Characters - Alphabetical
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JohnnyAceAmerican rhythm-and-blues singer.
DouglasAdamsAn English author, scrennwriter,essayist and dramatist.
JaneAustenAn English novelist.
JennyAustinAn actress.
BobBannerA Biology teacher.
EdmundBertramThe lead character in Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park.
BillyBlackJacob Black's father.
EphraimBlackJacob Black's great grandfather.
JacobBlackBella's family friend.
CharlotteBronteAn English novelist and poet.
Orson ScottCardAmerican writer.
NicoleCaseyA Contemporary Romance author.
BenCheneyBella's schoolmate.
AgathaChristieEnglish writer.
CoachClappA gym teacher at Forks High School.
ShelleyCopeA receptionist at Forks High School.
SimonCowellEnglish television personality and record executive.
OliverCromwellEnglish general and statesman.
TylerCrowleyA van driver.
ElinorDashwoodA protagonist of Jane Austen's 1811 novel.
BethDawsOne of the students at Forks High School.
ClaudeDebussyFrench composer.
JohnDenverAmerican singer-songwriter.
NeilDiamondAmerican singer-songwriter and actor.
AshleyDowlingOne of the students at Forks High School.
ReneeDwyerBella Swan's mother.
David EddingsAn American fantasy writer.
ScottFinchA musical artist.
ColinFirthAn English actor.
JenniferFordA student who goes at Forks High School.
TaraGalvazOne of the students at Forks High School.
ArtGarfunkelAmerican singer, poet and actor.
D. J.GarrettA sophomore student at Forks High School.
Mr.GoffA Spanish teacher at Forks High School.
HughGrantAn English actor.
ZaneGrayAmerican author.
Mrs.HammondA nurse.
MissHepmanikBella's favorite teacher in elementary school.
Ms.KamenevBella Swan's ballet teacher.
NicholasLaghariOne of the students at Forks High School.
LaurenMalloryOne of the students at Forks High School.
JoMarchA protagonist of Little Women.
Mr.MasonAn English teacher.
AnneMcCaffreyAmerican-Irish writer.
RobinMcKinleyAmerican author of fantasy and children's book.
ReedMerchantA match up boy to Bella.
JoniMitchellCanadian singer-songwriter.
Lucy MaudMontgomeryCanadian author.
MikeNewtonOne of the students at Forks High School.
LucyPevensieA fictional character in C. S. Lewis.
AnneRiceAmerican author.
JuneRichardsonOne of the students at Forks High School.
NormanRockwellAmerican painter.
Dr.SadaranganiBella's attending physician.
RobSawyerEdward's classmate in Spanish class.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright.
Dr.SnowA doctor who worked at Forks High School.
FrancescoSolimenaA famous Italian painter.
JessicaStanleyBella's friend. aka: Jess.
LeeStephensA graduate student of Forks High School.
BramStokerAn Irish author.
CharlieSwanBella Swan's father.
IsabellaSwanDaughter of the town's chief of police. aka: Bella.
Mr.VarnerA Trigonometry teacher.
RichardWagnerGerman composer.
Orlando C.WallaceA serial rapist and murderer. aka: Lanny
JoWaltonWelsh-Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer.
BrettWarnerA registered nurse.
AngelaWeberBella's best human friend.
SamanthaWellsMiss Cope's acquaintance.
EricYorkieOne of Bella's classmates.
AlmaYoungAn amateur genealogist.
Alice Edward's adoptive sister.
Alistair A nomadic vampire. Carlisle's friend.
Aro One of the three ancient leaders of the Volture coven.
Bea A young nurse.
Caius One of the three ancient leaders of the Volture coven.
Carlisle Worked as a doctor.
Charlotte A human girl transformed into vampire.
Edward A brood vampire.
Emmett Rosalie's husband.
Esme Carlisle's wife.
Gloria A nurse.
Irina One of Tanya's sisters.
James Laurent and Victoria's mate.
Jane A high ranking member of the Volture guard.
Jasper Alice's husband. aka: Jazz.
Kate One of Tanya's sisters.
Laurent One who plotted to kill Bella Swan.
Liam A key member of the Irish coven.
Maggie A vampire member of the Irish coven.
Marcus One of the three ancient leaders of the Volture coven.
Maria A vampire who created both Jasper and Peter.
Mary A technician.
Mike Bella's dancing partner in the 6th grade.
Peter A new born recruit vampire.
Phil Bella's stepfather.
Rosalie Edward's adoptive sister. aka: Rose.
Siobhan The leader of the Irish coven.
Tanya Edward's friend.
Victoria Lead several plots to end Bella's life.
Vitriol One of the students at Forks High School.
Whitney A student of Forks High School.