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Remy Hale
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Pro  Just Another Lunch
 DonaldTrump45th U.S. President.
 BillyBushAmerican radio and current television host.
 Zachary Stephanie Wolkoff's oldest son. Aka: Zach.
 Stephanie W.WolkoffFormer senior advisor to First Lady of the U.S. Melania Trump.
 Tyler Stephanie's middle son.
 Alexi Stephanie's daughter.
 MelaniaTrumpFirst Lady of the United States.
 BarronTrumpDonald Trump's son.
 NancyO'DellAmerican television host and entertainment journalist.
 HarveyWeinsteinAmerican former film producer and convicted sex offender.
 CharlieRoseAmerican television journalist and former talk show host.
 MarioTestinoPeruvian fashion and portrait photographer.
 PatrickDemarchelierFrench fashion photographer.
 RussellSimmonsAmerican entrepreneur, record executive, writer, and film producer.
 RonDelsenerAmerican concert promoter.
 JimiHendrixAmerican musician, singer, and songwriter.
 JanisJoplinAmerican singer-songwriter.
 AndersonCooperAmerican television journalist.
 Jean-GeorgesVongerichtenFrench-American chef.
 Muse Melania's Secret Service code name.
1  How to Marry a Billionaire
 AnnaWintourEditor in chief of American Vogue.
 DianaBrooksFormer chief executive.
 AlexandraKoturOne of Vogue editors.
 KimberlyRyanOne of Vogue editors.
 Laurie JonesVogue's managing director.
 Gordon One of Stephanie's brothers.
 Randall One of Stephanie's brothers.
 Young Ki HongStephanie's karate instructor.
 BruceWinstonHarry Winston's son.
 HarryWinstonAmerican jeweler.
 André LeonTalleyA fashion industry's top arbiters of style and culture.
 ManoloBlahnikSpanish fashion designer.
 Ivanka Donald Trump's daughter.
 MarilynMonroeAmerican actress, model, and singer.
 Jacqueline K.OnassisFormer First Lady of the United States.
 MarthaGrahamAmerican modern dancer and choreographer.
 MarkBurnettBritish television producer.
 OmarosaManigaultAmerican writer and former aide to Pres. Donald Trump.
 JohnnyRottenEnglish singer, songwriter and musician.
 HaroldKodaThe institute's curator in charge.
 LaurenWeisbergerAmerican novelist.
 Madonna American singer, songwriter, actress, author, record executive.
 MickJaggerEnglish singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer.
 JenniferLopezAmerican actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer.
 ScarlettJohanssonAmerican actress and singer.
 Prince Charles Prince of Wales.
 NataliePortmanAn actress and filmmaker.
 SerenaWilliamsAmerican professional tennis player.
 Renée ZellwegerAmerican actress.
 NicoleKidmanAustralian actress and producer.
 BazLuhrmannAustralian director, writer, and producer.
 Helmut LangAustrian artist and former fashion designer.
 JohnGallianoBritish fashion designer.
 Oscarde la RentaDominican fashion designer.
 Domenico DolceItalian designer.
 StefanoGabbanaItalian designer.
 DonatellaVersaceItalian fashion designer and businesswoman.
 HughJackmanAustralian actor, singer, and producer.
 RupertMurdochAustralian-born American media mogul.
 RichardJohnsonEnglish actor, writer and producer,
 Howard SternAmerican radio and television personality and author.
 RobinGivhanA staff writer and The Washington Post's fashion critic.
 David Stephanie Wolkoff's husband.
 Shelby BryanAmerican telecommunications pioneer, futurist.
 Hervé PierreFrench-American fashion and costume designer.
 CarolinaHerreraVenezuelan fashion designer.
 SteveWynnAmerican real estate businessman and art collector
 DonaldTrump Jr.Eldest child of US president Donald Trump. Aka: Don.
 Ines Melania's sister.
 EricTrumpThe third child and second son of President Donald Trump.
 Cameron Mark Burnett's son.
 JaredKushnerIvanka Trump's husband.
 Albert II The reigning Prince of Monaco.
 DerekJeterChief Executive Officer of the Miami Marlins.
 RudyGiulianiFormer Mayor of New York City.
 MattLauerFormer American television news anchor.
 KellyRipaAmerican actress, talk show host, journalist, and TV producer.
 TonyBennettAmerican singer of traditional pop standards.
 BarbaraWaltersAmerican broadcast journalist, author, and television personality.
 SimonCowellEnglish TV personality, entertainment manager, and record exec.
 KatieCouricAmerican television journalist.
 PaulAnkaCanadian-American singer, songwriter and actor.
 Shaquille O'NealRetired American professional basketball player.
 Kathie Lee GiffordAmerican television presenter, singer, songwriter.
 P.DiddyAmerican rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer.
 Usher American singer-songwriter.
 Heidi KlumGerman-born American model, television personality.
 ArnoldSchwarzeneggerServed as the 38th Governor of California.
 BillClinton42nd U.S. President.
 Hillary ClintonFormer United States Secretary of State.
 BillyJoelAmerican singer-songwriter. composer, and pianist.
 FredAstaireAmerican dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, and TV presenter.
 GingerRogersAmerican actress, dancer, and singer.
 TimmyFenderA fatalist.
 HilarySwankAmerican actress and film producer.
 SallySingerThe Vogue magazine's digital creative director.
 AnnieLeibovitzAmerican portrait photographer.
 Lyndon B.Johnson36th U.S. President.
2  Opposites Attract
 Plato Ancient Greek philosopher,
 Aristotle Pato's best student. Greek philosopher and polymath.
 GerardoReyesMexican professional baseball pitcher.
 MarlaMaplesThe second wife of Donald Trump.
 IvanaTrumpThe first wife of Donald Trump.
 Cher American singer, actress and television personality.
 Beyoncé American singer-songwriter.
 Andrea One of Stephanie's mutual friends.
 Mitch One of Stephanie's mutual friends.
 Jeff One of Stephanie's mutual friends.
 PaoloZampolliMelania's former manager.
 MatthewAtanianA fashion photographer.
 CelinaMidelfartNorwegian businesswoman.
 Rachel RoyAmerican fashion designer.
 SeanParkerAmerican entrepreneur and philanthropist.
 EmilyRaffertyPresident Emeritus of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
 MichaelCohenServed as an attorney for U.S. president Donald Trump.
 JuliaIoffeAmerican-Russian journalist.
 ViktorKnavsMelania's father.
 DenisCigelnjakMelania's half-brother.
 MarijaCigelnjakDenis' mother.
 Amalija Melania's mother.
 MarleneDietrichGerman-American actress and singer.
 Shirley Stephanie's deceased aunt.
 Martin Stephanie's uncle.
 Roz Stephanie's aunt.
 Brandon One of Stephanie's cousins.
 Devon One of Stephanie's cousins.
 Ethel Stephanie's grandmother.
 Joel Stephanie's grandfather.
 BruceLeeHong Kong American actor and martial arts instructor.
3  The Campaign Year
 MegynKellyAmerican journalist and attorney.
 MarcoRubioUnited States senator from Florida.
 AlexKuczynskiAmerican reporter working for the New York Times.
 MickeyRapkinA journalist and screenwriter.
 RoksandaIlinčićSerbian fashion designer.
 JarrettHillA political journalist.
 MichelleObamaFormer First Lady of the United States.
 SeanSpicerFormer White House Press Secretary.
 MeredithMcIverA staff writer for The Trump Organization.
 HopeHicksFormer White House Communications Director.
 Kellyanne ConwayCounselor to the President.
 TerryRichardsonAmerican fashion photographer.
 Helmut NewtonAustralian-German photographer.
 RichardAvedonAmerican fashion and portrait photographer.
 CarlaBruniFirst Lady of France.
 JasonMillerTrump's advisor and speechwriter.
 Webster G. TarpleyA Maryland blogger.
 BarackObama44th U.S. President.
 MittRomneyFormer presidential candidate.
 JacobJavitsFormer United States Representative.
 DeepakChopraIndian-American author and alternative-medicine advocate.
4  The Setup
 Daga The housekeeper.
 Michael DavidKorsAn American fashion designer.
 TomBarrack Jr.Chairman of the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC).
 Ronald N.TutorChief Executive Officer of Tutor Perini.
 MichaelJacksonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 RickGatesPIC's Deputy Director.
 Harry S.Truman33rd U.S. President.
 TonyBlairFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 JonReynagaCo-founder of Tiny Horse.
 SarahArmstrongThe PIC CEO.
 KatieWalshServed as White House Deputy Chief of Staff.
 CaraMasonRNC's finance director.
 Lara Eric Trump's wife.
 ReincePriebusServed as White House Chief of Staff for President Trump.
 LeonardoDiCaprioAmerican actor, producer, and environmentalist.
 Stephanie WilcoxA producer and actress.
 Ronald Reagan40th U.S. President.
 LindsayReynoldsA nice teacher from Ohio.
 RamseyRatcliffeFormer RNC Director for Finance Events.
 John F. Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 JeffLarsonPIC CEO's, senior advisor.
 HeatherMartinPIC Director of Budget and Treasury.
 RyanPricePIC Director of Public Events.
 TimTripepiRyan Price's deputy.
 CharliePalmerAmerican celebrity chef.
 Carla H.McGillHargrove's president.
 RonBraccoHargrove's vice president of events.
 TimMcGillCEO of Hargrove.
 KarenPenceSecond Lady of the United States.
 MitchDavisAmerican film director, writer, and producer.
 CliveDavisAmerican record producer.
 CarrieUnderwoodAmerican singer-songwriter.
 CelineDionCanadian singer.
 KellyClarksonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 MavisStaplesAmerican rhythm and blues and gospel singer.
 PatBenatarAmerican singer-songwriter.
 DonMcGahnFormer White House Counsel.
 JohnMcEnteeDirector of the White House Presidential Personnel Office.
 David BossieTrump's advisor.
 PaulManafortAmerican former lobbyist, political consultant.
 Andrew W.MellonFormer United States Secretary of the Treasury.
 Abigail KlemPresident of Ivanka's company.
 RosemaryYoungHead of marketing.
 DavidMonnAmerican event planner, interior designer.
 MichaelAlpertKlezmer and Yiddish singer, multi-instrumentalist.
 BradParscaleAmerican digital consultant and political advisor.
 Melanie C.JohnsonFilm producer.
 OwenLeimbachTV producer.
 KyleYoungA basketball player.
 C. J.YuFormer vice president of Tiny Horse.
 ChrisWagnerAmerican professional ice hockey forward.
 JimiRoushTelevision producer.
 DouglasAmmermanThe PIC's treasurer.
 Larry Stephanie's lawyer.
 RhonaGraffSenior vice president at the Trump Organization.
 JohnAdams2nd U.S. President.
 AbrahanLincoln16th U.S. President.
 Suzanne BenderA talent producer.
 WalterKinzieThe CEO of Encore Live.
 JoshWeathersMusical artist.
 ChrisJansonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 GentryBeachDallas-based investor and college friend of Trump Jr.
 Thomas O.Hicks Jr.American private equity investor living in Dallas, Texas.
 MaggieHabermanAmerican journalist.
 Nicholas FandosAmerican journalist.
 IrvingAzoffAmerican entertainment executive.
 PatriciaTangTrump Int'l. Hotel Washington's director of sales and marketing.
 RomaDowneyMark Burnett's wife.
 StevenTylerAmerican singer-songwriter.
 JonVoightAmerican actor.
 AndreaBocelliItalian opera singer.
 KatharineMcPheeAmerican actress, singer, and songwriter.
 BorisEpshteynThe PIC director of communications.
 BruceSpringsteenAmerican singer, songwriter, and musician.
 VeronicaBertiBocelli's wife.
 MoniqueBreauxA principal designer for Trump Organization.
 JackieEvanchoAmerican classical crossover singer.
 EltonJohnEnglish singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer.
 LucianoPavarottiItalian operatic tenor.
 CarolDonovanA TV producer.
 JamieBurkeCurrently the commissioner at the President's Commission.
 LauraBushFormer First Lady of the United States.
 TiffanyTrumpThe fourth child of Donald Trump.
 LindsaySantoroFormer Trump family chief of staff.
 MarieZelníčkováIvanka's grandmother.
 DorothyCurryIvanka's childhood nanny.
 MatthewHiltzik The head of corporate communications and government relations.
 KarlLagerfeldGerman creative designer, artist, and caricaturist.
 RalphLaurenFounder of an American Fashion company.
 ElieSaabLebanese fashion designer.
 LeaBermanFormer White House social secretary.
 GaryWaltersFormer White House chief usher.
 TedJarrettThe founder of Cavalier Communications.
5  Showtime
 Claudia Alta JohnsonFormer First Lady of the United States. Aka: Lady Bird Johnson.
 GraydonCarterCanadian journalist.
 DavidRemnickAmerican journalist and writer.
 VladimirPutinRussian President.
 MikePenceVice President of the United States.
 TobyKeithAmerican country singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.
 JonVoightAmerican actor.
 LeeGreenwoodAmerican musical artist.
 DJRavidrumsAn electronic music artist.
 MichaelFlatleyIrish-American dancer, choreographer, and musician.
 MaxVadukulBritish photographer.
 MarkSeligerAmerican photographer noted for his portraiture.
 Régine MahauxBelgian photographer.
 Malia Ann ObamaOne of Barack Obama's daughters.
 Sasha ObamaOne of Barack Obama's daughters.
 BrandonArolfoA television producer.
 JohnRobertsChief Justice of the United States.
 LynnPattonEric Trump's personal assistant.
 Stephanie GrishamChief of Staff to the First Lady of the United States.
 HopeHicksFormer White House Communications Director.
 Arabella Rose KushnerIvanka's daughter.
 Joseph One of Ivanka's sons.
 Theodore One of Ivanka's sons.
 Edward TedKennedyFormer American senator.
 Joseph P.Kennedy Sr.Former British Ambassador to the United States.
 ArabellaKennedyJohn F. Kennedy's daughter.
 ReemAcraA fashion designer born in Beirut, Lebanon.
 GeorgeGershwinAmerican composer and pianist.
 LeonardBernsteinAmerican composer, conductor, pianist, music educator.
 AaronCoplandAmerican composer.
 Vanessa Don Jr.'s wife.
 CassidyDumbauldDirector of the Office of the Senior Advisor.
 FrankMermoud The coordinator of the Washington diplomatic corps.
6  White House-keeping
 SusanSontagAmerican writer, filmmaker, philosopher.
 ThamKannalikhamMelania's decorator.
 Marcia LeeKellyThe president of the Republican National Committee.
 AngellaReidServed as the White House Chief Usher.
 JessicaBoulanger Senior Vice President of Communications at Business Roundtable.
 DinaPowellFormer Counselor to the President of the United States.
 George W.Bush43rd U.S. President.
 PatriciaBlairThe White House chief calligrapher. Aka: Pat.
 VickyWardAn author, an investigative journalist, editor-at-large,
 VanessaSchneiderFrench political writer.
 Mary-KateFisherServed as an event manager at the PIC.
 Abby One of the staffs at the First Lady's office.
 SuzieMillsIvanka's assistant at the Trump Organization.
 RobHaskellA writer.
 NicoleBrylMelania's makeup artist.
 Mordechai AlvowAn editorial hair stylist.
 Gerald Ford38th U.S. President.
 RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
 Maureen DowdAmerican columnist for The New York Times.
 Natalie JonesFormer deputy chief of protocol for the Obama administration.
 Sarah H. SandersThen the White House deputy press secretary.
 EmilyHeilA reporter.
 Anna Cristina Niceta LloydThe White House Social Sec. for U.S. Pres. Trump. Aka: Rickie.
 EmilyBiddleRickie's assistant.
 BunnyMellonAmerican horticulturalist, gardener, philanthropist, and art collector.
 HediehGhaffarianThe White House florist.
 WilliamCarterThe head butler. Aka: Buddy
 IanDrewEntertainment director of Us Weekly.
 DavidPeckerThe CEO of American Media.
 EllenDeGeneresAmerican comedian, television host, writer, and producer.
 Dory A fish.
7  Trial by February
 KateBennettA CNN reporter.
 Betsy A.KleinProducer and reporter covering White House for CNN.
 StefanPassantinoThe White House deputy counsel in charge of ethics policy.
 JoeHaginThe deputy chief of staff for operations.
 Dr. KariNadeauDirector of the Sean Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research
 VanessaFriedmanThe New York Times fashion director and chief fashion critic.
 DerekLamAmerican fashion designer.
 GriffinTarpleyAmerican author, historian, journalist.
 JulieBykowiczA reporter at the Associated Press.
 CharlesHarderAn American lawyer.
 Shinzō AbeThe prime minister of Japan.
 Akie AbeShinzō Abe's wife.
 VladimirKanevskyUkraine-born American artist.
 EmilyRatajkowski.American model and actress.
 JacobBernsteinAmerican journalist.
 PatrickO'ConnellAn Award-winning chef.
 BenjaminNetanyahuPrime Minister of Israel.
 SaraNetanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu's wife.
 Reverend KingA Christian preacher from Anambra State, South-east Nigeria.
 FrederickDouglassAmerican social reformer, abolitionist.
 SamFeistCNN's Washington Bureau chief.
 TommyHilfigerFounder of Tommy Hilfiger Inc.
 GaryCohnFormer Director of the United States National Economic Council.
 Stephen K. BannonFormer White House Chief Strategist.
 StephenMillerA senior advisor for policy to President Donald Trump.
 MalloryHarneyIvanka's assistant.
 MarjorieGubelmannIvanka's ex-boyfriend's cousin.
 Osamabin LadenFounder of the pan-Islamic militant organization al-Qaeda.
 KurtNewmanAn M.D., President and CEO of Children's National Hospital.
 Sheila T. GregoryDir. of Marketing and Community Outreach at the Univ.of Memphis.
 Jessica Sheila Gregory's daughter.
 JerryBrownFormer Governor of California.
 CharlieBakerGovernor of Massachusetts.
 AndrewCuomoGovernor of New York.
 TerryMcAuliffeFormer Governor of Virginia.
 KenKaufmanA designer.
 IsaacFrancoA designer.
 DorothyMcAuliffeThe First Lady of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
 SusanOliverDanny Oliver's wife.
 DannyOliverA Deputy Sheriff.
 JessicaDavisMichael Davis Jr.'s wife.
 MichaelDavis Jr.A detective.
 CarrynOwensThe widow of Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens.
8  The Shutdown
 Dr.SeussAn American children's author, political cartoonist, illustrator.
 Peggy OswaldManningA nurse and administrative leader.
 Ian David Wolfoff's friend.
 BarbaraWinstonStephannie's mother.
 Muna RihaniAl-NasserThe chairperson of UN Women for Peace Association.
 SylviaAcevedoThe CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA.
 Dr. Neel MehtaSpecializes in Pain Management at Weill Cornell Medicine in NY.
 PamelaGrossA correspondent on CNN.
 JimmyFinkelsteinPamela Gross' husband.
 MercedesSchlappAmerican lobbyist and columnist.
 Michele Stephanie's mother-in-law.
 Dexter SunA board-certified neurologist and a clinical professor of neurology.
 RogerHartlThe director of spinal surgery and neurotrauma.
 BobRizziStephanie's lawyer.
 JakeTapperThe Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN.
 JenniferWicksWorked at the State Department.
9  Be Best
 StevenMnuchinUnited States Secretary of the Treasury.
 LouiseLintonSteve Mnuchin's third wife.
 Heather Mnuchin's second wife.
 Emma Steven and Heather's oldest child.
 CioSolerThomas Barrack's girlfriend.
 Dr. PatrickSoon-ShiongSouth African biotech multibillionaire.
 Michele ChanSoon-Shiong's wife.
 RichardLeFrakAn American billionaire businessman.
 KarenLeFrakRichard LeFrak's wife.
 MillieHallowAn executive at the National Rifle Association.
 KayleighMcEnanyA graduate of Georgetown and Harvard Law
 JohnKellyDonald Trump's new chief of staff.
 MarcBrackettPhD, the director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.
 RobinSternPhD, the Yale Center's associate director.
 Harold S.KoplewiczFounding president of the Child Mind Institute.
 RonaldLauderA philanthropist.
 Deborra-Lee FurnessAn Australian actress and producer.
 Dr. ShefaliTsabaryA clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York.
 AllisonLutnickA philanthropist.
 JuliaKochA philanthropist.
 RosemaryFeitelbergNew York Correspondent.
 Jesús del PozoSpanish fashion designer.
 KatieRogersWhite House correspondent for The New York Times.
 NinaBurleighAmerican writer and investigative journalist.
 JamesCordenEnglish actor, comedian, writer, and television host.
 RobertMuellerFormer Special Counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice.
 ChrisWagnerExecutive producer.
 PhilRuffinAmerican businessman.
 Oleksandra Phil Ruffin's wife.
 RexTillersonFormer United States Secretary of State.
 NikkiHaleyFormer Governor of South Carolina.
 ReaganThompsonAn executive assistant on the National Security Council.
 MichaelWolffAmerican author, essayist, journalist, and columnist.
 Stephanie CliffordAmerican pornographic actress. Aka: Stormy Daniels.
 Sara J.BloomfieldThe Director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
10  The Takedown
 TommyDavisTom Barrack's advisor.
 AnneArcherAmerican actress.
 TomCruiseAmerican actor and producer.
 WalterKinzieCEO of Encore Live,
 RogerAilesAmerican television executive and media consultant.
 TimothyShriverAmerican film producer. Aka: Tim.
 TimHarlethThe White House usher.
 SeanHannityAmerican talk show host and conservative political commentator.
 LauraIngrahamAmerican conservative television host.
 Kenneth P. VogelAmerican journalist and author.
 KennyRogersAmerican singer-songwriter.
 RobPorterThe presidential aide.
 JohnGottiAmerican gangster. Aka: Teflon Don.
11  Just Friends
 KarenMcDougalAmerican model and actress.
 GeorgeHaneyFormer White House head maître d'.
 BuddyCarterThe butler.
 Abdullah II King of Jordan.
 Queen Rania Queen Consort of Jordan.
 JackMcCulloughA designer.
 LazaroHernandezA designer.
 Beyoncé American singer-songwriter.
 RafSimonsBelgian fashion designer.
 AbbieLowellIvanka and Jared's lawyer.
 LaraTrumpEric's wife,
Epi  I'm Still Here
 KarlRacineDC's attorney general.
 RushLimbaughAmerican radio personality, conservative political commentator.
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