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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1ArthurLessGay author who tricks his readers that he is a girl. Protagonist.
 H.H.H.MandernFamous science fiction author Less interviewed.
 CarlosPeluLess's old rival.
 RobertBrownburnLess's ex-live in partner. An older poet.
 FedericoPeluCarlos's adopted son. Less's lover. aka: Freddy.
 Tom Freddy's son.
 CarolineDennisCarlos and Freddy's acquaintance. aka: Mrs. Dennis.
 Howard Less's former lover.
 ThomasDennisFederico's husband.
 Zohra Less's friend whom he never met.
 Lewis Less's friend.
 Janice A bookstore employee.
 Arlo Howard's friend.
   Kalipso - Less's novel.
 PeterHuntLess's agent.
 ColePorterLess's new friend.
2Arturo Local writer who escorted Less for three days.
 LeonardoRossRobert's friend.
 OttoHandlerRobert's friend.
 FranklinWoodhouseRobert's friend.
 Ross Famous poet. Robert's friend.
   Monkey House - The hotel in Mexico where Less stayed.
 Haroldvan DevanderFestival organizer. Professor. aka: Senor Banderbander.
 TheBikemanLess's acquaintance.
 MarianBrownburnRobert's wife.
 Fernando Less's Mexico tour guide. Athletic man.
 LuisBarraganArchitect. Designed his own house.
   Teotihuacan Y Piramides - The Museum of Anthropology.
3FosterLancettFamous British author who won an award.
 ReginaldLancettFoster's father.
 LudwigEssA vacationing Australian doctor.
 FrauEssLudwig's wife.
 The SeahorseLadyLess's golf resort acquaintance.
 MeredithCastleA Language poet.
 HaroldFrickesSomeone Freddy and Less met at the college auditorium.
 FinleyDwyerAn emcee at Awards Night. Less's old acquaintance.
 Riccardo A young, tattooed Italian man. Finalist.
 Luisa An elegant girl. Finalist.
 Alessandro A cartoon villain. Finalist.
4Petra Girl from Pegasus Publication.
 FrauFernhoffLess's German class teacher. Retired piano instructor.
 GiancarloTaylorLess's German class classmate.
 Georgia Less's German class classmate.
 AnneGarrettLess's German class classmate.
 Ludwig The folk-singing German.
 Hans Less's teaching assistant.
 Ulrich Hans's friend. Composer.
 Katarina Ulrich's girlfriend.
 Bastian A business student. Ulrich's friend. Less's new lover.
 Dr.BalkLess's principal.
 Frieda The woman who welcomed Less in Spy Club.
5AlexanderLeightonBlack, gay poet.
 Enrico A small, bearded corcerer. Less's acquaintance.
 Amelie Less's escort.
 Javier Less's new friend and lover. The blackmailer.
6Mohammed A Morrocan guide.
 LewisDelacroixLess's old friend.
 Mustafa A riad worker.
 Clark Lewis's husband.
 LeonaFlowersLess's editor.
 Josh Lewis's friend.
 Janet Zohra's friend.
7Elizabeth The yellow rat snake.
 Rupali The manager at the hotel in India.
 ThePastorLess's acquaintance.
 TheTailorLess's acquaintance.
 Mary Congregant.
 Vincent Porter.
 Marco Less's ex-friend.
 Donald Carlos's ex-lover.
8KabawataYasunariJapanese novelist.
 Walt Poet who came to Robert's house.
 Hart Poet who came to Robert's house.
 Emily Poet who came to Robert's house.
 Frank Poet who came to Robert's house.