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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 EthanMontclairSutton's husband.
 Sutton HealyMontclairA local writer. Missing. Aka: Justine Holliday.
 Rachel TemoraSutton's best friend.
 EllenJonesOne of Sutton's friends. A librarian.
 PhylisWoodstoneOne of Sutton's friends. Aka: Filly.
 IvyStoneSutton's closest friend. Ethan's friend.
 SiobhanHealySutton's foster mother. Aka: Maude Wilson.
 Alan Siobhan's husband.
 DashiellMontclairEthan and Sutton's dead baby.
 Bill Ethan's workmate.
 JoelRobinsonA criminal defense attorney.
 JessaminFlemingEthan's agent.
 Ally Jessamin's assistant.
 HollyGrahamA police officer.
 RoyMorenoA police sergeant. Head of the homicide unit.
 BeverlyMorenoRoy's wife.
 DerekGrahamHolly's father. A district attorney.
 TiffanyHockA news reporter.
 RosemaryGeorgeThe woman who gave Sutton a protection order.
 ColinWildeThe blogger who blackmails Sutton and Ethan.
 Jim Holly's friend in tech division.
   UFED - Universal Forensic Extraction Device.
 AlexYoungA police officer from Missing Persons.
 WaltTealA police officer from Missing Persons.
 CarlieCoxA homicide detective.
 AprilO'MalleyA news reporter.
 Sherrie The death investigator.
 Dr.FoxThe forensic doctor.
 FatherJamesonThe priest.
 ChiefMeechamThe chief of police.
 ConstantineRaffaloWriter Sutton met in Paris. Aka: Trent Ruffalo, Henry Tomkins.
 Jan Dashiell's nanny.
 Gallupe Sutton's landlord.
 AmelieBadeauA French police inspector.
 TobiasWintersSutton's ex-fiancĂ©.
 Nel Ethan's ex live-in partner.
 JoelSchmoSiobhan's 3rd husband.
 AliciaBarstowHank's high school crush.
 Jake A successful con artist. Hank's best friend.
 HaydenStoneSutton's ex-boyfriend. Ivy's father.
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