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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1LydiaChinP.I. in New York City, Chinese/American, aka Ling Wan-Ju
 BillSmithLydia's partner in the detective firm
 GennaJingFashion designer, owner of Mandarin Plaid brand
 JohnRyanGenna's boyfriend, helps manage Genna's business
 AndrewChinOne of Lydia's older brothers (4 yrs. older), photographer, Aka: Chin An-Zhang
 Brad Genna's secretary, friend of Andrew
 TedChinLydia's oldest brother, lives in Flushing
 TimChinLydia's youngest older brother, a lawyer
2HarryKrchNYPD detective investigating the shooting
3RolandLumClothing manufacturer Genna wants to produce her clothing line
 WillyLengFactory owner where Lydia's mother used to work
 AndiSchechterA fashion model
 WayneLewisGenna's runway show producer who quit
5ElliotChinLydia's 2nd oldest brother, orthopedist at Mt. Sinai Hospital, aka Chin Ai-Liang
 Ling-AnChinTed's wife
 EdEverestOwner of Everest modeling agency, suspected of being sleazy
 MishikaYamamotoLydia's alias while investigating the modeling agency
 Francie Model, warned Lydia about Ed Everest
6Eleanor TalmadgeRyanJohn's very wealthy mother
 TonyD'AngeloAndrew's roommate
 DavidKimOwner of fashionable new Korean restaurant in Greenwich Village
 DawnJingGenna's sister, a model, accused by Andrew of stealing Genna's drawings
8Ba-Ba Lydia's father, deceased
 AntonioVelezSkip-tracer who helps Bill & Lydia on cases
 Henry & MeganLumRoland's siblings, a surgeon in CA & intern at a TV station
9Mrs.JingGenna & Dawn's mother, lives in Oak Park, IL
 SimoneSinclairAsst. editor at Vogue magazine
10Irene Ed Everest's receptionist
11Robert Owner/stylist at Tulipe Salon where Everest sent Lydia (Mishika) for a cut & style
13EdithLattimerUpstairs neighbor of Wayne Lewis
15PaulKaoFriend of Andrew's that Lydia briefly dated
 PengHui-LiangSeamstress at Roland's workshop, missing
19Mrs.ChanFriend of Lydia's mother, works at Golden Dreams jewelry store
22FrancescaRossiPD officer investigating Everest, Aka: Francie
27Helga Mrs. Ryan's housekeeper
 John Concierge at Mrs. Ryan's condominium