Characters - Alphabetical
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BetsyBaronEddie's wife.
EddieBaronA vulgar man who exists in Bardo.
Mary MagBaronEddie and Betsy's daughter.
Eddie Baron Jr.Eddie and Betsy's son. Aka: Everett.
RogerBevins IIIThe man who slashed his wrist. Hans's friend in the Bardo.
AbigailBlassOne of the women to exist in Bardo. A widow.
GeneralBlenkerA U.S. General.
EdmundBloomerA former professor. One of the Bardo-dwellers.
EllaBlowVerna's mother.
VernaBlowElla's daughter.
MaxwellBoiseA man who exists in Bardo.
SussanaBriggsAbigail's friend.
Mr.BristolA man who desired Elise.
Mr.ChasterlyThe brutal, smirking overseer.
Mr.CohoesA former boilermaker.
Mr.CollierThe man Mr. Vollman visited.
Mr.ConnerThomas Havens' boss.
A.GCoombsA long-time Bardo resident.
ElizabethCrawfordThe woman who exists in the Bardo.
MattCrutchersRichard's brother.
RichardCrutchersMatt's brother.
MirandaDebbAbigail's friend.
LawrenceDecroixOne of the Bardo-dwellers.
Mr.DelwayA man who desired Elise.
TamaraDoolittleOne of the Bardo-dwellers.
LanceDurningOne of the Bardo-dwellers.
JaniceDwightsonA thief.
Mr.EastReginald's father.
ReginaldEastThe youngest child of Mr. East.
AliceEllisJane's daughter.
CathrynEllisJane's daughter.
DanteEllisJane's husband.
JaneEllisOne of the women to exist in Bardo. Abigail's friend.
MaribethEllisJane's daughter.
ElsonFarwellA former slave. Thomas's friend.
The BritishFellowThe man who massacres all his enemies while in the military.
Mr.FellowesA man who desired Elise.
Mr.FullerThe Bachelor.
ElisbethGroveAnna's cousin.
Dr.GurleyWillie's doctor.
ThomasHavensA former slave in his past life. Willie's acquaintane in Bardo.
FrancisHodgeLitzie Wright's companion.
CynthiaHoyntonAbigail's bridesmaid.
VesperJohannesOne of the Bardo-dwellers.
Mr.KaneThe Bachelor.
Mary ToddLincolnAbraham Lincoln's wife. Willie's mother.
Robert ToddLincolnWillie's eldest brother.
ToddLincolnWillie's brother.
WillieLincolnAbraham's son who exists in the Bardo. Protagonist.
Mr.LippertThe Bachelor.
BassLisperThe man who plans to kill his newborn baby.
SamLongstreetA boy who exists in the Bardo. Aka: Smooth-boy.
JackMandersThe groundskeeper in Willie's cemetery.
Philip MaryMandersOne of Jack's children.
JackManders Jr.One of Jack's children.
GeneralMcDowellA U.S. General in Civil War.
TobinMullerA newcomer in the Bardo. Aka: Badger.
PrinceNapoleonThe French leader.
IsabellePerkinsA woman who lives across the street from where Willie was buried.
WilliamPrinceThe former captain.
FlandersQuinnA former robber.
JasperRandallThe gray, faceless wedge.
Mr.ReedyMrs. Reedy's wife.
Mrs.ReedyMr. Reedy's husband.
FelixSalm-SalmA Prussian Nobleman and cavalry officer who serves in the General Blenker staff.
WilliamStoddardAbraham's secretary.
CecilStoneA racist lieutenant who exists in Bardo.
Mr.TadmillA former clerk.
Reverend EverlyThomasThe reverend who exists in the Bardo. Hans and Roger's friend.
AndyThorneThe girl who started the fire.
AnnieTraynorElise's sister.
EliseTraynorThe girl who was trapped in the Bardo. Aka: The Traynor Girl.
BenjaminTwoodJasper's friend.
TheVermonterA bean-sized man. A former pedophile.
HansVollmanA former printer. A widower.
BenjaminWadeA U.S. Senator.
Mrs.WadeBenjamin's wife.
Mr.WestonAbraham's companion.
TrevorWilliamsA former hunter in his past life.
LitzieWrightRaped multiple times when she was alive.
Anna Hans's wife.
C.Heerdt The Lincoln's caterer from New York.
Christ-Emmisary A Representation of God.
Christ-Prince A Representation of Jesus.
Colonel B. The man who revived Tentini.
Cravwell The woman in Bardo who became a giraffe-like woman with spectacles.
Edenston A man in Bardo who became a tiny green man.
Ellers The decapitated fellow in Bardo.
Gilbert Roger Bevin's lover.
Grace Isabelle's sister.
Lawrence The boy from the garden.
Merkel One of the Bardo-dwellers.
Posterbell One of the Bardo-dwellers.
Queenie Eddie's former lover.
Tentini The man who almost drowned in Bardo.
Tom The name of the man Jack addresses when writing in a logbook.