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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Atlee PineAn FBI Special Agent / Protagonist.
   ADX Florence - Only Supermax Prison in the Federal System.
 CarolBlumAtlee Pine's Secretary.
 J. EdgarHooverA Former FBI Director.
 Daniel JamesTorA Big Guy Prisoner / A Serial Killer.
2Mercy PineAtlee Pine's Missing Twin Sister.
 Henry WirzThe Commandant during the Civil War who was executed.
3ColsonLambertA National Park Service Ranger / Atlee Pine's Companion.
 HarryRiceA National Park Service Ranger.
 MarkBrennanOne of the Mule Wranglers.
 BenjaminPriestThe Rider of Sallie Belle / Missing. aka: Ben.
 SallieBelleThe Dead Mule / Deceased.
 SamKettlerThe Mule Ranger on duty when Sallie Belle died.
4TheodoreRooseveltThe U.S. President.
 ElizabethColterThe Designer of Phantom Ranch.
 TedBundyA Famous Serial Killer.
5ShelbyFosterA Teenage Traveller who loves mule.
 Jasmine One of the Mule in Grand Canyon.
7MargaretMitchellAn Author.
 PeterSteubenThe Executive Assistant Director of the FBI.
 Edward PriestBen Priest's Brother. aka: Ed.
8Mr.HooverCarol Blum's Former Boss.
 RogerAveryAtlee Pine's Superior.
9Jordan A Backed Explorer who found a secret cave in Grand Canyon.
 Kinkaid A Backed Explorer who found a secret cave in Grand Canyon.
10ElmerLancasterA Wealthy Man who does layouts of streets and subdivisions.
 Sunburn Joe Yazzie Jr.'s friend. aka: Tim Mallory.
 JoeYazzie Sr.Atlee Pine's Friend / An Officer on Navajo Station Police.
 JoeYazzie Jr.Joe Yazzie Sr.'s son.
 KyleChavezJoe Yazzie Jr.'s friend / A Troubled Child.
12KennyKuniA Gym Owner.
13  ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
 FrankStarkAn FBI Veteran.
15Jeniffer YazzieJoe Yazzie Sr.'s wife / A Police Sketch Artist.
 ThomasMallorySunburn's Brother.
 MattMallorySunburn's Brother.
 MarjorieParksAn Assistant Medical Examiner with the FBI.
19MaryPriestEdward Priest's Wife.
20FredHarveyOwner of the Grand Canyon's South Rim.
 UncleSamBenjamin Priest's Boss.
22ClintDobbsThe Head of FBI in Arizona.
24Maasaw The God of Death who lives in the Grand Canyon's Cave.
26KurtFerrisA CID Investigator in the ARMY.
27MelanieRenfroBen Priest's Neighbor.
 Jeffery Melanie Renfro's 2nd Husband.
 Parker Melanie Renfro's 1st Husband.
31  VPN - Virtual Privacy Network.
32FatherPaulCompanion of Ben Priest.
33SimonRussellOwner of a Large Town House / Ben Priest's Friend.
38OskarFabrikantAn American Scholar / Ben Priest's Friend and Workmate.
 Phillip Oskar Fabrikant's Assistant.
 Sung NamChungAn International Killer.
40WillCandlerWorkmate of Ben Priest.
41DavidRothA WMD Inspector / A man who took Ben Priest's Place.
 HermanRothDavid Roth's Father.
43Scott Carol Blum's Ex Husband.
44BillyPriestEdward Priest's Son. aka: William.
 MichaelPriestEdward Priest's Son.
45FredWorsleyMan who has the Nuclear Device / David Roth's Close Friend.
48Debbie A Lost Girl that Atlee Pine met at the Train Station.
 Nancy Debbie's Mother.
 Hermione Debbie's Doll.
61HaroldSykesThe FBI Director / Clint Dobb's Boss.
 Doug An ICE Commander.
 VladimirPutinThe Russian President.
63WalterTillmanAn FBI Agent who recruited Atlee Pine to a higher position.