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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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2   Hannah   Martin   Protagonist. Ethan's first love and high school sweetheart.
    Gabby   Hudson   Hannah's best friend. Mark's wife.
    Carl   Hudson   Gabby's father. A pediatrician.
    Tina   Hudson   Gabby's mother.
    Michael       Married man Hannah had an affair with in New York.
    Sarah   Martin   Hannah's sister. Lives in London with Hannah's parents. Went to Royal Ballet School.
3   Jesse   Flint   Gabby's high school crush. Jessica's prom date and husband.
    Jessica   Campos   Jesse's prom date and wife.
    Ethan   Hanover   Hannah's high school sweetheart and 1st love. Katie's prom date.
    Katie   Franklin   A closeted lesbian from Hannah's school. Asked Ethan to be her prom date as a favor. In secret relationship with Teresa.
    Chris   Rodriquez   Hannah briefly dated during the Christmas season.
    Alicia   Foster   Ethan briefly dated during the summer he came home.
4   Katherine       Gabby and Mark's friend.
    Brynn       Gabby and Hannah's friend from high school.
    Caitlin       Gabby and Hannah's friend from high school.
    Erica       Gabby and Hannah's friend from high school.
5   George       Sarah's boyfriend.
6   Dave       Hannah's college boyfriend.
7   Dr.   Winters   Hannah's doctor at Angles Presbyterian.
9   Maureen   Martin   Hannah's mother.
11   Deanna       Hannah's day nurse.
    Henry       Hannah's night nurse.
13   Doug   Martin   Hannah's father.
16   Charlemagne       Stray dog Hannah & Ethan picked up on the road.
20   Joyce       HR person at Carl's office: Hudson, Stokes and Johnson.
    Rosalie       Carl's former receptionist.
26   Dr. Theresa   Winthrop   Hannah's OB/GYN.
30   Jill       Michael's wife.
31   Dr.   Mackenzie   Pediatric Oncologist at Angeles Presbyterian.
33   Marlene       Hannah's night nurse who replaced Henry.
35   Ted       Hannah's physical therapist.
39   Hannah       Nurse on the 4th floor.
40   Jennifer       Mark's mistress.
41   Louis   Grant   Gabby and Mark's attorney.
42   Will   Underwood   Hannah's senior crush in high school while a freshman.
45   Ella       Ethan's girlfriend. A high school teacher and a cyclist.
46   Gabriella       Hannah's daughter.
    Paula       Gabriella's babysitter and nanny. Retired from Carl's office.
    Dr.   Yates   New doctor at Carl's practice.