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Kristian Fabricante
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PRLuigi Prelude point-of-view.
   Sciatica - Tingling, numbness, or weakness in the lower back.
   Neuritis - Inflammation of a peripheral nerve.
   Rheumatism - Inflammation and pain in the joints.
  RothschildA baroness visited by Elisabeth of Austria.
 Irma Lady-in-Waiting.
   Part I: A Man Without Qualities
1MaximLiebermannA doctor of Psychology. Mendel's son. aka: Max.
 Mendel Max's father.
 Bruno Waiter.
  PintschA professor.
 Hannah Max's youngest sister.
 HerrLenkiewiczA businessman. Baruch's father.
 Baruch Hannah's supposed-date. Lenkiewicz's son.
 Leah Max's younger sister.
 AmeliaLydgateMax's girlfriend and former patient.
  LandsteinerThe blood specialist. Amelia's workmate.
2OskarRheinhardtDetective Inspector. Max's friend.
  GallusOwner of a Piano Factory.
 Haussmann Oskar's assistant.
3Mathias A professor. Max's friend.
   The Golden Bears - A restaurant and beer cellar.
 Peter N.RazumovskyA young Prince.
 PepikSkalickyThe proprietor.
 DellaAutenburgEduard's wife. A regular at The Golden Bears.
 EduardAutenburgDella's husband. A publisher.
 GeorgWeeberAn arrogant lickspittle. A judge and monarchist puppet.
5Professorde CyonA cardiographer. Prof. Fohrenholz's old friend.
 HerrSchenkolowskiGossiped about de Cyon having to leave St. Petersburg.
6AxlDiamantDella's lover. A Philosophy student.
8Lutz VilmosGlobocnikA bookkeeper on Helmut's Factory.
 HelmutBokOwner of a shirt factory.
9Jov Razumovsky's close companion.
10  Pseudologia Fantastica - Pathological lying/habitual lying.
11FrauleinLurline KrolWoman with information on dead body found in Factory.
12WaldemarSeeligerFrau's wife. A professor.
 FrauSeeligerWaldemar's husband. A retired professor.
 Danuta Frau and Waldemar's daughter.
 Gabriela Frau and Waldemar's daughter.
14FrimuntCurtiusA pianist. A talented interpreter.
15ClementKruckelAn elderly journalist. Senior representative of The Fraternitas.
 AngeloCallariA dead man with webbed feet in the Factory. aka: Tab.
16ValaFeistA poor girl. An associate of Mephistopheles.
 HerrKlagerA journalist.
 HerrDrawA photographer.
   Part II: The Course of History
18FrauleinMugosaBok's secretary. aka: Milica.
19  Liber Octo Quaestionum - A classification of Demons.
20Kuhlbert VonBehringGeorg's colleague.
 FatherJohannThe choirmaster.
 Brinkerhoff Recommended Curtius to play Piano in the palace.
22  The Fraternitas - A social society.
 Zrinyi A Hungarian-Croat Commander.
 Suleiman Killed by Zrinyi. aka: The Magnificent.
23LevHartmannBlew up Tzar's train.
24Konstantin B.GribkovSpecial Okhrana agent. Blackmailed Seeliger. Aka:Agent 58.
 KatharinaSchrattTheatre woman. Occupant House No. 9 in Gloriettegasse.
 FranzJosefEmperor of Austria.
27Rebecca Max's mother.
 Josef Leah's husband.
 Daniel Max's nephew.
 SamuelLydgateAmelia's father. A Science master.
 GretaLydgateAmelia's German mother.
31Dagna Globocnik's friend.
32  Mephistopheles - Code name of superior of the Movement.
33RaissaAdlerHad a significant voice in the Women's Movement.
 AlfredAdlerRaissa's husband.
 Clarimonda A Chemistry student.
 Lorne A Classical Literature student.
   Part III: The Beatrix
35GeralynUheA prostitute.
36HerrDusterbehnOwner of the lodging house where Diamant stayed.
39Schwake A constable.
 Herr FeliksOkolskiHotel manager.
 GerdKelblingMurdered man.
 HerrBajramovicHotel porter.
42Therese Oskar's daughter.
 Mitzi Oskar's daughter.
 Else Oskar's wife.
 Tibelda Mitzi's classmate who is a bully.
43  Onychophagia - Nail biting.
48  Okhrana - Russian Secret Police.
52BirkHooverA captain from the Intelligence Bureau.
   Part IV: Martyrdom
53Prock A constable.
54HerrKarmazynChess player.
55AvaFeyA dancer.
 JoahnStraussThe Elder's Philomelen Waltz.
56Lavochkin Zoology Professor U. of Moscow. Razumovsky's friend.
57Wax Captain Hoover's Lieutenant.
 Hellwitz Captain Hoover's Lieutenant.
60HerrDorschWorks at the Postal Service delivering telegrams.
   Djurdjevi Stupovi - Orthodox ruin dedicated to St. George.
   Part V: The Gates of Dark Death
61Mach Colonel.
62Tycho VonArxThe man with the code.
63HerrWlassakCryptographer from the Intelligence Bureau.
 Lt.RoithingerCryptographer from the Intelligence Bureau.
 ProfessorUrbanRoithinger's associate. Part of the Code-Breaking Team.
 ProfessorHoemesRoithinger's associate. Part of the Code-Breaking Team.
66FerdinandKarlAn archduke.
 HerrPorscheWinner of the Exelberg Rally.
68HerrWilstatterThe one talking to the balloonist.
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