Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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INFranklin D.RooseveltThe 32nd U.S. President. aka: FDR.
 AlexanderSachsOne of Roosevelt's adviser.
 AlbertEinsteinA theoretical physicist who is Roosevelt's long time friend.
 EdwinWatsonRoosevelt's personal secretary.
1Lewis K.Bausell 1st US Marine awarded America's highest award for valor.
 ErniePyleA journalist who won the Pulitzer prize for journalism.
 EdwardMurrowA reporter who covered every aspect of fighting.
 WilliamRupertusA Major General of U.S. Marine Corps.
 KunioNakagawaA Japanese commander.
 WilliamSlimA British general.
 DanLawlerA private marine corps.
 Lewis PullerA coronel of marine corps.
 JackKimbleA lieutenant.
2DouglasMacArthurCommander of American forces in the Far East.
 DwightEisenhowerFamous for the D-Day invasion of France.
 ArthurMacArthur Jr.Served as military governor of the Philippines.
 RichardSutherlandChief of Staff.
 ManuelQuezonFilipino President.
 Jean Douglas MacArthur's wife.
 Arthur Jean's son.
 AhChewA Chinese nanny.
 JonathanWainwrightA lieutenant general.
 GaetanoFaillaceDouglas's personal photographer.
3HarryTrumanUS vice president who took office as president upon Roosevelt's death
 J.L.NaylorTruman's friend.
 Bess Truman's wife.
 Margaret Truman's daughter.
 HenryWallaceFormer US vice president.
 ThomasDeweyRoosevelt's opponent in presidential election.
 John W.BrickerDewey's running mate.
 GloriaSwansonA fabled actress.
4KenjiroMuraiNakagawa's superior officer.
 Arthur J.JacksonA private first class officer.
 Everett P.PopeA trained killer.
 Francis T. BurkeA second lieutenant.
  HaldaneA captain who was shot right through the forehead.
 R.B.BurginA private US marine.
5MichinomiyaHirohito124th Emperor of Japan.
 WinstonChurchillBritish prime minister.
 TomoyukiYamashitaA Japanese general.
 KuniakiKoisoA former army intelligence officer.
 Chiang-KaiSheckFormer president of the Republic of China.
 HosakaAkiraA Japanese doctor.
 FumimaroKonoeA Japanese peace-loving prime minister.
 HidekiToyoAn arrogant army general who replaced Konoe.
 IsorokuYamamotoCommander-in-chief of Japan's Combined Fleet.
6FelixFrankfurterA justice of the Supreme Court.
 LauraBacallA young star.
 SamRayburnA speaker of the house.
 JosephStalinA Soviet's leader.
 James F.ByrnesSecretary of the State.
 GeorgePattonAn American general.
 LeslieGrovesLeader of Manhattan Project.
 AdolfHitlerA German leader.
7JohnBasiloneA sergeant who was killed in action durng war.
 ChuckTatumLead the company in Basilone's absence.
 Lim KinnogTiangA Chinese grocery owner.
 AsuncionMarvasStabbed by the Japanese in her buttocks.
 WilliamPeggA soldier who poured fire on the besieged Japanese pillbox.
 BenBradleeA young naval officer.
 Esther G.MorasA reporter.
 LueyTaniWas not raped by the Japanese soldier because of her defect.
 GloriaGelziAnother girl who was not raped by the Japanese soldier.
 PriscillaGarciaMrs. Moras's sister.
 EvangelineGarciaMrs. Moras's sister who was not raped.
8CurtisLeMayAmerican commander general.
9SteveEarlyRoosevelt's press secretary.
 Lyndon B.JohnsonTexas congressman.
 Eleanor Roosevelt's wife.
 Anna Roosevelt's daughter.
 LucyMercerPreident Roosevelt's mistress.
 WoodrowWilsonTruman's favorite president.
 Harlan FiskeStoneChief Justice Supreme Court recited Turman's oathtaking.
10J. RobertOppenheimerAn eccentric and brillant physicist.
 LeoSzillardA Hungarian physicist.
 Kitty Robert Oppenheimer's wife.
 Peter Kitty's son.
 Toni Kitty's daughter.
 PatSherrKitty's good friend.
 Anne T.WilsonRobert Oppenheimer's secretary.
 JeanTatlockA pediatric psychologist.
 RuthTolmanA psychologist for the office of Strategic Services.
 RichardTolmanRuth's husband.
11EugeneSledgeA private Marine Corps.
 Desmond DossA PFC who became a hero to the men of B company.
 CecilGorntoA first lieutenant.
 CharlesMcVay IIIA captain who was one of the last to leave Indiapolis.
 ErnestKingUS Navy Chief of Staff.
 HapArnoldUS Army Air Forces commander general.
12KokiHirotaFormer Japanese Prime Minister.
 YakovMalikSoviet's ambassador to Japan.
 KantaroSuzukiJapanese Prime Minister.
13NaotakeSatoJapanese ambassador to Soviet Union.
 GeorgeKistiakowskyA physical chemistry engineer.
 ThomasFarrellGrove's executive officer.
 FrankOppenheimerRobert Oppenheimer's brother.
 SamAllisonA Chicago physicist.
 HenryStimsonSecretary of War.
14MochitsuraHashimotoA lieutenant commander. Son of a Shinto priest.
15CharlesBohlenTruman's interpreter.
16H. StruveHenselAssistant secretary of the navy.
 Ross T.McIntireVice Admiral.
 ChesterNimitzMacArthur's naval equal in rank and power.
 AlbertHarrisAn American destroyer.
 K.C.MooreA damage control officer.
 JosephFlynnSecond in command executive officer.
 WoodyJamesA sailor.
 CarlSpaatzAppointed commander of US Army Strategic Air Forces in the Pacific.
 ThomasHandyActing army chief of staff.
 William D.LeahyCommander in Chief of Army and Navy.
 Lewis L.StraussA Rear Admiral.
 John J.McLoyAssistant secretary of war.
 Ralph A.BardAssistant secretary of the navy.
 GeorgeMarshallArmy chief of staff.
 BillRitchieA Brigadiere General.
 Wilbur G.GwinnPV-I bomber pilot.
 R. AdrianMarksA pilot who has been a part of the war since its very first day.
 Cecil J.DoyleA USS destroyer.
17Paul W.TibbetsServed as a persona pilot of General Patton in Europe.
 MitsumasaYonaiA navy minister.
18CharlesMcKnightA top secret officer.
 Ralph Taylor Jr.A Major who will serve as back up in case of emergency.
 ClaudeEatherlyA captain who will serve as back up.
 JohnWilsonFlew over Japan day prior to bombing to check the weather.
 GeorgeMarquardtA photographer.
 CharlesSweeneyTook a great risk by flying the second bombing over the city.
 William S.ParsonsA navy officer.
 BobParsonsA marine corps private. William Parsons's half brother.
19YosakuMikamiA firefighter.
 AkiraOnogiWorked at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Plant.
 AkikoTakakuraA pre-school teacher but now a bank employee.
 WilliamPenneyA British physicist.
20Enola GayName of Tibbets's mother.
 BobLewisTibbets's co-pilot.
21MorrisJeppsonWilliam Parsons's assistant.
 ThomasFerebeeA bombardier.
  AoyamaWorking in a vegetable garden.
 YoshitoMatsushigeA Japanese photo journalist.
 IsaoKitaHiroshima's weatherman.
22Frank H.GrahamA map room officer.
 RichardNixonServed a year in the Pacific during world war II as a naval officer.
 WeldonRhoadesMacArthur's personal pilot.
 LuisAlvarezManhattan's project physicist.
 DavidLawrenceFounder of United States News.
23KorechikaAnamiJapan's War minister.
 SenkichiAwayaMajor of Hiroshima at the time of the blast.
 ShinsoHamaiHead of Hiroshima's rationing department.
24KermitBeahanA frustrated bombardier.
 FrederickAshworthA naval officer who served as a mission chief weaponeer.
 AlbertDehartA tail gunner.
 Edward K.BuckleyA staff sergeant.
 Charles D.AlburySweeney's co-pilot.
 Philip M.BarnesAshworth's assistant weaponeer.
 James I.HopkinsDisobeyed orders and broke radio silence.
 John D.KuharekA flight engineer.
 FredOliviA navigator.
 JimmyDoolittleA base commander.
25RichardRussellGeorgia's democratic senator.
 Samuel M.CavertGeneral secretary Council of Churches of Christ in America.
 ShigenoriTogoJapan's Foreign minister.
 TeijiroToyodaNavy chief of staff.
 YoshijiroUmezuChief of the army.
 Iva IkukoToguriJapanese woman who speaks english.
 JamesForrestalSecretary of the navy.
26Henry VIII King of England.
 PuYiA puppet ruler.
 Marshall KirillMeretskovA Soviet commander.
 KenjiHatanakaA treasonous junior officer.
 JiroShiizakiA treasonous officer.
 TakeshiMoriCommander of the palace guards.
27CourtneyWhitneyMacArthur's most trusted officer.
 WilliamHalseyA strong American leader.
 EdKalantaDrove Missouri through the Panama Canal.
 MatthewPerryPresented the thirty-one-star American flag.
 JonathanWainwright Lieutenant general spent the war in Japanese POW camp.
 ArthurPercivalA British general.
28SidneyMashbirAllied translator and interpreter section commander.
 KatsuoOkazakiJapan's Foreign Affairs minister.
 Murlin SpencerAn American journalist.
 RussellBrinesA reporter of the Associated Press.
 JohnWilpersArmy intelligent officer.
 CharlieGorryPhotographer of the Associated Press.
 RadhabinodPalA judge from India.
29DaveShillenAn airforce officer.
 MasaoTsuzukiA Japanese professor.
 Theodore VanKirkA navigator.
 AlonzoFieldsWhitehouse butler.
 ShinsoHanayamaBuddhist priest.
 KenjiDoiharaAn opium-addicted commander.
 IwaneMatsuiCharged with leading the rape of Nanking.
 AkiraMutoResponsible for inhumane activities in China.
 SeishiroItagakiImperial Japanese army in world war II.
 HeitaroKimuraA general who was convicted of war crimes.
30William J.O'Reilly Sr.A young ensign from Brooklyn. aka: Bill.
 Angela A physical therapist. Bill O'Reilly's wife.
 William J.O'Reilly Jr.Bill O'Reilly's son. aka: Billy.
 Janet Bill O'Reilly's sister.