Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
 SiddaleeA. WalkerProtagonist. Aka: Sidda, Siddy.
 NecieOgdenVivi's bestfriend. One of the Ya-Yas. Aka: Tooty.
 CarolineB. BrewsterVivi's friend. One of the Ya-Yas. Aka: Caro.
 AimeeM. WhitmanVivi's friend. One of the Ya-Yas. Aka: Teensy.
 TallulahBankheadThe Ya-Ya's idol.
 VivianeA. WalkerSidda's mother. One of the Yayas. Aka: Vivi.
 M'lainChauvinOne of the Popular Girls. Sidda's friend.
 Sissy One of the Popular Girls. Sidda's friend.
 MimiPlaucheOne of the Popular Girls. Sidda's friend.
 RenaLitzThe leader of the Almost-Popular Girls.
Edythe SpeveySidda's co-camper at Mary Alice. An unpopular girl.
 ShepleyWalker Jr.Sidda's brother. Aka: Little Shep.
 CharleneParksSidda's dance teacher.
 BuggyAbbottVivi's mother. Sidda's grandmother.
 JezieAbbottSidda's aunt.
 TallulahWalkerSidda's sister. Aka: Lulu.
 BaylorWalker Jr.Sidda's brother.
 MissPeppyBuggy's dog.
 SherryJenkinsSidda's friend.
 NancyDrewAn Author.
 Shepley J.WalkerSidda's father. Vivi's husband. Aka: Big Shep.
 MisterThibeauxBig Shep's friend.
 ClaudeHathawaySidda's doctor.
 Chaney Big Shep's right-hand man.
 Wiletta Big Shep's maid. Aka: Letta.
 Nadine The owner of the Spring Creek Shop and Skate.
 Mr.ModineThe Sheriff.
 GavinBrewsterCaro's son. Bernard's twin.
 BernardBrewsterCaro's son. Gavin's twin.
 AbbyChauvinM'lain's mother.
 Lenora Sidda's friend. A lady who saved books for Sidda.
 Sim Sidda's friend.
 Bernard Sidda's friend.
 Pete Sidda's uncle.
 Kidd The Mayor.
 Jep Sidda's catahoula hound.
 Lamar Sidda's german shepherd.
 CharlieVanderlickFamily friend of the Walker family.
 Jolene Sidda's dog.
 Josie A dog who has an ability to sleep standing up.
 Dr.FitzsimmonsThe veterinarian.
 SisterOsbergaA nun at Our Lady of Divine Compassion Parochial School.
 MarieWilliamsSidda's friend.
 Mr.JulianOwner of a beauty salon.
 Jeannine Owner of the house of beauty.
 AntoinetteWilliamsMarie's mother.
 Mr.WilliamsMarie's father.
 KathyWilliamsMarie's sister.
 TheresaWilliamsMarie's sister.
 MonicaWilliamsMarie's sister.
 BernadetteWilliamsMarie's sister.
 JudeWilliamsMarie's brother.
 SisterPhilomenaOne of Sidda's friends.
 Amy Sidda's best friend.
 Rosalyn The cosmetic lady.
 Mr.CouvillionBig Shep's friend.
 Verna A saleslady at the Cowboy Store that Sidda met.
 Rosalyn Verna's friend and workmate.
 Chick Teensy's husband.
 Ruffin Teensy and Chick's son.
 MissLucilleA former famous horsewoman.
   Part Two
 BaylorWalker Sr.Sidda's grandfather. Big Shep's father.
 Ruby Willeta's daughter.
 Pearl Willeta's daughter.
 Kane WalkerLittle Shep's wife.
 Lucinda Willeta's girl best friend.
 BibuCrowellSoneone Little Shep likes.
 PresDavisLittle Shep's friend.
 WascombBeldevereThe current Thornton Mayor. Aka: Catfish.
 Lincoln Chaney's brother.
 MelissaD. WalkerBaylor's wife.
 Jeff.WalkerBaylor and Melissa's son. Caitlin's twin.
 CaitlinWalkerBaylor and Melissa's daughter. Jeff's twin.
 WalkerPercyThe author that Baylor idolized.
 MelvinJeansoneThe chief of police.
 HazelindaBeldevereWascomb's wife.
 CrowellJefersThe new Mayor.
 NealChauvinBig Shep's friend. M'lain's father.
 RussellLongFormer U.S. Senator.
 AlmaVanderlickCharlie's wife.
 AlbertVanderlickAlma and Charlie's son.
 Sary Mike's friend.
 Mike The old man who goes to Big Shep's farm.
 Freddy Vivi's neighbor.
 BenjaminSpockAn American pediatrician.
 JoanCrawfordAn American Actress.
 Connor Sidda's best friend.
 SiddaleeD. WalkerBaylor and Melissa's daughter. Sidda's goddaughter.
 Mr.MessinaA priest.
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