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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProDonald Mimi's childhood friend.
 Elmer Donald's grandfather.
 RuthKostovichMimi's aunt. Miriam's sister.
 MiriamK. MillerMimi's mother.
 Mary MargaretMillerNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Mimi, Meems, MM.
   Part 1
1Thomas AlanMillerMimi's brother. Aka: Tommy, Tom.
 Edward JamesMillerMimi's brother. Aka: Eddie, Ed.
 LaRhondaVenti-NesserMimi's childhood friend.
 BobAndersonA real estate agent.
 HenryLangerCissy's husband.
 FranklinRooseveltThe U.S. President.
2BuddyMillerMimi's father. Miriam's husband. Aka: Bud.
 WinstonBallyA man who works for the government.
 DebbieMillerEdward's wife.
 BobBrownMimi's neighbor.
4GeorgeLesserMiriam's former lover.
   Part 2
1Mr.BascombMimi's neighbor.
 Mrs.BascombMr. Bascomb's wife.
 Mrs.DonovanMimi's neighbor who lived alone.
 CissyLangerMiriam's bestfriend.
 Taffy Elmer's old beagle.
 Mr.VentiLaRhonda's father. A businessman.
 LaDonnaVentiLaRhonda's mother.
 Johhny The grill guy LaRhonda flirts with.
 Dee Mimi's co-waitress.
2Donald'sGrandmotherDonald's grandmother. Deceased.
3Buster Goat of Miram and Ruth's parents.
4Donald'sMotherDonald's mother.
 Mr.KnottA berry farm owner.
 MeggieJannsonTommy's childhood crush.
 Sam Mimi's uncle.
   Part 3
1Sandy La Rhonda's new friend.
 PeteWalkerA construction worker.
 Frances Mimi's co-waitress.
2PeteFenstermachBuddy Miller's old friend.
 CallieFenstermachPete's daughter. The girl Tommy impregnates.
 Mrs.PrentissMimi's 5th grade teacher.
 JohnGelhornMimi's former classmate.
 Clifton Callie and Tommy's son.
 SonjaHenieRuth's doll.
3Flo Mimi's aunt.
 Jackie Tommy's girlfriend.
   Part 4
1Mrs.FarellMimi's chemistry teacher.
3Mrs.JannsonMeggie's mother.
 RichardBachmanMimi's classmate and friend.
4SteveSawickiMimi's first boyfriend. aka: Steven, Stevie.
5NancyFullerMimi's schoolmate.
 Brenda A beautician.
 FredNesserLaRhonda's husband.
7BuddyEbsenAn american actor.
 AndyGriffithAn american actor.
   Part 5
1Mr.JannsonMeggie's father.
 BobBarkerAn American game show host.
 Mary TylerMooreAn American actress.
 MervGriffinAn American television host.
2Laura Mimi's high school lab partner.
7Dr. GertrudeScheinmanA woman who died in her house in Catskills. Deceased.
8Kimmy Edward and Debbie's daughter. Mimi's niece.
 LittleEddieEdward and Debbie's son. Mimi's nephew.
   Part 6
2John F KennedyThe U.S. President.
 Mr.GuarinoOwner of a restaurant.
3Ed (2)MillerBuddy's brother. Deceased.
EpiNoraSawickiMimi and Steven's daughter.
 Eric Nora's husband.
 IanSawickiMimi and Steven's son.
 DevonSawickiIan's wife.
 SerafinaNesserLaRhonda and Fred's daughter.
 Doug Callie's live-in-partner.
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