
 Benny CarlockA private detective.
31   Ronni
 Mrs. GatesA new patient.
32   Violet
 Charlotte T. AndrewsTolly's sister.
 Ron AndrewsCharlotte's husband.
33   Ronni
 Frank EldredgeRonni's neighbor.
 Bettina HughesThe former CeeCee Wilson.
34   Violet
 Jerry LeeChet's employee.
35   Ronni
 Jeff JenkinsA police officer.
36   Violet
 Sunshine RainbowViolet's acquaintance.
 River  Sunshine's boyfriend.
 Misty  Violet's acquaintance.
 Marie AntoinetteThe last Queen of France.
Epi   Ronni
 Melvin  Ronni's car.
 Mark ForbesA literary agent.
 Nick SabanAmerican football coach.
 Gaston  Victoria and Gasbag's son.
 Paul  Donna's husband.
 Bruno MarsAmerican singer.
 Mrs. ShaddixRonni's acquaintance.