Characters - Alphabetical
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MissAmberFlora's housekeeper.
Mrs.BlackwellThe cook at Tenderloin.
WilliamClarkThe Copper King.
MayorClintonThe current Mayor.
L.J.CovingtonThe police superintendent.
BillyDanielsHanny's former suitor.
ArthurDennyThe man who settled the North of the Line.
GeorgeDillingSeattle's new Mayor.
Dr. ErhlichThe doctor at Royal Institute for Experimental Therapy.
AnnaEugeniaWilliam's lover.
Dr. BenjaminFranklin-RollerA physiology professor. The wrestling champion.
HiramGillThe councilman.
LeungGinErnest's new bunkmate.
LouisGrahamOwner of the Washington Court Building.
MissHavishamThe host of Jewel's party.
IdaIrvineErnest's own patron saint.
MuiJiErnest's new bunkmate.
DannyKateThe famous actor.
PresidentKennedyThe current U.S. President.
FerdinandLaMotheA band leader. Professor True's old acquaitance.
PeterLawfordHanny's former suitor.
Dr.LukeGracie's doctor.
WingLukeSeattle's first city councilman.
MaisieMayFlora's baby sister. Aka: Mayflower, Margaret Turnbull.
SunMayOwner of a store next to Osami's barbershop.
DocMaynardOwner of all South of the Line Land.
PresidentMcKinleyThe current U.S. President.
EzraMeekerA restaurant owner.
FongMueyErnest's new bunkmate.
EdvardMunchA painter.
FlorenceNettletonRuns Tenderloin sporting house. Aka: Madam Flora.
ViciPasteErnest's boss.
MarliRenfroJanet Leigh's body double in "Psycho".
Sugar RayRobinsonAn American Boxer.
CarlosRomuloThe President of United Nations General Assembly.
Quan GowSheungErnest's new bunkmate.
WongSoErnest's new bunkmate.
PresidentTaftThe former U.S. President.
GhermanTitovThe Russian Cosmonaut.
ProfessorTroubadourThe pianist and singer at Tenderloin. Aka: Professor True.
LouisTurnbullMaisie's wealthy sponsor. The founder of Arctic Brotherhood.
MillieTurnbullLouis's dead wife.
Mr.WaterburyThe butler of Speedwell.
JessWestergaardThe wrestler at John Court Arena.
GwaiYingErnest's new bunkmate.
Ernest YoungProtagonist. Aka: Yung Kun-Ai.
GracieYoungErnest's wife.
Hanny YoungErnest's daughter.
JujuYoungErnest's daughter.
JuYoung-WoThe herb shop owner.
Alexander The man that Rose met.
Calypso The Greek Goddess.
Dolores The widowed woman. Pascual's friend.
Donnie Osami's wife.
Fahn The Japanese girl that Ernest met.
Hoi Ernest's new bunkmate.
Iris The chambermaid at Tenderloin.
Jewel The new girl at Tenderloin.
Jun Ernest's bully bunkmate.
Mei mei Ernest's dead little sister.
Osami Owner of a barbershop.
Pascual Ernest's Filipino friend. A full-time gambler. Aka: Uncle Paz.
Rich Hanny's fiancĂ©. A lawyer.
Rose The laundress at Tenderloin.
Violet One of the servants at Tenderloin.