Characters - Alphabetical
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Russell A.AlgerServed as U.S. Secretary of War.
ClintonAndersonAmerican politician served as U.S. Rep. from New Mexico.
GeorgeAshmunMember of the U.S. House of Rep. from Massachusetts.
John JamesAudubonAmerican ornithologist, naturalist, and painter.
GeorgeBaerPresident of the Reading Railway.
RebekahBainesLyndon's mother.
Edward D.BakerAmerican politician, served in the U.S. House of Representatives.
BernardBaruchAmerican financier and statesman.
EdwardBatesAmerican politician, lawyer and judge.
WalterBenjaminGerman Jewish philosopher, cultural critic and essayist.
Warren G.BennisAmerican scholar, organizational consultant and author.
AdolfBerle Jr.American lawyer, educator, author, and diplomat.
James G.BlaineRepresented Maine in the U.S. House of Representative.
MontgomeryBlairServed in the Lincoln administration as Postmaster-General.
James G.BluntAn abolitionist who became major general in the Union Army.
JohnBoettiger Jr.Sara's great-grandson.
NapoleonBonaparteFrench general and emperor.
Horace JulianBondAmerican social activist, leader of the civil rights movement.
John WilkesBoothAmerican actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.
NoahBrooksAmerican journalist and author.
GeorgeBrownScottish-Canadian journalist, politician. Father of Confederation.
HermanBrownGeorge's brother. Founder of Brown and Root Construction Co.
JohnBrownAmerican abolitionist leader.
Orville H.BrowningAn attorney in Illinois and a politician.
Howard G.BruennOne of Franklin D. Roosevelt's physician during his presidency.
JamesBuchanan15th President of the United States.
MarthaBullochTeedie's mother. aka: Mittie.
McGeorgeBundoLyndon's national security adviser.
AmbroseBurnsideSoldier, inventor and politician from Rhode Island.
ArchieButtTheodore's military adviser.
HarryByrdAmerican newspaper publisher, politician.
Thomas F.ByrnesNew York City firefighter, police officer and police detective.
JuliusCaesarRoman general and statesman.
JuliusCaesarRoman general, statesman and final Dictator.
John C.CalhounAmerican statesman and political theorist from South Carolina.
Benjamin N.CardozoNew York State Supreme Court justice.
John M.CarmodyAdministrator of the REA and the Federal Works Agency.
RobertCaroAmerican journalist and author.
EdithCarowTheodore's second wife.
FrancisCarpenterAmerican politician.
CliffCarterOne of Lyndon's close aides.
Lewis S.ChanlerAmerican lawyer and politician.
Salmon P.ChaseFormer Chief Justice and Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S.
Joseph H.ChoateAmerican lawyer and diplomat.
FrankChurchAmerican politician served as a U.S. Senator from Idaho.
WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
E. E.ClarkHead of the Order of Railway Conductors.
James G.ClarkThe sheriff of Dallas County, Alabama.
HenryClayRepresented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate and House of Rep.
GroverCleveland22nd and 24th President of the United States.
DeWittClintonAmerican politician.
WilburCohenUndersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare.
SchuylerColfax17th Vice President of the United States.
ThomasConallyRepresented Texas in both US Senate and the House of Rep.
JamesConklingLincoln's old friend.
JohnConnally39th Governor of Texas 61st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.
James F.CooperAmerican writer.
TommyCorcoranWhite House aide.
James M.CoxThe 46th and 48th Governor of Ohio.
WilliamCraigA Northern Irish politician.
StephenCraneAmerican novelist, short story writer, poet, and journalist.
WinthropCraneServed as the 40th Governor of Massachusetts.
JosiahCrawfordAbraham's acquaintance.
ArthurCrosbyUnited States ambassador to Colombia.
NomerCummingsA Connecticut lawyer.
George WilliamCurtisAmerican writer and public speaker.
ArthurCutlerTheodore's former tutor.
JosephusDanielsAmerican newspaper editor and publisher.
JeffersonDavisPresident of the Confederate States.
Richard H.DavisJournalist, war correspondent, novelist, short story writer.
BillDeasonLyndon's old friend.
FrederickDelanoFranklin's uncle.
LauraDelanoFranklin's cousin.
ChaunceyDepewRemembered for his two terms as U. S. Senator from New York.
GeorgeDeweyUnited States Navy admiral.
Thomas E.DeweyAmerican politian served as the 47th governor of New York.
MarionDickermanEleanor's friend.
MarlonDickermanEleanor's friend.
MartinDies Jr.Texas politician and member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
KatieDietrichLyndon's former teacher.
EverettDirksenRepresented Illinois in the U.S. House of Rep. and U.S. Senate.
David HerbertDonaldAbraham's biographer.
Stephen A.DouglasAmerican politician and lawyer from Illinois.
FrederickDouglassAmerican social reformer, orator, writer, abolitionist and statesman.
WillDowSewall's nephew.
Dr. GeorgeDraperFranklin's physician
ArthurDumperA Latin and mathematics master at St. Paul's prep school.
TheodoreDwightAmerican lawyer and journalist.
StephenEarlyU.S. journalist and government official.
SteveEarlyNational union rep. for the Communications Workers of America.
George F.EdmundsRepublican U.S. Senator from Vermont.
Dwight D.EisenhowerU.S. Army commander and 34th president of the United States.
Ralph WaldoEmersonAmerican philosopher, essayist, and poet.
ClairEngleServed as a United States Senator from California.
CecilEvansLyndon's acquaintance.
JamesFarleyPostmaster General under President Franklin Roosevelt.
RobertFechnerAmerican labor leader.
SylvaneFerrisOne of Theodore's acquaintances.
Ovie ClarkFisherAn attorney and author served for 32 years as US Rep. for Texas.
HenryFordAmerican industrialist and business magnate.
GeorgeForquerAmerican politician.
AbrahamFortasUnited States Supreme Court Justice aka: Abe.
J. WilliamFullbrightRepresented Arkansas in the United States Senate.
HamlinGarlandAmerican author.
John NanceGarner32nd Vice President of the United States.
William LloydGarrisonAmerican journalist and abolitionist.
CarterGlassServed as Secretary of the Treasury.
ArthurGoldschmidtOne of Lyndon's acquaintances.
Barry M.GoldwaterAmerican politician, statesman and United States Air Force officer.
SamuelGompersAmerican labor leader.
JayGouldAmerican railroad magnate and financier.
KatharineGrahamAmerican publisher, editor and author.
Ulysses S.Grant18th President of the United States.
NathanielGrigsbyAbraham's friend.
JohnGuntherA reporter.
HannibalHamlin15th Vice President of the United States.
NancyHanksAbraham's mother.
SophieHanksAbraham's cousin.
MarkHannaA Republican Party chair.
JohnHardinThe son of a U.S. senator.
GeorgeHardingStanton's partner.
HarrisonHarrison23rd president of the United States.
BretHarteAmerican short story writer and poet.
JohnHayAmerican statesman, diplomat, author and journalist.
Rutherford B.Hayes19th president of the United States.
Dr. AnsonHenryAbraham's friend.
WilliamHerndonAbraham's junior law partner.
JosephHillAlabama senator.
AdolfHitlerAustrian-born German politician who was the dictator of Germany.
Oliver WendellHolmes Jr.Served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of U.S.
HerbertHoover31st President of the United States of America.
Harry LloydHopkinsThe 8th Secretary of Commerce of the United States.
WellyHopkinsLong-time friend and political associate of LBJ.
LouisHoweAmerican reporter for the New York Herald.
Charles EvansHughesAmerican judge served as the 11th chief justice of the U.S.
VictorHugoFrench poet, novelist, and dramatist.
HubertHumphrey38th Vice President of the United States.
IsaacHuntTheodore's colleague.
DavidHunterUnion general during the American Civil War.
HaroldIckesServed as United States Secretary of the Interior.
WalterJenkinsLyndon's aide.
GeorgeJohnsonLyndon's uncle.
HiramJohnsonServed as the 23rd governor of California.
Lyndon B.Johnson36th U.S. President.
SamJohnsonLyndon's father.
Samuel EalyJohnson Sr.Lyndon's grandfather. aka: Sam.
Sarah B.JohnstonAbraham's stepmother.
LutherJonesOne of Johnson's aides.
Barbara C.JordanAmerican lawyer, leader in the Civil Rights Movement.
VernonJordanAfrican-American lawyer, civil rights activist.
Norman B.JuddAmerican congressman for Illinois.
NicholasKatzenbachServed as U.S. Attorney General during the LBJ administration.
CarrollKeachLyndon's driver.
John F.Kennedy35th president of the United States.
Robert F.KennedyAttorney general and adviser during U.S. Pres. John F. Kennedy.
LeonKeyserlingAmerican economist.
Martin LutherKingAmerican Baptist minister and activist.
Richard M.Kleberg Sr.A seven-term member of the US House of Rep. from Texas.
Philander C.KnoxAmerican lawyer, banker, and politician.
AlekseyKoltsovA Russian poet.
Emory S.LandAn officer in the United States Navy.
Franklin K.LaneU.S. lawyer and politician served as secretary of the interior.
GeneLatimerOne of Johnson's aides.
Alice HathawayLeeTeedie's wife. aka: Baby Lee.
Robert E.LeeGeneral in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States.
MissyLeLandFranklin's private secretary.
TomLeonardScottish poet, writer and critic.
AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President. aka: Abe.
ThomasLincolnAbraham's father.
WalterLipmannAmerican writer, reporter and political commentator.
Henry C.LodgeAmerican statesman from Massachusetts.
StephenLoganThe leading lawyer in the county.
John DavisLongMassachusetts governor, Congressman; Secretary of the Navy.
Henry W.LongfellowAmerican poet and educator.
Elijah P.LovejoyAmerican journalist, newspaper editor, and abolitionist.
SethLow23rd Mayor of Brooklyn.
A. LawrenceLowellU.S. educator and legal scholar.
John EdwardMackAmerican psychiatrist, writer, and professor.
William LyonMackenzie King10th Prime Minister of Canada.
GeraldMannThe attorney general of Texas.
MikeMansfieldA majority leader.
EdwardMarshallA journalist.
GeorgeMarshallU. S. Army to become Chief of Staff under president FDR.
CharlesMcCathyFranklin's private secretary.
George B.McClellanAmerican soldier and politician.
DavidMcDonaldHead of the United Steelworkes of America.
Ross T.McIntireAmerican physician and naval officer.
Marvin H.McIntyrePresidential Secretary to President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR).
WilliamMcKinley25th President of the United States.
RobertMcNamaraAmerican businessman and Secretary of Defense.
LucyMercerFranklin's mistress.
BillMerrifieldOne of Theodore's acquaintances.
AgnesMeyerA journalist.
HarryMiddletonA library director.
TomMillerAmerican lawyer served as the 33rd Attorney General of Iowa.
WilburMillsChairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.
Ho ChiMinhVietnamese communist leader and Chairman of the Workers' Party.
Clarence M.MitchellAmerican civil rights activist and the chief lobbyist for the NAACP.
JohnMitchellU.S. attorney general during the Nixon administration.
RaymondMoleyAmerican presidential advisor.
J. P.MorganWall Street's most respected financier.
BelleMoskowitzThe most powerful woman in the United States politics.
BillMoyersOne of Lyndon's close aides.
Charles FrancisMurphyAmerican political figure. aka: Boss Murphy.
JoeMurrayAmerican animator, writer, illustrator, producer, director.
Pat M.NeffThe 28th Governor of Texas.
HoratioNelsonBritish Royal Navy Admiral.
RichardNeustadtAmerican political scientist.
DorothyNicholsJohnson's secretary.
John GeorgeNicolayAmerican biographer.
LarryO'BrienWhite House aide.
W. LeeO'DanielAmerican Democratic Party politician from Texas. aka: Pappy.
Richard J.OglesbyAmerican soldier and Republican politician from Illinois.
James AloysiusO'GormanOne-term United States Senator from New York.
PoshOltorfJohnson's long-term friend.
Joseph C.O'MahoneyAmerican politician served as a U.S. senator from Wyoming.
Lee HarveyOswaldAmerican former marine who assassinated John F. Kennedy.
AndrewParkerTheodore's acquaintance.
WrightPatmanServed 24 consecutive terms in the US House of Rep .for Texas.
Henry C.PayneU.S. Postmaster General under Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.
EndicottPeabodyAmerican politician from Massachusetts.
TomPendergastAmerican political boss who controlled Kansas City.
Edward J.PerkinsOne of first Blacks to hold senior posts in the State Department.
FrancesPerkinsServed as the U.S. Secretary of Labor.
WendellPhillipsAmerican abolitionist, advocate for Native Americans and lawyer.
JoePhippsA campaign worker.
OrvillePlattUnited States Senator from Connecticut.
Thomas C.PlattMember of U.S. House of Rep. and U.S. Senator from New York.
James K.Polk11th president of the United States.
HerbertPutnamA librarian of the Congress.
MatthewQuayUnited States Army Medal of Honor recipient.
A. PhilipRandolphBlack American civil rights activist, labor unionist, politician.
MaryRatherWirtz's secretary.
JoeRauhDemocratic action founder.
Samuel T.RayburnServed as the 43rd Speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Henry J.RaymondAmerican journalist, politician, co-founder of The New York Times.
GeorgeReedyThe 10th White House Press Secretary under President Johnson.
MarkReillyA Secret Service Agent.
Cecil SpringRiceTheodore's friend.
JacobRiisAmerican reporter, social reformer, and photographer.
Herbert RayRobertsRepresented Texas's 4th congressional district.
JamesRobinsonKentucky governor.
CorneliusRooseveltTheodore's grandfather.
EleanorRooseveltFranklin's wife.
FranklinRoosevelt32nd U.S. President.
QuentinRooseveltYoungest son of President Theodore Roosevelt.
TheodoreRoosevelt26th U.S. President. aka: Teedie
ElihuRootServed as Secretary of State under Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.
SamuelRosenmanAmerican lawyer, judge and presidential speechwriter.
JimRoweOne of Lyndon's acquaintances.
JackRubyAmerican nightclub operator killed Lee Harvey Oswald.
Richard B.Russell Jr.Served as the 66th Governor of Georgia.
AnnRutledgeAbraham's first love.
ManuelSanchezLyndon's acquaintance.
FrankSargentCommisioner of Immigration during Theodore's administration.
ArthurSchlesingerAn influential social historian at Ohio State University.
JohnSchlosserA Republican senator.
JohnSchofieldU.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient and Union Army general.
BillSewallTeedie's Maine friend.
William H.SewardServed as governor of New York and as a United States Senator.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
BillySheehanA machine politician.
MorrisSheppardUnited States Senator from Texas.
William T.ShermanAmerican General, businessman, educator, and author.
RobertSherwoodWhite House aide.
GeorgeSmathersAmerican politician, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator.
AlSmithAmerican statesman who was elected Governor of New York.
CalebSmithServed as Interior Secretary under the Lincoln administration.
HowardSmithChairman of the Rules Committee.
BertrandSnellRepublican minority leader.
TheodoreSorensonKennedy's aide.
MarieSouvestreFrench educator.
JoshuaSpeedAbraham's best friend.
ElizabethSpringerThe chief committee clerk.
JosephStalinGeneral secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
EdwinStantonServed as Secretary of War under the Lincoln Administration.
Henry B.SteagallChairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency.
Lincoln A.SteffensAmerican investigative journalist.
AdlaiStevensonAmerican lawyer, politician, and diplomat.
Coke R.Stevenson35th Governor of Texas and Speaker of the Texas House of Rep.
WilliamStoddartScottish physician, author and "spiritual traveler".
William A.Stone22nd Governor of Pennsylvania.
Harriet B.StoweAmerican abolitionist and author.
JohannStrauss Jr.Austrian composer of light music.
George T.StrongAmerican lawyer, musician and diarist.
WilliamStrongServed as justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
JohnStuartAbraham's fellow legislator.
MargaretSuckleyFranklin's Roosevelt.
Mark T.SullivanAmerican novelist and journalist.
TimothySullivanAmerican politician from New York. aka: Big Tim.
CharlesSumnerAmerican statesman and U. S. Senator from Massachusetts.
LeonardSwettLincoln's old ftiend.
William H.Taft27th President of the United States.
ClaudiaTaylorLyndon's wife. aka: Lady Bird.
ZacharyTaylor12th President of the United States.
AlfredTennyson1st Baron Tennyson FRS was an English poet.
William R.ThayerUnited States author and editor.
JesseThomasAmerican Texas blues guitarist and singer.
RobertThomasA writer.
Henry DavidThoreauAmerican poet, essayist, naturalist, and abolitionist.
MaryToddAbraham Lincoln's wife.
RobertToombsAmerican politician from Georgia.
Harry S.Truman33rd president of the United States.
LymanTrumbullA lawyer, judge, and United States Senator from Illinois.
RexfordTugwellAn economist who became part of FDR first "Brain Trust".
GraceTullyPersonal Secretary to Franklin D. Roosevelt.
IvanTurgenevA Russian novelist, poet, and dramatist.
JackValentiOne of Lyndon's close aides.
Henry A.WallaceServed as the 33rd Vice President of the United States.
ThomasWalshAn author.
EarlWarrenFormer Chief Justice.
Daniel AlanWebsterAmerican politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Florida.
E. ThurlowWeedNew York newspaper publisher and Whig and Republican politician.
GideonWellesUnited States Secretary of the Navy.
Theodoric R.WestbrookU.S. Representative from New York.
Henry ClayWhitneyAbraham's friend.
RichardWhitneyAmerican financier, president of the New York Stock Exchange.
RoyWilkinsAfrican-American rights activist.
AlecWilliamsA police inspector. aka: Clubber.
GeneWilliamsAmerican musician and bandleader.
JohnWilliamsOne of America's most accomplished and successful composers.
DavidWilmotServed as Rep. and Senator for Pennsylvania and as a Judge.
WilsonWilson28th President of the United States.
Alvin JacobWirtzA lawyer and undersecretary to the Department of the Interior.
LeonardWoodTheodore's friend.
WilliamWoodinA Republican businessman.
RandallWoodsA historian.
Carroll D.WrightAmerican statistician.
ValentineYoungA storekeeper.
WhitneyYoungAmerican civil rights leader.
Alexander the Great King of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon.
Anna 1 Eleanor's mother.
Anna 2 Franklin's daughter.
Bamie Teedie's older sister.
Corinne Teedie's younger sister.
Elizabeth Jim Rowe's wife.
Elliot Teedie's younger brother.
Fred Lincoln's son.
James Franklin's father.
James Franklin's son.
Lynda Johnson's daughter.
Pythagoras Ionian Greek philosopher and the founder of Pythagoreanism.
Robert Lincoln's eldest son.
Sara Franklin's mother.
Sarah Abraham's sister.
Socrates Greek philosopher from Athens.
Theodore Jr. Theodore Roosevelt's son.
Theodore Sr. Teedie's father. aka: Thee.