Characters - Alphabetical
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BigAbuMa Woo's older sister.
SmallAbuMa Woo's younger sister.
YasuhikoAsakaEmperor Hirohito's uncle.
ShenBaoThe most prominent Chinese-language newspaper in Shanghai.
GraceBradyA choir director.
MaybingCanBing's close friend.
JohnChanOne of Benny's St .John's schoolmates.
IsabelChaoDoreen's classmate.
BenCharThe man that Bing met.
GeorgeChengBenny's close friend.
PaulChih-MengThe director of China Institute in New York.
ChangChing-KuoThe major general. Chang Kai-Shek's eldest son.
BaiChongxiThe general.
LeeChouRaymond's friend.
HoChowOne of the protagonists. A gifted child in science and mathematics.
HosunChowHo's brother.
WanyuChowHo's sister.
ValentinChuA journalist.
ShangyingDaiAnnuo's mother. Aka: Muma, Chao Keping.
HanDeqinYongchio's commanding officer.
TangEnboThe Nationalists commander.
Auntie FongMadame Hsu's friend. A doctor.
VichyFranceA partner in Hitler-Hirohito-Mussolini Axis.
Francis X.FrodA Bishop.
Mrs.FungOwner of a shop. Bing's friend.
HarryGoldAn American scientist.
ChenGongboThe Shanghai's Mayor.
FirstGrandmotherHo's grandmother.
GreatGrandmotherBenny's great-grandmother.
MadameH.H KungSoong's sister.
F.LHawks-PottSt. John's President.
AlgerHissThe suspected communist.
FrankHsiehThe owner of the baby furniture store. Bing's friend.
PaiHsien-YungThe general's son.
MadameHsuBing's guardian. Young wife of a government official.
KimIl-SungNorth Korea's leader.
Ole EgnerJarldaneElder Sister and Kristian's son.
WangJingweiThe leader of China's nationalists party.
WangJingweiThe President of China.
TheresaJunlinHo's lover.
KristianK. JarldaneHusband of Bing's sister.
ChangKai-ShekThe leader of China's nationalist government.
WellingtonKooRepresentative to the league of nations. Ambassador of France.
DavidKungThe nephew of Ching-Kuo's stepmother.
FrankKwokBenny's schoolmate.
BerneLeeJohn Yee's close friend and boss.
Auntie LiHuiling's sister.
DaiLiChiang Kai-Shek's top spy.
DaiLiThe Nationalists' chief intelligence.
EileenLinPaul's wife.
PaulLinThe National Leader of CSCA.
ChenLingBenny's lover.
MissLingThe YMCA director.
RichardLin-YangBenny's classmate.
Annabel A.LiuOne of the protagonists. Aka: Chang Tsen, Zi Ruo.
CharleyLiuAnnuo's brother. Aka: Chao Ping.
YongchioLiuAnnuo's father.
Mr.LoThe new tenants at Woo's place.
ChenLuThe minister.
HenryLuceThe board chairman of China Institute in New York.
GeorgeMarshallThe U.S. commanding officer.
JardineMathesonnThe generous employer of three genarations of Pans.
IwaneMatsuiThe Japanese commander-in-chief.
JosephMcCarthyThe U.S. Senator.
AhMeiBing's only friend.
RhodaMetrauxMead's research partner.
AnniePanBenny's older sister.
BennyPanThe son of one of the richest families in Shanghai. Aka: Long-Long.
CeciliaPanBenny's sister. Aka: Little Sister.
DoreenPanBenny's brother. Aka: Little brother.
EdwardPanBenny's brother.
FrancesPanBenny's sister.
G. GrandfatherPanBenny's great-grandfather.
ZhijiePanBenny's father. A high-ranking officer. Aka: Pan Da.
JohnPowellThe Shanghai newspaper editor.
JohnRabeA German Nazi.
QuentinRoosevelt IIGrandson of Theodore Roosevelt.
Auntie RoseMadame Hsu's friend and former classmate.
EthelRosenbergJulius's wife.
JuliusRosenbergAn American engineer.
Joan MarieRyanFord's secretary.
Ho'sSecond UncleJo's uncle who owns a British-American house in Shanghai.
EdwardShaughnesyThe acting director of INS New York District.
LaoShiHo's teacher.
UncleShu-ShuYiniang's husband.
CharlieSieJohn's brother.
JohnSieCharlie's brother.
MargaretSoongA flight attendant at CNAC.
May-LingSoongChiang Kai-Shek's wife.
T.V.SoongFormer finance minister and governor of the Central Bank of China.
JohnT.S MaoA Catholic priest.
DianeTang-WooAn American Consulate.
PresidentTrumanThe U.S. President.
BuWancangThe famous Shanghai movie director.
KennethWangThe President of Aurora College.
HuilingWooBing's adoptive elder sister. Aka: Elder Sister.
MaWooBing's adoptive mother.
JamesWootenThe President of Alaska Airlines.
K.CWuThe new Mayor of Shanghai.
WangXiaoheThe popular labor leader.
QianXuesenA renowned rocket scientist.
MarleneYangBing's neighbor.
TingchangYaoBenny's schoolmate. Aka: T.C.
Dr. SunYat-SenThe founding father of the Republic of China.
FlorenceYeeBing's sister-in-law. John Yee's sister.
HenryYeeJohn and Bing's close friend.
JohnYeeA widow. Bing's potential suitor.
ChenYiShangyai's newly appointed Mayor.
KwanYinThe Changshu's patron.
Tao-FuYingA St. John's student.
Auntie Yiniang Shangying's sister.
WuYinxianYongchio's close friend. Mao Zedong's personal photographer.
DennisYuBenny's close friend.
ZhongheYuThe daughter of Annuo's landlord.
TuYu-ChingThe former President of St. John's. Benny's boss.
DuYueshengThe Green Gang leader.
LinYutangInfluential writer and philosopher.
WilliamZ.L SungSt. John's former President.
MaoZedongThe China communist party leader.
LiZongrenChiang Kai-Shek's political rival.
Amah Benny's servant.
Andrew Doreen's lover.
Baba Bing's biological father.
Bing One of the protagonists. An abandoned girl.
Chinyee A painting student in the College of Mount Saint Vincent.
Grandfather Benny's grandfather.
Li-Ning Annuo's sister.
Ma Bing's biological mother.
Mother Benny's mother.
Peter Bing's nephew.
Raymond The man who accompanied Bing in America.
Tjibadak The Royal Dutch Ocean liner.
Zhongying Liu Family's new servant.