Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.BeresfordOwner of the Ravensward Beacon pub
Mrs.BlyMurder victim, heavy drinker
BrendaBoyceStudent at the girls' high school
Mr.BoyceBrenda Boyce's father
Mr.BoyceBrenda's father
Mrs.BoyceBrenda Boyce's mother
JaniceDallowaySixth-form student at the girls' school
 EtheregeLiterature & philosophy teacher at boys' school, gossip collector
GervaseFenOxford professor of English Language & Literature, guest award presenter at the boys' school
 GalbraithSecretary to headmaster Stanford
 HargraveLatin teacher at the boys' school
AndrewLoveClassics & history teacher at the boys' school
VirginiaLoveWife of teacher at the boys' school
 MathiesonEnglish teacher at the boys' school, director of the awards day play
Mr.MerrythoughtLarge bloodhound mix dog; somewhat of a school mascot
ElspethMurdochSixth-form student at the girls' school
 PargitonTeacher at the boys' school
MissParryHeadmistress of Castrevenford High School for Girls
MajorPercivalGymnastics instructor, leader of speech day athletic display
 PhilpottsExcitable chemistry teacher at the boys' school
PeterPlumsteadLondon clerk on walking tour vacation, discovered dead woman in cottage outside village of Ravensward
CharlieRumblesRavensward local, saw Somers leave Mrs. Bly's cottage
DaphneSavageVisitor in Ravensward, assists Peter in calling the police
SergeantShelleyPolice officer aiding the investigation
 SimblefieldUnderachieving student in the lower fifth at the boys' school
MichaelSomersEnglish teacher at the boys' school
Supt.StaggePolice superintendent
Dr. HoraceStanfordHeadmaster of Castrevenford School
Mr.TavernerRavensward plumber & carpenter
 WeemsMusic master at the boys' school
 WellsPorter at the boys' school
J. H.WilliamsStudent in the Modern Sixth at the boys' school
Lily Christine Gervase Fen's car