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Remy Hale
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   Part I
1  I Saw You Once
 MiltonSchwartzA lawyer.
 JeanPlaidyAn English author Eleanor Alice Hibbert's penname.
 VictoriaHoltA name also used by Eleanor Alice Hibbert.
 LatetiaTomkinsCloe's friend.
 JacquelineKennedyFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Mr.SchwartzMilton's father.
 Helen Mythical character. Aka: Helen of Troy.
 Cleo SherwoodWorked at the Flamingo Club.
 MadelineSchwartzMilton Schwartz 's wife. aka: Maddie
2  October 1965
 WallaceWrightA TV host. Former Wally Weiss.
 Jack JonesAn American jazz singer.
 Harvey PattersonCanadian politician.
 Seth Maddie's child.
 Julia ChildAn American chef.
 Eleanor RosengrenMaddie's friend.
 AllanDurst Jr.Maddie's ex-boyfriend.
 TattieMorgensternMaddie's mother.
 Elijah Prophet.
3  The Classmate
 Edward R.MurrowAmerican broadcaster.
 Jack BennyAmerican comedian.
 FredAstaireAmerican dancer.
 Queen Esther Jewish queen.
 Alice FayeAmerican actress.
 Bettina Wally's ex-wife.
 SpiroAgnewFormer Vice President of the United States.
4  January 1966
 PaulKleeA Swiss-born artist.
 ElizabethTaylorAmerican-British actress.
 Jack WeinsteinOwner of a jewelry store.
 JudithWeinsteinA jeweler.
 BambiBrewerDesigner, roboticist.
 FerdinandPlattA patrolman. aka: Ferdie
5  The Clerk
 Donald Judith's favorite brother.
 Nathan Judith's brother.
 BarbaraStanwyckAmerican actress.
6  February 1966
 Jane AddamsAmerican activist.
 AmeliaEarhartAmerican aviator.
 BetsyRossAmerican upholsterer.
 JulietteLowThe founder of Girl Scouts of the USA.
 NancyHanksAbraham Lincoln's mother.
 DorothyParkerAmerican poet.
7  My family ate black-eyed peas for the New Year.
 Merva Cloe's mother.
 Thomas LudlowA bartender. Aka: Tommy; Spike.
 TessieFineA missing girl.
8  The Schoolgirl
 Rabbi Tessie's friend.
 Mrs.FinkelsteinA pet store owner.
9  March 1966
 BobbyFineTessie's father.
 Twiggy Model.
10  The Patrolman
  Paul A patrolman.
 Sophia Paul's wife.
 Jack DillerA cop reporter.
11  March 1966
 BobBauerA columnist.
12  The columnist
 H.L.MenckenA reporter.
 JimBreadyA journalist.
 RussellBakerAmerican journalist.
 Betty Bauer's wife.
 LucilleBallAn American actress.
 Ricky RicardoLucille's husband.
13  When I Was Eleven Years Old
 ShellGordonFerdie's friend.
 EllaFitzgeraldAmerican jazz singer.
 JeromeKernAmerican composer.
14  April 1966
 StephenCorwinThe pet shop clerk.
 BettyCookeAmerican designer.
16  May 1966
 EnochPrattAmerican businessman and philanthropist.
 Noel Darleen  American actress. She is known for playing Lois Lane.
 NellieBlyAmerican journalist.
 DonHeathA columnist.
17  Mr. Helpline
 NedBrownA creative director and writer.
18  June 1966
 CalvinWeeksThe assistant city editor. Aka: Cal.
 VioletWhyteA woman cop.
 OscarHammersteinAmerican lyricist.
 MarlonBrandoAmerican actor.
20  So You Met Lady Law
 Eunetta Real name of Cleo Sherlock.
 Uncle Box Cleo's acquaintance.
 Walker Cleo's cousin.
   Part II
1  June 1966
 Honor LivingstoneThe features editor.
 Mr.MarshallPaper's top editor.
 BobJones Jr.The second president and chancellor of Bob Jones University.
 EdnaSperryThe labor reporter.
2  The Battle-Axe
 DianaVreelandColumnist and editor in the field of fashion.
 MarthaGrahamAmerican modern dancer and choreographer.
3  June 1966
 MargaretBourke-WhiteAn American documentary photographer.
 MarthaEllis GellhornAn American novelist, travel writer, and journalist.
4  The Waitress
 Glenn MartinAmerican aviation pioneer.
 Sammy A fourteen year old honor student at Hamilton Junior High.
5  June 1966
 PhyllisBasquetteA female cop reporter.
 BabeRuthAmerican professional baseball player.
 MarilynMonroeAmerican actress, model, and singer.
6  The Cop Reporter
 JonathanDillerJohn Diller's father. Aka: Jonny.
 PartickMahoneyArmed force officer.
7  What did you think when you saw the body?
 Henry VIII Former King of England.
 AnneBoleynQueen of England.
8  June 1966
 Madame Claire A psychic.
 Orpheus A musician, poet and prophet in Greek mythology.
 Euridice The wife of Orpheus.
9  The Medium
 Suzanne Real name of Madame Claire.
10  Green and yellow, huh?
 CatherineHowardQueen consort of England.
 MaryBoleynAnne's sister.
11  June 1966
 Willie AdamsAmerican football player.
 RichardBurtonA Welsh actor.
12  The Moviegoer
 Sheila The Moviegoer's wife.
14  Little Man
 Theodore Eunette's son. Aka: Teddy.
 Alice Teddy's aunt.
15  You deserved every bit of it, Maddie Schwartz
 Lionel Eunette's son.
16  July 1966
 Brooks RobinsonAn American professional baseball player.
 CraigClaiborneAn American restaurant critic, food journalist.
17  Number Six
  LopezA baseball player.
 AndyEtchebarrenAmerican professional baseball player.
 FrankBrooksA baseball player.
 Willie MaysBaseball center fielder.
 TonyBlairFormer British Prime Minister.
18  July 1966
 Fang A dog.
19  The Bartender
 Maguire Spike's former boss.
 Ezekiel TaylorMr. Gordon's favorite guest. Aka: EZ.
 RayParksFilipino-American professional basketball player.
 HazelTaylorEzekiel Taylor's wife.
21  July 1966
 Patrick MonaghanJudith's new boyfriend.
22  The B'hoy
 VerdaWelcomeFirst black city councilwoman.
 Jerry PollockResearch scientist.
 Lee Harvey OswaldFormer U.S. Marine who assassinated U.S. President J.F.K.
 WarrenHarding29th U.S. President.
 HarryMcGuirkOne of Maryland's last old-time Democratic machine leaders.
 Ron One of Tommy's friends.
 Bill One of Tommy's friends.
24  The Wife
 DouglasFrederickOne of Taylor's helpers.
 ClaudiaFrederickOne of Taylor's helpers.
   Part III
1  August 1966
 GeorgeMahoneyThe long-shot Democratic candidate for governor.
 AllanDurst Sr.Allan Durst Jr.'s father.
2  August 1966
 PaulRevereAmerican silversmith, engraver, early industrialist.
 Edward R.MurrowAmerican broadcast journalist and war correspondent.
 Mr. SherwoodCleo's father.
3  August 1966
 Victor CharlesBuonoAmerican actor, comic and briefly a recording artist.
4  September 1966
 Grandma MosesAmerican folk artist.
5  September 1966
 ClarenceMitchell IIIAmerican politician.
 DeborahWassermanAmerican politician . Aka: Debbie.
7  October 1966
 Ali Milton's new love.
11  November 1966
 SidneyPoitierAmerican-Bahamian actor.
 Andrew YoungFormer United States Ambassador to the United Nations.
 HarryBelafonte Jr.American singer.
12  The Woman's Club of Roland Park, October 1985
 PeterForresterEditor of Beacon's newspaper.
 RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
 E. M.ForsterAn English novelist.
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