Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Isabelle M.   Richardson   Last of the Richardson children. aka: Izzy.
    Mirabelle R.   McCullough   McCullough's adopted child. aka: May Ling/Mimi.
    Elena   Richardson   Senior reporter. aka: Mrs. Richardson.
    Mia   Wright   Mrs. Richardson's tenant.
    Pearl   Warren   Mia's teenage daughter.
    Lexie       Mrs. Richardson's daughter.
    Moody       Lexie's brother.
    Serena   Wong   Lexie's friend.
    Dr.   Wong   Serena's father.
    Brian       Lexie's boyfriend.
    Trip       Moody's brother.
    Josh   Trammell   Fell asleep; candle burned his parent's house.
2   Bill   Richardson   Defense lawyer. aka: Mr. Richardson.
    Mr.   Yang   First tenant at Winslow House.
    Rabbit       Warren's car.
3   Anita   Rees   Mia's friend.
5   John   Avery   Brian's father.
    Deborah       Brian's mother.
    Mrs.   Lieberman   Guidance counsellor.
6   Stacy   Perry   Lexie's friend.
7   Helen   Peters   Orchestra teacher. aka: Mrs. Pissers.
    Kerrie   Schulman   Member of the band. Played first violin.
    Jessie   Leibovitz   Member of the band. Broke her string.
    Deja   Johnson   Shy girl who was holding a second violin.
    Mr.   Bellamy   Teacher who asked Izzy to recite a poem.
    Mr.   Wrigley   Custodian.
    Andre   Williams   Kicker on the football team.
    Mrs.   Allerton   U.S. history teacher.
    Dr.   Schwab   School principal.
8   Pauline   Hawthorne   Pioneer of modern photography.
    Dwight       Mrs. Richardson's co-worker.
9   Maureen   O'Slaughnessy   Mr. Richardson's friend.
    Linda   McCullough   Linda's husband.
    Bebe   Chow   MayLing's mother.
10   Barbra   Pierce   Reporter.
    Ted   Rayburn   Mr. McCullough's officemate.
    Edward   Lim   Bebe Chow's lawyer.
11   Warren   Wright   Mia's brother. aka: Wren.
    George   Wright   Mia's father.
    Regina       George's wife.
    Jackson       Mrs. Richardson's grandmother's horse.
    Jamie   Reynolds   Mrs. Richardson's classmate senior year.
12   Tim   Michaels   Trip's soccer teammate.
    Betsy   Choy   Mr. Yang's girlfriend.
    Mr.   Avengard   Vice-principal.
    Joseph   Ryan   Pearl's biological father.
13   Mr.   Wilkinson   Mrs. Wright's neighbour.
    Della       Mr. Wilkinson's daughter-in-law.
    Mai       A poet.
    Tommy   Flaherty   Warren's friend.
    Becca       Mia's classmate.
    Debbie       Mia's cousin.
    Madeline       Joseph Ryan's wife.
    Martin       A kind doorman.
    Rosie       Martin's dachshund.
14   Thomas   Riley   Ryan's lawyer.
    Michael       Mrs. Richardson's friend.
16   Vinny       A cook.
    Teresa       Vinny's sister.
    Susie   Chang   Ed Lim's classmate in college.
    Monique       Ed Lim's daughter.
    Harold   Rheinbeck   Judge who handled the McCullough adoption case.
17   Adrienne       Social worker.
    Elizabeth   Manwill   Head of medical clinic. aka: Betsy/Liz.
    Derrcik       Elizabeth's husband.
    Mackenzie       Elizabeth's daughter.
18   Eric       Elizabeth's employee.
    Sara   Hedricks   Daughter of a reporter.
    Sam   Levi   Employee of Sun Press.
19   Mrs.   Thomas   A teacher.
    Dan   Simon   Trip's friend.