Characters - Alphabetical
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  Joe Allen Rose's boyfriend.
  Wah-Ti- An-Kah An Osage Chief.
  Joe Bates Died of poisoning.
  Alphonse Bertillon French criminologist.
  George Bigheart Chief James Bigheart's nephew.
  James Bigheart A great Osage Chief. aka: Osage Moses.
  Luther Bishop Lawman in charge of transferring Blackie.
  Sybil Bolton Murder victim ruled a suicide.
  Nettie Brookshire Bill and Rita's white servant.
  Anna Brown Mollie's sister. aka: Wah-hrah-lum-pah/Annie.
  Oda Brown Anna's ex-husband.
  Roy Bunch Henry's wife lover.
  John Burger Agent retained by White.
  Bryan Burkhart One of Ernest's brothers.
  Ernest Burkhart Mollie's husband.
  Horace Burkhart One of Ernest's brothers.
  Margie Burkhart Mollie Burkhart's granddaughter.
  Mollie Burkhart Lives in Gray Horse. aka: Wah-kon-he-um-pah.
  William J. Burns Former Secret Service agent.
  H. G. Burt Bank president in Pawhuska.
  Eves Tall Chief Another murder victim.
  John Cobb Mollie's new husband.
  Katherine Cole Kelsie Morrison's former wife.
  A. W. Comstock Attorney and guardian of several Osage Indians.
  Charles Curtis U.S. Senator from Kansas.
  Herman Fox Davis Lawyer and former private detective in Burns.
  Alfred Dreyfus Man wrongfully convicted of treason.
  Ne-kay- e-se-y Mollie's father. aka: Jimmy.
  E. J. Ernest Ernest Burkhart's alias.
  D. C. Evans Rape victim.
  J. J. Faulkner Man who was extorting Hattie.
  John Florer Kansas frontiersman.
  Harve M. Freas Osage County sheriff.
  George Getty Attorney from Minneapolis.
  Jean Paul Getty George's son. Founded Getty Oil Company.
  Henry Grammer Rodeo Champion and drug distributor.
  Dick Gregg One of Al's gang members. aka: Jelly.
  Dick Gregg Young stickup man formerly with Spencer Gang.
  Fred Grove Author of western novels.
  William K. Hale Ernest's uncle. aka: King of the Osage Hills.
  Mary Ilkins An Osage ward.
  Anna Marie Jefferson Great-great-grandniece of Mary Lewis.
  Curley Johnson Blackie Thompson's stickup buddy.
  Necia Kenny White woman who may be key in case.
  Asa Kirby A stickup man. One of Grammer's men. aka: Acie.
  Burt Lawson Prisoner at McAlester.
  John Leahy Local attorney. One of the prosecutors.
  Mary-Bellieu Lewis Murder victim.
  Andrew Lowe Margie's husband.
  E. W. Marland Discovered oil in Burbank.
  Scott Mathis Owner of Big Hill Trading Company.
  Dennis McAuliffe Jr. Bolton's grandson.
  Barney McBride Wealthy white oilman.
  Thomas Middleton Lewis's friend.
  Lloyd Miller Morrison's alias.aka: Slim.
  Kelsie Morrison Notorious bootlegger and dope peddler.
  Flint Moss Burkhart's new lawyer.
  Ed Nichols A black man convicted of rape.
  Rose Osage An Indian in Fairfax. Suspect in Anna's murder.
  John Palmer Lawyer representing the Osage.
  Carl Panzram Murderer sentenced to be hanged.
  Bessie Patterson Tom's wife.
  Paul Peace Webb's grandfather.
  Frank Phillips A wildcatter.
  Ernie Pyle Newspaper reporter.
  John Ramsey Cow rustler. One of Grammer's men.
  Kathryn Red Corn Director of the Osage Nation Museum.
  Bacon Rind An Osage Chief.
  Henry Roan An Osage Indian. Another murder victim.
  Oscar Roundtree Texas ranger. Tom's partner.
  Red Rudensky An inmate at Leavenworth prison.
  Minnie Savage Suspect in Whitehorn's murder.
  David Shoun A doctor who performed Anna's autopsy.
  James Shoun A doctor who performed Anna's autopsy.
  Harry Sinclair A rich oilman in Osage auctions.
  Bill Skelly A rich oilman in Osage auctions.
  Bill Smith Rita's husband.
  Frank Smith An agent who worked openly with White.
  LeRoy Smitherman Hattie's new jusband.
  Al Spencer Gang leader. aka: Phantom Terror.
  Jim Springer John Ramsey's lawyer. aka: Fixer.
  Roy St. Lewis U. S. Attorney. One of the prosecutors.
  William Stepson Osage champion steer roper.
  Harlan Fiske Stone New attorney general.
  Ida Tarbell Muckraking journalist.
  N. P. Thomas A Ranger. One of Tom's closest friends.
  Irvin Thompson Hard-boiled stickup man. aka: Blackie.
  Martha Vaughan W. W. Vaughan's granddaughter.
  Melville Vaughan Martha's cousin.
  W. W. Vaughan Former prosecutor.
  Col. Ellsworth Walters Auctioneer at Osage auctions.
  Jack C. Walton Governor of Oklahoma.
  Mary Jo Webb Retired teacher. Investigated grandfather's death.
  J. C. White Tom's brother.  Former Texas Ranger. aka: Doc.
  Robert E. White Tom's father. Sheriff of Travis County, Texas.
  Tom White Bureau of Investigation Houston office agent.
  Charles Whitehorn Another Osage resident who vanished.
  Hattie Whitehorn Charles Whitehorn's widow.
  Laura I. Wilder American writer.
  John Wren Spy for the revolutionary leaders in Mexico.
  Anna   Ernest and Mollie's third child.
  Boxcar   An inmate involved in the prison break.
  Coley   One of Tom's brothers.
  Dudley   Tom's older brother.
  Elizabeth   Ernest and Mollie's daughter.
  James   Ernest and Mollie's son. aka: Cowboy.
  Lizzie   Mollie's mother.
  Maggie   Tom's mother.
  Minnie   Mollie's sister - died. aka: Wah-sha-she.
  Pike   Private detective from Kansas City.
  Rita   One of Mollie's sisters. aka: Me-se-moie.
  Tillie   Marvin's father.