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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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Part I: 1980
1LydiaFitzsimonsAndrew's wife.
 AnnieDoyleDeceased woman. Killed by Andrew.
 AndrewFitzsimonsLydia's husband. Judge on Criminal Courts. aka: Judge Fitzsimons.
 LaurenceFitzsimonsAndrew and Lydia's son. aka: Posh Boy.
 PaddyCareyAndrew's old pal. Andrew's accountant.
   Avalon - Lydia and Andrew's home.
2KarenDoyleAnnie's sister.
 Mrs.KellyKaren's old neighbor.
 Marnie Annie's daughter.
 MissDonnellyAnnie's old teacher.
 DessieFenlonKaren's husband.
 PaulineDoyleKaren and Annie's mother.
3James MooneyA detective.
 HelenD'ArcyLaurence's childhood girlfriend.
 Grace Laurence's aunt.
5DeclanO'TooleDetective sergeant investigating Annie Doyle's case.
   The IRA - Famous kidnappers.
 Jay Six-year-old kid.
 Stevo Eight-year-old kid.
6GerryDoyleKaren and Annie's father.
 SisterMargaretA nun at St. Joseph.
7EleanorFitzsimonsAndrew's mother.
 AngelaD'ArcyHelen's mother.
 FinnFitzsimonsAndrew's brother. Rosie's husband.
 RosieFitzsimonsFinn's wife.
8CarmichaelAbbyLaurence's former classmate.
 Dr. DeathRattleLydia's doctor.
 GrannyFitzLaurence's grandmother.
   Part II: 1985
9YvonneLa ToucheKaren's friend. Works at a modeling agency. James's mother.
 Julie Blonde model.
10Michelle Lydia's mother.
 Diana Lydia's twin sister.
 Hannah Lydia's housekeeper.
 Hilary Lydia's aunt.
 AmyMaloneDiana and Lydia's friend.
 Dr.MaloneAmy's father.
 MissEliotHilary's friend.
 Joan Lydia's new housekeeper.
 MadameGuillemA tiny French woman. A mother figure to Lydia.
 BridgetGoughLaurence's ex-girlfriend and colleague.
11Brian Laurence's supervisor.
 Dominic A gum-chewing DJ. Laurence's colleague.
 Sally Laurence's half Korean, half Irish colleague. aka: Chinese Sally.
 Jane The first lesbian Laurence met. aka: Pretty Jane.
 Arnold Man that is always broke & miserable. Laurence's colleague.
 Mr.MonroeLaurence's manager.
 Geraldine Laurence's colleague.
12Frankie Dessie's friend.
14MaureenGoughBridget's sister.
 JosieGoughBridget's sister.
 PeterGoughBridget's father.
 MalcolmMitchellLydia's psychiatrist friend.
17MonsignorHoranA dead Spanish fisher man.
 Mario Laurence's security.
20Tom Lydia's maid.
21Evelyn Laurence's friend.
27DebbieFenlonKaren and Dessie's daughter.
 StevieFenlonKaren and Dessie's son.