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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Olivia 1 December 7, 2018 The day of
 AsherFieldsA counselor for a hockey team.
 BradenFieldsA doctor. Asher's father.
 JordanMcAfeeA defense attorney.
 DirkAndersonCo-captain of the hockey team.
 BobRossAmerican painter.
 Aristaeus The god of beekeeping.
 Selena Jordan's wife.
2  Lily 1 December 7, 2018 The day of
 KeithRichardsAn English musician.
 LilyCampanelloMaya's classmate at Adams High School.
 MayaBanerjeeAsher's friend.
 AvaCampanelloLily's mother.
 Boris Lily's dog.
 JerryGarciaAmerican musician.
 FranklinPierce14th U.S. President.
 OliviaMcAfeeA beekeeper. Asher's mother.
 Dr.MaddenLily's physician.
 Mr.JamesonAn English teacher. aka: Chopper.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAmerican novelist.
3  Olivia 2 December 7, 2018 Three hours after
 MikeNewcombA detective.
 CharityCrabtreeA Quaker girl who take care of the bees.
 FreddieMercuryBritish singer-songwriter.
 Beyonce American singer-songwriter.
 Lady Gaga American singer-songwriter.
 Deepa One of Maya's mothers.
 Sharon One of Maya's mothers.
4  Lily 2 November 25-29, 2018 The week before
 ChristopherLeeEnglish actor and singer.
 JohnBaptiste KarrA French critic.
 Shane One of Asher's half-brothers.
 Shawn One of Asher's half-brothers.
 Margot Braden's new wife.
 EugeneBozzaFrench composer.
 BenjaminFranklinFounding Father of the United States.
5  Olivia 3 December 13, 2018 Six days after
 BobbyOrrCanadian ice hockey player.
 BarbraStreisandAmerican singer.
 CheapTrickAmerican rock band.
 ToriAmosAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Sam Selena's son.
  RhimesA judge.
 GinaJewettAssistant Attorney General.
  DuPlessisFormer attorney general of New Hampshire.
 PeterHaughtonThe longest surviving artificial heart transplant patient in the UK.
 Ken Asher's cellmate.
6  Lily 3 November 12-16, 2018 Three weeks before
 FrankSchubertAustrian composer.
7  Olivia 4 January to April 2019 A few months after
 AbbyJeterOne of Asher's schoolmates.
 TanyaHalliwellOne of Asher's schoolmates.
 DannyBarbelloAbby Jeter's boyfriend.
  LacroixAsher's hockey coach.
 Thomas Jordan's elder son.
 Jasmine Olivia's neighbor.
 DannyBoyleEnglish director and producer.
 RhondaByersA judge.
 BenjaminFlandersAsher's acquaintance.
 Fiske A bailiff.
8  Lily 4 November 9, 2018 Four weeks before
 Jeannie Asher's friend.
9  Olivia 5 May 5 - 6, 2019 Five Months after
 OwenTubbsFirst witness for the prosecution.
 Nadya Mike's wife.
 RooneyMcBrideA medical examiner.
10  Lily 5 November 2, 2018 Five weeks before
 Liam Real name of Lily.
 MonicaPowersLily's surgeon.
 Jonah Lily's ex-boyfriend.
 Elizabeth A transgender woman. aka: Lizzy.
 Johnny Lizzy's acquaintance.
 GillianWelchAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Edgar Lizzy's real name.
 CaedenWentworthOne of the students at Adams High School.
11  Olivia 6 May 6, 2019 Five Months after
 Aristotle Ancient Greek philosopher and polymath.
 JanSwammerdamDutch biologist and microscopist.
 CaitlynJennerAmerican television personality.
 LaverneCoxAmerican actress and LGBT advocate.
 ChelseaManningAmerican activist and whistleblower.
 JanetMockAmerican writer, director, producer and transgender rights activist.
12  Lily 6 October 20-27, 2018 Six weeks before
 Tiffany A waitress.
 LionelBartBritish writer and composer of pop music.
 MeredithWillsonAmerican flutist, composer, conductor and musical arranger.
 MilesDavisAmerican trumpeter, bandleader and composer.
 JohnColtraneAmerican jazz saxophonist, bandleader and composer.
 Julian EdwinAdderleyAmerican jazz alto saxophonist. aka: Cannonball.
 WilliamGarlandAmerican modern jazz pianist. aka: Red.
 PaulChambersAmerican jazz double bassist.
 Philly JoeJonesAmerican jazz drummer.
 JustineTimberlakeAmerican singer-songwriter and actor.
 Aubrey DrakeGrahamCanadian rapper and singer.
 Sorel Lily's friend.
 Boyd Lily's co-captain from the fencing team.
 Aerosmith American rock band.
 Deirdre A social worker.
 RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
 Rudy A ranger.
 Yo-YoMaAmerican cellist.
 KathrynStottEnglish classical pianist.
 AaronCoplandAmerican composer.
 Dr.StaussAn anesthesiologist.
 JohanStraussAustrian composer of light music.
13  Olivia 7 May 7-8, 2019 Five months after
 David Lily's imaginary friend.
 BillieEilishAmerican singer-songwriter.
14  Lily 7 September 22-October 13, 2018 Two months before
 AdamSandlerAmerican comedian, actor, screenwriter and producer.
 ToniMorrisonAmerican novelist, essayist and academic.
 NancySeidlarzLily's opponent in fencing competition.
15  Olivia 8 May 9, 2019 Five months after
 John SingerSargentAmerican expatriate artist.
 AugusteRodinFrench sculptor.
16  Lily 8 September 13, 2018 Two and a half months before
 MacKenzieLaVerdiereCo-captain of the girls' soccer team.
 WilliamBlakeEnglish poet and artist and printmaker.
 FinnJohnsonOne of the students who led the LGBTQ team.
 KateBornsteinAmerican author, playwright, artist, and gender theorist.
 ErnestHemingwayAmerican novelist.
 Charlotte P.GilmanAmerican feminist, writer, artist, and lecturer.
17  Olivia 9 May 9-13, 2019 Five months after
 Johann S.BachGerman composer and musician.
 AntoninDvorakCzek composer.
 JeffreyDahmerAmerican serial killer.
 BenjaminOluwyeA pathologist.
 DireStraitsBritish rock band.
 WilliamBlackstoneEnglish jurist, judge and Tory politician.
18  Lily 9 September 6, 2018 Three months before
 MarkTwainAmerican writer, humorist, publisher and lecturer.
 Mr.PawlawskiAn orchestra conductor.
 Derrick A member of the orchestra.
 AleksandrBorodinRussian composer.
 JohnWilliamsAmerican composer, conductor and pianist.
 SergeiProkofievRussian composer, pianist and conductor.
 JimmyCallananLily's friend.
19  Olivia 10 May 14-16, 2019 Five months after
 Eowyn Lord of the Kings character.
 LouiseEdrichAmerican author of novels.
 AnneTylerAmerican novelist, short tory writer and literary critic.
 OctaviaButlerAmerican science fiction writer.
20  Lily10 August 7, 2018 Four months before
 Mr.ParsonsThe headmaster.
 Mr.O'MearaLily's father.
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