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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1ArmandGamacheThe chief superintendent of the Sureté de Quebec.
 Reine-Marie Armand Gamache's wife.
 LaurenceMercierA notary.
 Jean-GuyBeauvoirGamache's second-in-command.
2MyrnaLandersA retired psychologist who owned a bookstore in Three Pines.
 RuthZardoA poet.
 Dr.SeussAmerican children's writer and illustrator.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 BenedickPouliotA builder.
3IsabelleLacosteHead of homicide.
 AnnieGamacheJean-Guy's wife.
 Honore Jean-Guy and Annie's son. aka: Ray-Ray.
4LucienMercierA notary. Laurence Mercier's son.
 BerthaBaumgartnerLaurence Mercier's client.
 ClaraMorrowOne of Myrna's friends.
 GabriDubeauOne of Myrna's friends.
 Rosa A duck.
 Olivier Gabri's partner.
 JustinTrudeau23rd Prime Minister of Canada.
5Anthony Bertha Baumgartner's eldest son. aka: Tony.
 Caroline Bertha's daughter.
 Hugo Bertha's youngest son.
6Gracie A dog.
 Henri A dog.
7ConradCantzenAn actor.
8WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
 EdwardHughesAmerican aviator, engineer, industrialist, and film producer.
9TimmerHadleyOlivier's acquaintance.
10PatriciaHouleBertha's neighbor.
11RupertBrookeBritish poet.
 PaulMorinAn agent.
 AmeliaChoquetA senior cadet officer.
13MargaretRutherfordAn English character actress.
 JamesStewartAmerican actor. aka: Jimmy.
14Daniel Armand Gamache's son.
15BillyWilliamsMyrna's acquaintance.
16Marc Amelia's friend.
18Dr.HarrisAnthony's physician.
 InspectorDufresnoAn investigator.
20MarieJanvierCanadian singer from Quebec.
 FrancisCournoyerWorked at the Ministere de la justice.
 AnitaFacialGamache's new friend.
 Erasmus Dutch philosopher and Christian scholar.
22GenghisKhanThe founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
  GundGamache's acquaintance.
23AdrienneFournierAnthony's wife.
 BernardShaefferAnthony's partner.
24AgentCloutierWorked from the financial division of the Surete.
 StephenHorowitzOwned the Horowitz Investments.
25BerniceOgilvyOwned the Taylor and Ogilvy's Investments.
 KatherineBurkeBenedick's girlfriend. aka: Katie.
27Jean PaulLemieuxQuebec painter.
30JeanneHolstromPresident of the Caisse Populaire.
31LouisLamontagneA broker at Taylor and Ogilvy's Investments.
33ShlomoKinderothThe Baron Kinderoth.
35Emilie An elderly woman who used to own Gamache's home.
 Dr.HarperA coroner.
36Florence Gamache's granddaughter.
 Zora Florence's sister.
37Sophia Isabelle Lacosta's daughter.
 Dr.BoudreauAmelia's physician.
38Socrates Ancient Greek philosopher.
 Plato Athenian philosopher.
 EdwardGoreyAmerican writer, artist, and illustrator.
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