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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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1   Amos   Decker   Former detective in Burlington Police Dept.
    Johnny   Sacks   Amos' brother-in-law. A victim.
    Cassandra   Decker   Amos' wife. aka: Cassie. A victim.
    Molly   Decker   Amos and Cassie's daughter. A victim.
3   Mr.   Marks   Client of Amos.
    Jenny   Marks   Mr. Marks' daughter.
4   Mary S.   Lancaster   42-year old detective in Burlington Police Dept.
5   Sebastian   Leopold   Confessed to a crime.
6   Alexandra   Jamison   Journalist/reporter working at the News Leader.
    Dwayne   LeCroix   Former NFL player.
7   Pete   Rourke   Policeman at Burlington precinct. In early 60's.
8   Sally   Brimmer   Works in Public Affairs Dept. at Burlington precinct.
10   MacKenzie   Miller   Police Captain at Burlington precinct. aka: Mac.
    Harvey   Watkins   Lawyer. One of Amos' clients.
11   Earl   Lancaster   Mary's husband. In construction business.
    Sandra E.   Lancaster   Daughter of Mary and Earl with Down Syndrome. aka: Sandy.
12   Debbie   Watson   Senior at Mansfield High School. A victim.
    Joe   Kramer   Gym teacher and football coach at Mansfield High. A victim.
    Andy   Jackson   English teacher at Mansfield High. A victim.
    Barry   Dresden   Assistant Principal at Mansfield High. A victim.
13   Melissa   Dalton   Junior at Mansfield High.
17   Sheila   Lynch   Prosecuting Attorney. In her 40's.
    Christian   Abernathy   Judge.
21   Beth   Watson   Debbie's mother.
    George   Watson   Debbie's father.
    Jimmy   Schikel   Football player at Mansfield High. Debbie's date. A victim.
22   Ted   Knolls   Debbie's grandfather. Beth's father.
    Simon   Wastson   Debbie's great-grandfather. George's grandfather.
25   Ross   Bogart   FBI Special Agent.
    Nora   Lafferty   FBI Special Agent. In her 30's.
30       Darrow   An agent from the FBI.
41   Mrs.   Dora   Owner of Dora's Floras.
    Daisy       Dora's daughter. In her late 40's.
    Harold   Rabinowitz   Former doctor at The Cognitive Research Institute.
42   Chris   Sizemore   Psychologist worked at Cognitive Research Institute.
47       Donovan   Fourth Precinct Policeman.
51   Darren   Marshall   Doctor at Cognitive Research Institute.
    Belinda   Wyatt   Former patient at the Institute. aka: Billy/Jesus.
58   Giles   Evers   Former policeman at Mercy Police Department.
    Clyde   Evers   Giles' father. Former Mayor of Mercy.
59   Howard   Clarke   High school football coach.
    Conner   Wise   Assistant principal.
    Caroline   Leopold   Sebastian's wife.
    Deidre   Leopold   Daughter of Sebastian and Caroline.