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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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ProJoePikeUniformed LAPD police officer
 AbelWozniakJoe's partner
 Ramona AnnEscobarMissing 5-year-old girl
 LeonardDeVillePedophile, suspected kidnapper
 PauletteWozniakAbel's wife
 EvelynWozniakAbel's daughter
 FahreedAboutiIsland Palms hotel manager
1LucyChenierElvis Cole's girlfriend, attorney, moved from Louisiana to LA
 ElvisColePrivate detective, "professional Angelino," aka "World's Greatest Detective"
 BenChenierLucy's 9-year-old son
 JoePikeElvis' partner in the detective agency
 FrankGarciaDisabled owner of line of tortilla manufacturing com-pany, friend of Joe, former gang member
 KarenGarciaJoe's missing 32-year-old daughter
2Mrs. MarisolAcunaNeighbor in Karen's apartment building
 Ronnie Employee at the Jungle Juice shop
 EdwardDeegeHomeless man, former carpenter
3 HolsteinLAPD detective
 Daniel Child at daycare center where Karen worked
 Joshua Co-teacher with Karen at the daycare
4Lt. LouPoitrasLead detective at Hollywood Homicide, friend of Elvis
 AbbotMontoyaFrank's lawyer, Karen's godfather
 KurtAsanaCoroner investigator
 HarveyKrantzDetective in Robbery-Homicide
 StanWattsDetective in Robbery-Homicide
 JeromeWilliamsDetective in Robbery-Homicide
5HenryMaldenadoCity Councilman
 Capt. GregBishopHead of Robbery-Homicide division
 WalterMillsAsst. Chief of Robbery-Homicide
7JohnChenJunior criminalist in SID, photographer
8SamanthaDolanDetective in R/H assigned to liaise with Elvis
 "Buzz Cut" FBI agent
 EugeneDershHiker who found Karen's body, self-employed graphic designer
 RileyWardDersh's fellow hiker, owner of ad agency
 CurtisWoodCivilian employee of the LAPD
 MikeMcConnellDet. Three, IAG, sr. admin. officer, involved in investigation of Pike, retired
 LouiseBarshopDetective Two
9Mr.PikeJoe Pike's father
 Mrs.PikeJoe's mother
11RustySwettaggenRestaurant owner in Venice, CA, friend of Elvis
 EmmaSwettaggenRusty's wife
 JerrySwettaggenRusty's cousin, works at the LA coroner's office
 EvangelineLewisME who performed the autopsy on Karen
12JulioMunozMurder victim with same MO as Karen
 WalterSempleMurder victim with same MO as Karen
 VivianTrainerMurder victim with same MO as Karen
 DavisKeechMurder victim with same MO as Karen
14LeonAimesGunnery sergeant, Advance & Infantry instructor at Camp Pendleton, CA
 FrankHorseGunnery sergeant, Advance & Infantry instructor at Camp Pendleton, CA
15WittDeedleRampart Division detective
 PauletteWozniakAbel Wozniak's wife, later remarried as Paulette Renfro
20DarylHaines18-year-old high school dropout who beat up 14-year-old Joe Pike, worked at the Shell station
 ToddHainesDaryl's older brother, stationed in Viet Nam
 CandyCrowleyFriend of Daryl
21Trudy Runaway Joe met while on a late-night run
 Mark Driver of black van who picked up Trudy
 AmandaKimmel78-year-old neighbor of Dersh
22CharlieBaumanPike's lawyer
23RobbieBranfordADA handling Pike's case
24JesusLorenzoTransvestite, killer's next victim
27SidRoginCivilian clerk at the LAPD storage facility
29EvelynWozniakAbel & Paulette's daughter
 "Ringmaster" Jailer at the Parker Center jail
  RollinsPrisoner at the Parker Center jail
  Montana & CarmodyDeputies escorting the prisoners to the Men's Central Jail
32LaurenceSobekTeenaged hustler arrested by Wozniak
33 KrakauerRampart Division Sex Crimes D-2, lead detective in DeVille's case
  MurrayRampart Div. detective
 DrusillaSobekLaurence Sobek's mother
40 GilstrapProsecutor in Elvis's case