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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   The Dog Bus
1MerediceWilliamsonWendell Williamson's wife.
 DonalCameronDorie Blegen's grandson. Aka: Donny, Red Chief.
2WendellWilliamsonOwner of Double W ranch.
 PeteBleganDonny's grandfather.
 Kate Donny's great-aunt. Aka: Kitty
 Dutch Kate's husband.
3DorotheaBleganA cook at the Double W ranch. Aka: Dorie, Gram.
  RidpathA senator.
 AlvinTurcoOne of the soldiers. Aka: Turk.
 Gordon JonesU.S. army.
 MickeyO'FallenOne of the soldiers. Aka: Mick.
 LeticiaMinettoA waitress. Aka: Letty.
 MissCiardaDonny's best teacher.
 HarveyKinnickLetty's boy friend. Aka: Harv.
4CarlKinnickA sheriff.
 BudCameronA catskinner. Donny's father.
 Peggy Dorie's daughter.
7Mae Donny's acquaintance.
 JoeSchneiderMae's husband.
8Kurt Donny's acquaintance.
 Gus Kurt's companion.
 Mannie Gus's friend.
 HermanBrinkerReal name of Dutch.
   Where Manitou Walks
9KarlMayA great writer.
10Carma Jean A nun.
11MinnieZettellKate's friend.
12HertaSchepkeKate's friend.
 Gerda Herta's cousin.
 Ernie A bartender.
13Biggie A yellow bird.
 FritzSchmidtHerman's best friend. Aka: Fritzie.
   The Promised Land
16Laddie A dog
 JackKerouacDonny's acquaintance.
18RagsRasmussenThe champion bronc rider of the world.
 JoeEarthboyAn Indian contestant.
 LouieSlewfootDonny's friend.
 Martin Donny's name at the show.
 Henry One who runs the show. Aka: Henry Swift Pony.
 Ferdie One of the performers.
 Woolly One of the performers. Aka: Woolly Leggings.
19Reverend Mac A minister.
 Isaac M.DezmoszThe name signed by the minister.
20PaulSchneiderA doctor.
 Nellie A nurse.
21Duffy One of the miners. Aka: Maneater Duffy.
 Mike One of the miners. Aka: Monkey Wrench Mike.
 Luigi One of the miners. Aka: Luigi the Blaster.
 J. EdgarHooverFormer director of the FBI.
22Louie The roster of the bus. Aka: Bughouse Louie.
 Pooch One of the bus passengers.
 Peterson Member of the Jackson's family. Aka: Peerless Peterson.
 Highpockets In-charge of the passengers.
 Shakespeare One of the bus passengers.
 Oscar One of the bus passengers. Aka: Oscar the Swede.
 Frankie One of the bus passengers. Aka: Midnight Frankie.
 Skeeter One of the bus passengers. Aka: Jersey Mosquito.
 Rosie A storekeeper.
 Fingy One of the bus passengers.
 Pete One of the bus passengers. Aka: Overland Pete.
23Bill One of the bus passengers. Aka: Candlestick Bill.
 Jack The oldest passenger. Aka: Buttermilk Jack.
 Slim One of the passengers. Aka: Dakota Slim.
 Reno One of the bus passengers. Aka: Reno Kid.
 Marv One of the bus passengers.
 Ole Unelected officer but acknowledged as boss. Aka: Big Ole.
24Baldy A cell deputy.
 Mallory The deputy sheriff.
25Jones A foreman. Aka Jonesie.
 ScottySchneiderDonny's name in the ranch. Aka: Snag.
 FritzSchneiderHerman's name in the ranch. Aka: One Eye.
26Queen A mare.
 Brandy A workhorse.
 Matilde A cow. Aka: Waltzing Matilde.
28Suzie Q. Rags's girlfriend.
 Mrs.CostelloA cook.
29Geronimo The Big Chief.
 Deacon Jersey Mosquito's acquaintance.
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