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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Book One
 PeterLuceA Sexologist. Cal's doctor.
 Calliope H.StephanidesNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Cal.
 DesdemonaStephanidesCal's grandmother.
 ChapterElevenCal's brother.
 Theodora Z. StephanidesCal's mother. Lina's daughter. Aka: Tessie.
 MiltonStephanidesCal's father. Tessie's cousin and wife.
 PeterTatakisThe leading member of the debating society. Aka: Uncle Pete.
 JackieHalasOwner of a souvenir shop.
 NishanPhilobosianThe Stephanides's family physician.
 MichaelAntoniouTessie's brother-in-law and ex-fiancĂ©.
 FatherGregoriosThe priest at the assumption.
 Zoe HelenStephanidesCal's aunt. Aka: Zo.
 SourmelinaZizmoCal's aunt. Lefty and Desdemona's cousin. Aka: Aunt Lina.
    Hermaphrodite-person having both male & female sex organs.
 AlexinaBarbinA famous hermaphrodite.
 Gottlieb GottlichA famous hermaphrodite. Aka: Marie Rosine.
 EuphrosyneStephanidesDesdemona's mother.
 EleutheriosStephanidesDesdemona's brother and husband. Aka: Lefty.
 LucilleKafkalisA girl whom Desdemona fixed a date with his brother.
 VictoriaPappasA girl whom Desdemona fixed a date with his brother.
 GeneralHajnestisThe commander-in-chief of the Greek forces in Asia minor.
 ToukhiePhilobosianNishan's wife.
 RosePhilobosianNishan and Toukhie's daughter.
 AnitaPhilobosianNishan and Toukhie's daughter.
 KarekinPhilobosianNishan and Toukhie's son.
 StepanPhilobosianNishan and Toukhie's son.
 KemalPashaA refugee Dr. Philobosian treated.
 Mr.EugenidesThe Smyrna merchant.
 AristedesSterghiadesThe Greek Civil Governor.
 Mrs.BidzikianA woman who sings across the street.
 CaptainPhillipsThe boat captain.
 ArthurMaxwellThe Marine Major.
 MarkBristolAn admiral of the U.S. Navy.
 GeorgeHortonAn American consul.
   Book Two
 HenryFordOwner of an automobile company.
 SophieSassoonA girl who sold the hair of Desdemona.
 RichardNixonThe current U.S. President.
 JimmyZizmoLina's husband.
 O'Malley Lefty's workmate.
 FatherStyllanopolousHead priest of assumption Greek orthodox.
 MeliaSalakasA woman whose daughter had a disability.
 YiorgosSalakasMelia's brother.
 HerbertHooverThe 31st U.S. President.
 DiegoRiveraA Mexican artist.
 E.IWeissManager of the Packard Motor Company.
 SisterWandaA woman who job interviewed Desdemona.
 MinisterFardA cult leader.
 MabelReeseLefty's business associate.
 MauricePlantagenetA photographer.
 RobertHarrisThe King of the order of Islam.
 JamesSmithRobert's victim.
 ElijahMuhammadThe supreme minister of the nation of Islam.
 JulieKikuchiA girl that Cal dated.
 A.ALaurieAn Ophthalmologist.
 ArtieShawA musician.
 GusVasilakisGeorgia's husband. Lefty's friend.
 GeorgeVasilakisGus's wife.
 GaiaVasilakisGus and Georgia's daughter. A girl who likes Milton.
 SophieGeorgopolousMilton's friend.
 MathildaLivanosMilton's friend.
 Mrs. O'Toole Owner of a boardinghouse.
 MichaelDukakisA man who was running for President.
 Mrs.TsontakisZoe's 93-year-old neighbor.
 MissBarieCal's teacher.
 AlKalineThe great first baseman.
 EleniPapanikolasMilton's employee. A waitress at Milton's restaurant.
 JimmyPapanikolasMilton's employee. Cal's godfather.
 EvelynWatsonA member of theosophical society. Lina's friend.
   Book Three
 Rosalee The nurse who cleaned Cal when she was a newborn baby.
 BartSkiotisA man who owns a construction firm.
 Rufus Cal's dog.
 Willis Cal's dog.
 Morrison Cal's new neighbor.
 MariusW. C. Grimes.Cal's neighborhood friend.
 EdwardGreenA master shoemaker.
 Mr.BenzCal's neighbor.
 PhyllisBenzCal's neighbor.
 SharonStoneA woman who was struck by a sniper's bullet.
 CarlSmithA fireman who was killed by a sniper.
 GeorgeRomneyA Republican Governor.
 John ThrockmortonA General.
 JeromeCavanaughThe Mayor.
 JaneMarshMilton's last real estate agent.
 HarryKarrasMilton's neighbor who tried to buy a house in Grosse Pointe.
 HudsonClarkA man who designed the Middlesex.
 PeteSavidisMilton's neighbor.
 ClementineStarkCal's new friend.
 Mrs.StarkClementine's mother.
 Dr.ColdOne of Desdemona's physicians.
 Dr.KatzOne of Desdemona's physicians.
 Dr.TuttlesworthOne of Desdemona's physicians.
 GeorgiePappasSophie Sassoon's brother.
 SteveMungerChapter Eleven's best friend.
 NelsonPickettCal's new neighbor.
 BonniePickettNelson's wife.
 Mizzi Cal's new neighbor.
 SamGrossingerCal's orthodox jews neighbor.
 HettieGrossingerSam's wife.
 MaxineGrossingerSam and Hettie's only child.
 StephenRothA court judge at U.S District Court.
 S.MiyamotoA man who was rejected by Detroit Police Force.
 Mr.NicholsDetroit's police commissioner.
 ColemanYoungDetroit's first African-American Mayor.
 CarolHorningCal's 6th grade classmate.
 RebeccaUrbanusCal's co-camper.
 MissGrotowskiCal's teacher.
 DoctorMullerDesdemona's doctor.
 Thalia Desdemona's aunt.
 Victoria Desdemona's aunt.
 BeckyAmigliatoCal's hockey teammate.
 Mrs.DrexelA wagon driver.
 MissBakerThe founder of Trombley Elementary.
 CoachStorkA hockey coach.
 ReetikaChuraswamiCal's friend.
 Maria BarbaraPeracchioCal's friend.
 NormaAbdowCal's friend.
 TinaKubekCal's friend.
 LindaRamirezCal's friend.
 MissSilberCal's Latin teacher.
 Cleo Cal's cousin.
 Helga Cal and Tessie's parlorist.
 MegZemkaChapter Eleven's girlfriend.
 Olivia Cal's ex-girlfriend.
 Mr.Da SilvaCal's English teacher.
 LizzieBartonCal's campmate.
 MissSchuylerCal's teacher.
 MissDurellA transferee from Mrs. Lampe's class.
 Mrs.LampeOne of the teacher at Cal's school.
 MargaretThompsonFirst in town whose parents owned massaging shower head.
 ObscureObjectA girl with whom Cal falls in love with.
 Dr.BauerCal's new doctor.
 CarolHenkelA junior who died in a car accident. Deceased.
 Beulah Object's maid.
 Mrs.ObjectObscure Object's mother.
 Jerome Object's brother.
 ReneeBauerObject's friend. Dr. Bauer's daughter.
 RexReeseCarol's ex-boyfriend.
 Mr.BurtA farmer.
   Book Four
 HughHefnerAn American publisher.
 PhilDonahueA T.V. show host.
 LordCokeThe great British jurist of the 17th Century.
 Dr.WintersDr. Luce's colleague.
 Dr.CraigDr. Luce's colleague.
 Ed A barbershop owner.
 Myron A retired parts salesman. A man who treats Cal as a son.
 Sylvia A former social worker. Myron's wife.
 Scheer Cal's new friend.
 Mayella The waitress.
 BobPrestoCal's new friend and employer.
 Matt Cal's new friend.
 Mr.GoMan who detects the scent of the swimming pool.
 Wilhemina Bob Presto's Namibian girlfriend.
 MelanieThe MermaidCal's workmate.
 Zora Cal's workmate.
 Carmen A pre-op male to female transsexual. Cal's workmate.
 Ellie Cal's workmate.