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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1SheldonGlashowAmerican physicist who won a Nobel Prize in physics in 1950.
 PaulCohenAmerican mathematician who won the Fields Medal in 1966.
 CarlSaganAn American astronomer.
 Mr.SpockA fictional character in Star Trek.
 HopeJahrenProtagonist, narrator, and author.
   The Jahren Laboratory - Hope's Laboratory.
 Bill Hope's lab partner.
4Pharm.D Hope's supervisor.
 Lydia Hope's trainer.
 SydneyRingerA British physiologist.
 Claude The lifer at the prison.
 Mr.KnauerA meat seller.
   ECT - Electroconvulsive Therapy.
6JeanGenetA french novelist.
8Buck Hope's only friend in Logan County.
   Part Two - Woods and Knots
2Reba Hope's chespeake bay retriever.
 ProfessorSantaThe Elf's Boss.
4Stuckie Fossilized dog displayed in the museum Southern Forest World.
 King The huge gorilla.
5  NSF - National Science Foundation.
6  Kudzu - A vine from the Phillipines.
7Jackie A geriatric mare.
 Karen The undergraduate lab assistant of Bill and Karen.
10Teri Hope's graduate student.
 Noah Hope's genius undergraduate assitant.
 Cal A teacher / Hope's friend.
 Linda Cal's wife / Hope's friend.
 Olivia Cal and Linda's daughter.
   Part Three - Flowers and Fruits
2Ed Hope's favorite academic uncle.
 Henrik A genius guy who formerly works for Ed.
6Clint Hope's husband.
 Sugar Hope's brown mare.
 Walter The head of a department at John Hopkins.
10Billy Lorna's co-proprietor.
   Phoenix - A B-and-B Organic Farm.
 Josh Bill and Hope's newbie.
12Coco Hope's dog / Reba's successor.
 MargePiercyAn American Poet.
14Matt The Experiment leader of Hope's student.
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