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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
 AdamWeaverJeff's son. Gravedigger.
 Mary ElizabethBlakistonDeceased. Sir Magnus's housekeeper. aka: Mrs. Blakiston.
2RobinOsborneThe reverend. aka: Robby.
 ReverendMontaguElderly reverend.
 HenriettaOsborneRobin's wife. aka: Hen.
 MagnusPyeWealthy local land owner. Mrs. Blakiston's employer.
3Dr. EmiliaRedwingSurgeon.
 Ms.DotterelWoman who's helping at the village shop.
 BillyWeaverJeff's 9-year-old grandson.
 JohnnyWhiteheadMan who cut his hand. Owner of an antique shop.
 ArthurRedwingDr. Emilia's husband. Artist.
 SebastianRedwingArthur and Emilia's only child.
 NevilleBrentThe groundsman at Pye Hall.
4GemmaWhiteheadJohnny's wife.
 RobertBlakistonMary Elizabeth's son.
 Mr.TurnstoneOwner of a butcher shop.
 ClarissaPyeSir Magnus's twin. aka: Lady Pye, Clara.
5Rene Lady Pye's hairdresser.
 FrancesPyeSir Magnus's wife. A governess.
6GeoffreyLannerThe undertaker. Relative of original owner of Lanner and Crane.
 MartinCraneThe undertaker. Relative of original owner of Lanner and Crane.
 JoySanderlingRobert's faince. aka: Josie.
7FrederickPyeMagnus and Frances's son. aka: Freddy.
8EdgarRennardDr. Emilia's father.
   Part 2
1Dr.BensonAtticus's doctor.
 AtticusPundGerman refugee who sruvived the war. Detective.
 Otto (1) Bavarian prince. King of Greece in 1832.
 JamesFraserAtticus's assistant and private secretary.
 InspectorSpencePolice inspector.
2PaulSanderlingJoy's brother who has down syndrome.
 TomBlakistonRobert's 12-year-old brother.
 MatthewBlakistonMary Elizabeth's husband.
4Carlotta One of the owners of an Italian family restaurant.
 JackDartfordMan who works at the money market. Frances's friend.
10RaymondChubbDetective inspector. Atticus's friend.
   Part 3
1AshtonH.The name Sir Magnus wrote before he died.
4GarethKiteThe landlord of the Ferryman.
 DianaWeaverAdam's wife.
5PhilipGadwallLarkin Gadwall's senior partner.
6HarrietChubbDetective Chubb's wife.
   Part 4
5 WinterbrookEagle-eyed constable.
   Miss Dotterel - The village shop.
 ArthurReeveMan who lost his medal collection.
 HildaReeveArthur's wife.
 GanglandFenceMember of the Mansion Gang. A prisoner released from jail.
7CynthiaPyeSir Magnus and Clarissa's mother.
 MerrillPyeSir Magnus and Clarissa's father.
8Bella Tom's dog.
   Part 6
1StanleyBrentNeville's father.
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