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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Mrs.ReedJane Eyre's cruel aunt.
 BessieLeeGateshead nurse and maid.
 ElizaReedOne of Mrs. Reed's daughter.
 JohnReedMrs. Reed's son.
 GeorgianaReedOne of Mrs. Reed's daughter.
 JaneEyreA young orphan being raised by Mrs. Reed.
 Mr.MilesThe master at the school where John Reed attends.
 Nero The 5th Roman Emperor.
 Caligula The 3rd Roman Emperor.
 AbigailAbbottA maid at the Reeds.
2Mr.ReedMrs. Reed's late husband. Jane Eyre's uncle.
3Sarah A servant girl at the Reeds.
 Lilliput An Indian actor and writer.
 Mr.LloydThe Reed's apothecary.
4RobertBrocklehurstA hypocritical master at the Lowood School.
 MariaTempleA superintendent at Lowood.
 Augusta Mr. Brocklehurst's second daughter.
 Mrs.BrocklehurstMr. Brocklehurst's wife.
 MissBrocklehurstMr. Brocklehurst first daughter.
5MissMillerOne of the teachers at Lowood.
 NaomiBlocklehurstA lady who built the new part of Lowood Institution.
 MissSmithTeaches sewing at Lowood.
 MissScatcherdA history and grammar teacher at Lowood.
 MadamePierrotA French teacher at Lowood.
6Charles I Monarch of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
 HelenBurnsJane Eyre's close friend at Lowood School.
7AgnesJohnstonOne of the pupils at Lowood.
 CatharineJohnstonOne of the pupils at Lowood.
 JuliaSevernOne of the pupils at Lowood.
 Brahma The first god in the Hindu triumvirate, or trimurti.
8Barbara A servant at Lowood.
 Mrs.HardenA housekeeper at Lowood.
9Mary AnnWilsonJane Eyre's new friend at Lowood.
 Mr.BatesA surgeon.
10Mr.NasmythA reverend.
 MissGryceA teacher. Jane Eyre's companion.
 AliceFairfaxA housekeeper at Thornfield Hall.
 RobertLeavenA coachman. Bessie's husband.
 Bobby Bessie's son.
 Jane 2 Bessie's little daughter.
 JohnEyreJane Eyre's uncle.
11George III King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1820.
 John 2 A Thornfield's driver.
 Leah A servant girl at Thornfield Hall.
 AdelaVarensJane Eyre's pupil at Thornfield.
 EdwardRochesterJane Eyre's employer and the master of Thornfield.
 Sophie Adela's French nurse.
 MadameFredericAdela's nanny.
 GracePooleOne of the servants at Thornfield.
12Pilot Mr. Rochester's dog.
 Mr.CarterA surgeon.
13RowlandRochesterMr. Edward Rochester's brother.
 Old Mr.RochesterMr. Edward Rochester's father.
14Sphynx A creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human.
 CelineVarensA French opera dancer.
16Mr.EshtonThe magistrate of the district.
 TheodoreIngramMr. Rochester's acquaintance. aka: Tedo.
 GeorgeLynnAn elected member of Millcote.
 ColonelDentA fine soldierly man.
 Mrs.EshtonMr. Eshton's wife.
 BlancheIngramA beautiful socialite.
 MaryIngramBlanche's sister.
 Old LordIngramBlanche and Mary's father.
17Mesrour Mr. Rochester's horse.
 Amy Mrs. Eshton's eldest daughter.
 Louisa One of Mrs. Eshton's daughters.
 Dowager LadyIngramBlanche and Mary's mother.
 Mrs.DentColonel Dent's wife.
 HenryLynnOne of George Lynn's sons.
 FredericLynnOne of George Lynn's sons.
 MissWilsonOne of the Ingram's governesses.
 Mrs.GreyOne of the Ingram's governesses.
 MadameJoubertsOne of the Ingram's governesses.
 Mr.ViningTheodore's tutor.
 DavidRizzioAn Italian courtier.
 JamesHepburn1st Duke of Orkney and third and final husband of Mary.
18RichardMasonMr. Rochester's acquaintance.
 Sam A footman.
21MarthaAbbottBessie's acquaintance.
 AuntGibsonGeorgiana's aunt.
 EdwinVereGeorgiana's boyfriend.
22Mr.GibsonGeorgiana's uncle.
 Boadicea Queen of the British Iceni tribe.
23DionysiusO'GailMr. Rochester's acquaintance.
24Hercules Hercules is the Roman equivalent of the Greek divine hero Heracles.
 Samson The last of the judges of the ancient Israelites.
 Ahasuerus The Persian king of the Book of Esther.
 Danae The daughter and only child of King Acrisius.
26Mr.WoodA clergyman.
 Mr.BriggsA solicitor.
 Bertha AntoinettaMasonMr. Rochester's wife.
 JonasMasonBertha's father.
 Antoinetta Bertha's mother.
 JohnGreenA church clerk.
27Russell Mr. Rochester's brother.
 Glacinta One of Mr. Rochester's mistresses.
 Clara One of Mr. Rochester's mistresses.
28BillOliverA proprietor of a needle factory.
 DianaRiversOne of St. John Rivers' sisters.aka: Di
 Hannah A servant.
 MaryRiversOne of St. John Rivers' sisters.
 St. JohnRiversA good parson.
 JaneElliotJane Eyre's fake name.
29Old Mr.RiversSt. John Rivers' father.
30Carlo A dog.
 RosamondOliverMr. Oliver's only daughter.
31AliceWoodA little girl who helps at school in Morton.
33MaryGarrettOne of Jane Eyre's scholar.
34Mr.GranbyRosamond Oliver's fiancé.
 FredericGranbyMr. Granby's grandfather.
37Mary John's wife.
 Nebuchadnezzar II The second king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.
38CaptainFitzjamesDiana Rivers' husband.
 Mr.WhartonMary Rivers' husband.